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The Fallout 76 PC Beta Was a Joke (Impressions)

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thousand bucks or whatever on a computer

I did so [ __ ] bad like incredibly bad

like I so bad that I'm making a video on

it right now yeah so I don't really do a

lot of impressions or preview videos I

generally like to make sure a game is

out and I've played a lot of it before I

speak about it but I've played the

fallout 76 beta on PC just then for four

hours and I played about two and a half

hours of the Xbox version before and I

just really feel the need to put this

video out based upon how unbelievably

garbage this game is shaping up from at

least a performance perspective and

that's separate from my own personal

view on some of the gameplay and design

elements so let's talk about the

technical first and then we can talk

about the gameplay second because I

think that's a bit more subjective my

rig is a geforce gtx 1080 TI it's got a

i seven five eight to zero okay it's got

32 you RAM it's got everything it's I'm

a this is what I do for a living so I've

invested a lot of money in my computer

it's a good computer so I started trying

to run this in windowed mode at Ultra

settings at 2560 by 1440 and I couldn't

get any more than around about 20 to 25

frames while I was doing that so then I

dropped all the settings and eventually

got it down to like you know medium

settings and it still wasn't great and

then I had to switch it over to

full-screen mode and at that point when

I had the game on medium settings

running a full screen I could then get

it to around about 30 maybe 35 frames

per second that's atrocious given how

good my system is now will make the very

important point that your mileage may

vary because I know other stories of

people who had fantastic performance or

at least pretty good shroud I heard was

streaming it he got like 120 frames and

dropped down to 80 some times but he's

on an RT X 20 atti which is obviously

just like another step up right the fact

that he dropped down to 80 frames at all

on a game like this a game engine this

old just shows you how shitty this is


and that's before we start talking about

you know how it runs on consoles where

it was literally getting down to 12 or

13 frames

according to digital foundry and their

analysis so from a very basic level of

consistent frame rate performance this

is already a huge red flag for this game

number two as someone who has a PC I

have an ultra-wide monitor

there's no ultra wide support in this

whatsoever I did not see any options for

managing my refresh rate so that I have

a 144 Hertz monitor and it just seemed

like it was locked 60 Hertz unless

there's some option that becomes

available when I have something specific

plugged into and it didn't like my

monitor or something

that was not available for me and so I

was stuck at 60 Hertz even though I've

got a monitor that does a hell of a lot

more than that there's a very limited

number of graphical settings available

to you and no field of view option like

no field of view at all and what I've

learned is well which was discovered by

the reddit is that your UI is actually

tied to your field of view so if you try

and manually change the UI in the

backend it'll actually just push the UI

elements off-screen so you can't do that

there's no workaround available for that

at all no field of view available in

this it's just this is crazy to be

honest the very fact that my machine is

not able to run this game that runs on

an engine that is like nearly a decade

old is ridiculous like it's truly

ridiculous and even when it does run it

looks like ass on the Xbox when I play

this I was stunned and I was like man

this looks like a ps2 game some of the

textures that I saw some of the foliage

that I saw was so bad it looked like a

ps2 game

this is water right here your that guys

look at those effects beautiful stunning

2018 Oh magnifique

yeah but I thought all right they're

trying to do something with the consoles

they're trying to push something I don't

know let's just given the better for the

doubt maybe whatever I thought of PC

it's gotta be better it looked better

but not by much look at this water by

the way this was the same on consoles

look at this water

guys it's 2018 and this is the water

effects that we get look at it look

Mario Sunshine had better water and

water effects so often I was just

walking around this game and I was just

remarking how ugly it looked like it

looks [ __ ] ugly and I don't care

about graphics that much but I do care

about laziness and I guess I care about

these graphics in the context of how bad

this performance is and how little has

effort it seems has gone into this game

the other thing I'll say is that no

effort has been made whatsoever

to take the clearly console specific

controller scheme and do away with that

and make it so that you can play this

for this game fully on a keyboard and

mouse as you play this game you will

discover so many buttons are used

needlessly because they have not taken

the time to develop a proper PC UI and

that's perfectly exemplified during the

build phase right when you put down a

cabin you got to build things there's

all this this really cumbersome menu

where I need to use the z key and the C

key to change something I need to use

the arrow keys up and down to change

things there's literally a keyboard and

mouse that I'm holding in my [ __ ]

