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HOW TO PLAY - THE FLASH THEME (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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hello guys this is a milestone music and

in today's lesson I want to teach you

how to play the CW flash theme it's a

very awesome catchy motive that is play

like this give you a quick preview so

you know what you learn goes like this

let's get right into it okay sir

ah it's actually not as hard as you

think it is we can break it up into this

it's like for the right hand it's like a

six note mode 2 followed by it the same

six note motive and then followed by a

four-note motive and then six notes and

then ten notes okay so yeah it's pretty

easy once we break it up like that so

essentially there are five parts we're

learning the first part goes like this

right hand sauce on the D just next to

middle C so goods D F a B flat D F okay

and use these fingers because um it's a

lot easier if you don't move your finger

much okay so yeah one more time so the

six notes are D F a b-flat like that so

using the fingering one two three four

three two okay that's the first part for

the right here left hand is just always

doing a bass note just doing an octave D

if you can't do an octave D just do one

D okay it just doesn't sound as full but

anyway yeah D remember okay so yeah

really simple every single part in this

lesson the first note on the right hand

goes over the first note on the left

just goes together and that's the first

part one more time for this first part

so you guys okay moving on the second

part is awesome because it's exactly the

same as the first part again so second

part exactly you say like this like that

so that's the second button so back to

back the two possible right so far we

play like this is essentially just the

first part played twice like this


like that so back-to-back that's the

first two parts okay you have to be very

flowing like that's a no break in

between okay and then the third part

changes up is a four-note motive

it just goes dfd like that okay so

remember DFT is just four notes for

right hand left and once again it's just

doing it once again it's just the bass

octave first note with the right hand

first no like this okay so back to back

the three parts we've run so far we play

like this check it out like that sounds

awesome ready okay now moving on to the

fourth fight the fourth fight is exactly

the same as the first part so you know

that most of against just goes like that

so that's the fourth part exactly the

same as the first part so you can see

it's like the first part is the same as

the second part was the same as the

fourth putt so something for you to keep

in mind okay so the four parts we've run

so far will be played back to back like

this sounds awesome

okay now the fifth and last but has the

harder part because this has more notes

contains ten notes again this is what we

do D if a B flat C B flat a FD f like

that okay using that finger fifth finger

on the seat that's why we use this

fingering so we don't have to move at

all when we're playing this thing okay

so you guys D F a B flat C B flat a FD

music the fingers one two three four

five four three two one

balus v but for the right hand once

again the left hand is just a octave

basic note D and then you play this hand

together once again first note or for

both hands to get behind this and that's

that for the fifth part step back to

back the five pass which is complaint

continuously like this just goes


okay so it makes a lot of sense

it's six plus six plus four plus six

plus 10

if you calculate that with your quick

math skills that'll be 6 plus 6 is 12

plus another 4 is 16 by 6 is 22 plus 10

is 32 so it's 32 total notes for the

right hand and that makes sense because

it's divisible by 4 like yeah so it's

like the subdivide accounts it's like it

even kind of like quadruple counting

kind of method okay so yeah because

anything that's like 32 16 8 or 4 are

the most symmetrical kind of numbers for

like a typical 4/4 beat meter kind of

song okay so yeah like that okay so

remember it's continuous the whole way

the 32 notes that's why it has to be no

breaks if you do a break between it then

you like propria pretty much like mocked

up the rhythm of the piece okay so yeah

make sure it's continuous like this

that's really good so if there are

breaks it's a sound with sound right it

will be like this it sounds wrong like

that okay so make sure it's continuous

okay so practice slowly if you can't get

it to that speed at a continuous rate

for the 32 no it's just slow down the

speed it's like


yeah like that and then you can spit up

to your faster speed okay so you could

actually play it as fast as you want

because flash is like really fast

yeah but I'm okay I was a lame joke but

yeah you can play as fast as you want

really um some of the versions of this

is a slowed down theme okay there's like

a slowed down version it's like it's

actually like a theme not the CW theme

but it takes this motive us what but the

fast the faster it is it sounds better

I can hear like Burke I syncopated

left-hand bass notes okay but anyway

yeah that's pretty much it so hope you

enjoyed this tutorial of this catchy

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