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How to Play Fish Game

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hey what up guys this is max back with

another video this is real basic

controls on how to play fish table fish

games internet cafe fish arcade any type

of those things it's like what you see

here on the screen also did a video on

how to play this this is my strike


anyway this is gonna be real quick

alright because I have a little message

at the end of this video so stay tuned

alright but this is basic for all your

newcomers just like when it comes to one

of these fish tables you have three

things that are important the joystick

the button that actually go up or down

on your amount it never goes down they

start it's over but you know what I mean

go up or down an amount that you want to

play for and you got the shoe play very

simple now all depend on what type of

game like this game right here you can

change out on your guns so if you double

back pull the stick back real fast twice

it'll change either to another gun like

fishnet or bullet or it'll turn into a

locking mechanism that you see some of

these other people have that do to

automatic lock you see the electricity

right there boom somebody got the lion

awesome anyway and there's the other

tables that don't have that option that

you probably have to just straight out

aim and there's no walking at all you're

just wherever you hit is where you can

hit you have to be like a real eight

shooter or another one you have to hold

a stick back or forward pay attention

what it aims that if it's one of those

you hold will stick forward and you can

slightly rotate to change targets or if

you hold forward and if you do move with

the stick and you don't change targets

that mean you let go push again let go

push again alright you're gonna have to

note even you know what you're shooting

it know what's actually big not

you try to recognize what actually is

easy to go off you even need to know

what a multiplier alright multipliers

that were actually going more in detail

in my next video for all you newcomers

to the game this is real fun alright fun

and very stressful at the same time and

I've got why I've been there done that

but also the other point of this video

besides just giving that general general


I was asked about another type of

strategy - one of the strategies I give

the simplest one I can is the odd versus

even when you're playing alright I'm

gonna have in the next video you can put

all your comments down below so for all

true fish players on what you like the

middle I'll put it in my next video but

it's basically my strategies and my

cheats to actually know on how much that

you can actually win when you go to a

certain place there's no certain things

to look for all right but most people go

into a spot looking to win I want to win

thousand points we're gonna call it

points but you know what I mean I want

to win thousand points what all you

actually walk out with is less than that

yes exactly what I mean by walk out with

less if you walk out with anything at

all all right that's why you see all

different shapes and sizes of different

gamers you need to know what you're

walking into

so you're walking into a certain spot

that probably have or let's just say 200

Nichelle out but you're going hoping to

win 500 you'll get that 500 once you

lose about 1500 all right so in the next

video is basically what I actually got

broken down to a science for me when it

comes to certain spots of what you'll

actually win because look at this look

at this 33 times

don't you want to see that that's a real

bit multiplied by the way anyway but

yeah so if you have any question

comments please put it in this video in

my next video be working on like right

now and I'll wait and see if I get any

more comments or questions I will

actually give you what to look for when

you go to certain rooms or certain

arcades or the internet Cavs don't want

to look for and how much did you

basically probably walk out with all

right anyway I'll see y'all in the next

video thanks for watching pace