hand and I'm not allowed to use it I

need to like press these weird keys to

scroll through options because they were

too lazy to take the console controllers

and and provide me with something like

they should have provided when I'm using

a keyboard and mouse I got so mad at

that point when I was playing that when

I saw how lazy that controller but uisce

framework was I like it to pause for 30

seconds to compose myself I was like are

you actually [ __ ] serious so that's

that and I think that's a lot of the

technical aspects out the way Knight

lonely people gonna say hey man it's a

beta right it's coming out and 15 days

or whatever but don't worry they'll

change all of this [ __ ] they're not

gonna change don't change a few things

but the stuff that I'm talking about


a little of that is gonna change before

launch and even if you are an optimist I

would say to you you are a fool if you

put your money down for this in advance

of reviews and shipping and alike you

are a full a damn fool more so than

pre-ordering normally which is pretty

foolish this seems very foolish you need

to wait to see how this thing actually

runs at launch because right now it runs

like us okay it runs like absolute us so

please be aware of that beyond the

technical stuff there's definitely some

concerns I have about how this gameplay

loop is shaping up first of all there's

no NPCs what this does is it makes the

world feel very empty all of the time

now fallout is meant to feel empty I

know that I've played the other Fallout

games too but this one feels

particularly empty it feels completely

lifeless in fact because interaction

with other people in games like this

really helps to break it up and create a

feeling of like world building and

substance and something but right now

all I'm talking to are robots and all

I'm hearing are these holotapes things

playing that just drone on forever and

ever and ever some of these hollow takes

go for like six or seven minutes I'm

just people talking about the most

boring [ __ ] and somehow this is meant to

be immersive the decision to not have

any NPCs I think was a very ill-advised

decision and also it actually has very

serious story implications because so

often you're gonna be like you get a

quest that's like hey go find Phil

Phil's gonna teach you how to do

something you're like alright cool I'll

go find Phil but guess what you know

there's no NPC's in this game you know

that everyone's dead so you know that

when you get there you're not gonna find

Phil you're gonna find Phil's holotape

it gets old really fast I promise you

that like seven times now it's like go

see Margaret go see Phil go see Eggbert

I don't know and you always know what

the outcome is there's a corpse lying on

the ground there's a hollow tape there

you start listening to the hollow tape

so that already really really sucks

now pvp is in many respects the heart

and soul of what this experience is it's

it's the core of what a lot of these

open-world sandbox survival games are

about and what I'm seeing already is

that this game is compromised too much

on that vision and PvP is just

really [ __ ] and boring as a result I met

one guy who was in a house I shot him

like 80 times it didn't do anything

drugs blood hey buddy yeah buddy come on


you wearing a dress let's go buddy buddy

go [ __ ] yourself he says come on man

come at me bro so I can't do anything to

him right now

nothing his tarts aren't even attacking

me by the way and now there's until he

eventually shot me back after he had all

his tarts set up and then eventually he

managed to kill me and then I could

somehow go and get revenge on him then

after that and I got revenge by just

killing him like shoot him in the face

twice while he would have his menu open

here we go ready rip rip rip didn't even

do anything because he was in his menu

at the time he had no idea what was

going on and then we did this three or

four times he swore at me a few times

which is kind of funny and that was it

like that was what PvP was because what

the developers have not done is made a

commitment to say we are going to make a

PvP game with tension inherent around it

we're gonna build rewards around that

we're gonna build risk and reward

frameworks what they've done instead is

this awkward compromise where PvE

players are probably going to be

disappointed because they'd like to just

get on with their business without being

hassled and PvP players are going to be

pissed off because they'd like to be out

of PvP and they just keep getting

ignored by PvE players it's very similar

to something like the dark zone in the

division where you have two players with

very different objectives and goals

meeting in a space and then having to

just kind of awkwardly coexist with both

of them not being satisfied with what's

taking place again your mileage may vary

I played this on my own it's possible if

I'm playing with a whole group of people

it's a whole lot better but let my

experience be emblematic of what this

might be like as a solo player and I

know a lot of Bethesda fans are solo


so definitely keep this in mind at a

very cool level though there's just a

problem with gunplay and conch enos and

performance with regards to the actual

combat system it doesn't feel good to

fire a gun in Fallout it's never felt

good to fire a gun in Fallout he didn't

really care that much before because it

was about the story in the world and the

RPG and whatever else the factions all

that [ __ ] it's like The Witcher we

didn't really care that a combat sucked

it was about all the other things but

here the combat is a core part of what

this game is it's arguably the core part

and it really does feel shitty and

clunky and bad and I never enjoy pulling

the trigger in this game and it's a big

problem for a game like this that's holy

[ __ ] that's if you're not aware is the

auto targeting system available in

Fallout games that basically lets you

select a body part so that you can then

do you know guaranteed damage plus

chance of a bonus damage etc etc works

perfectly fine in a single-player game

in a multiplayer game you're like what

do you do with it don't worry guys

that's his back it's just the worst most

memed version of it possible the way

that's works is that you press the q

button it will automatically target an

enemy and you just pull the trigger and

it will almost guaranteed hit them or

hit them based upon the percentage that

you see when you target them so your gun

doesn't actually point at the thing that

is aiming at right so like I could be

targeting something and my gun is

pointing in another direction but I will

somehow still hit that target

it looks [ __ ] ridiculous I don't care

what the RPG is I don't care about the

magic [ __ ] explanation from a

gameplay perspective it looks dumb it

feels really dumb and goofy and lazy and

this is a bad implementation of that

it's like honestly just felt stupid

using it because it was so dumb and so

cheesy and yes you can use this in PvP

as well as PvE on top of this were just

myriad bugs that I found there was this

awesome moment where we found like God

rays coming up from the ground which we

nicknamed Todd Ray's where is that light

coming from like look at this like can I

just ask okay tell me where that light

is coming from okay

it's like you know what Todd's like you

know if people like God raised God

raised out of the [ __ ] earth the

water was totally [ __ ] I don't know

just bad ok by the way guys were back at

some water we're back at the water in

case you missed out this is the water ok

moment ago we had the Todd raised now we

have the water enemies would just appear

randomly or disappear they behave super

weirdly they'd get caught behind things

whatever else there's so much popping in

this game as well like I know it's not a

bug I know it's more of a graphical

thing but you're just walking around and

then all of a sudden boom just so much

[ __ ] just pops I'm in front of you

you're like where the fun and all that

come from ok so like as I said I don't

make these videos often I do and I'm not

the kind of guy that wants to like you

know fearmonger around you know of some

upcoming game or whatever else when I've

only put so little time into it but this

games out in 15 days this is one of the

worst betas I've ever played in my

entire time playing video games and it's

from Bethesda they're one of the biggest

most well resourced companies in the


when it comes to video game development

they can do a hell of a lot better than

this and they have absolutely not done

this and now there are no models to save

them because the mods don't come for at

least another year

there's microtransactions they're

already in guys but all this other stuff

that I've talked about that's not in yet

you know like field-of-view slide oh no

no no no microtransactions yes filled a

few slider you'll have to wait for them

to remain I think it's really shitty I

think that anyone that has their

pre-order available I would strongly

recommend cancelling it if you'd still

like to get the game later on shell fine

but wait for reviews and wait till you

see a good chunk of this play out if you

really like this experience cool good on

you that's great

I personally think that the product here

is substandard yes you might be able to

make your own fun in this game but the

game itself seems pretty incidental to

what that fun will end up being because

right now it is a very rocky very barren

very broken product and I don't see 15

days as being enough to turn this around

and end

you know make it a real product that is

gonna be like yeah cool this is worth

$60 $60 by the way like if this was

worth $30 like most those are the

sandbox of all the games I'd be like ok

fair enough let's just do this but $60

for this it just seems like robbery and

you know maybe there's a whole bunch of

other stuff out there that comes later

on but I do not think the fundamentals

are there I would very strongly caution

people against pre-ordering this the PC

port is terrible it's atrocious and I

really hope that you know it gets a lot

better anyway

let me know what you think in the

comments below I will see you guys later