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how's it going guys it's the final

render here the fallout 76 beta is just

six days away I'm really starting to

feel the hype from the fallout community

and things are getting very very

exciting in fact if you pre-ordered the

game on the Microsoft Store on the Xbox

you can actually pre download the beta

right now so you can get ready to start

jumping into the beta the moment it goes

live and we're gonna be doing lots of

fallout 76 beta coverage on the 23rd of

October so make sure you like the video

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to make sure you get all the fantastic

fallout 76 content on day one so in this

video we're going to do a little bit

discussion about what not only what I

think you should do when you first get

the game but also what I'm gonna do when

I first get the game so let's get hyped

for fallout 76 also a very big thank you

to the youtuber camel work so is letting

people use some of the footage he

recorded at the Bethesda Greenbrier

event thank you very much for letting us

use your footage buddy link to all of

his content is in the description below

so after you wake up in the vault with a

hideous hangover you are gonna want to

make your character now making your

character isn't too much of a big deal

in fallout 76 because you can actually

change your physical appearance even

change your gender at any time you want

throughout the entire playthrough but

today the truth it might sound a bit

sexist but I might go with a female

character again because I have a

suspicion that there will be some male

players who just won't shoot at me if

I'm playing as a female character until

of course they speak to me and they

realize I'm a male and then they start

shooting at me but hey I think that

would be a good way to not get shot at

in the future but then after that of

course you're gonna want to grab the Pip

Boy I presume you probably can't even

leave the room without grabbing the Pip

Boy but it is an important thing to do

and then you can start exploring the

vault you actually can't come back into

here unless you actually make a new

character so make sure if you want to do

some exploring make sure you do it there

are actually little terminals with some

lore and stuff you can read so make sure

you read all that but also before you

leave the vault they do give you some

very essential supplies they give you

some purified water and some red X which

will help keep rads away and stop you

dying of thirst you can also grab five

stimpacks and some rad away again right


always been one of those quite rare

resources so make sure you grab that you

can also grab some building supplies

which looks like the blue backpack after

that you can grab the party hat which is

clearly the most important part of the

game sure they look a bit goofy and a

bit of elastic string really hurts your

neck after a while but party hats are

always important after that you want to

grab the camp system the camp system is

how you build in fallout 76 and without

this you won't be able to build until

you find a new one and you probably

can't find a new one until you find and

oversee a camp part of the main story

which you might not do for like another

20 minutes or so so if you want to build

a camp before you go and do the main

quest make sure you grab it here now

we've grabbed some of the starter items

we need to grab our very first perk

cards and choose a point to put into

special you actually get to put one

point into special every time you level

up until you hit level 50 and you will

be given new perk cards every two levels

until you hit level 10 and then after

level 10 you will get them every 5

levels I want to say and to start off

with here they have given you one option

for every type of special points for the

strengths we can choose the gladiator

which gives us an extra 10% damage with

one-handed melee weapons but perception

we can choose concentrated fire which

lessens target specific limbs with vats

and also gain accuracy and damage per

shot obviously vats it just targets the

entire body without this perks but if

you want to specifically target legs or


you will need this perk for endurance

you can pick Lead Belly and the

Leadbelly perk means you take 30% less

rads from food or water now that doesn't

sound like too much but over the course

of eating lots of food safer just

spammed lots of water because you need

to heal up very quickly

30% rads actually does add up to quite a

lot so that may be quite a good one to

choose if you are someone who uses food

to heal yourself a lot charisma will

give you the inspiration perk and this

gives you 5% more XP when you are in a

team now again 5% does not sound like

much but if you know you were gonna be

in a team very often especially the very

start of the game an extra 5% for

everything you do at the start of the

game will me

you can level up very very quickly so

that would be a very good one to choose

if you know you are going to be in a

squad intelligence will actually give

you the first aid perk which means two

impacts restore an extra 10% of health

it doesn't say if it also restores 10%

more health or diluted stimpaks which is

a new type of stim pack you can get

which isn't quite as good but 10% more

health could be useful and of course we

already have some stim pack so it is

essentially like having an extra harvest

impact with us so not bad right also for

the agility we can pick the action boy

and this will give us action points

regeneration that is 15% faster again

15% does not sound like much but in the

grand scheme of things if you are say or

running away from a monster your

sprinters actually taking points from

your action points remember then you can

actually regenerate your sprint much

much quicker so that would actually be a

good thing to do if you find a very big

enemy like a deaf core straight away and

for the luck special we have the farmer

farmer perk which gives us 40 percent

extra chance of phoned in first aid when

we search chem containers 40 percent is

not a number to be sniffed out that is

an awful big boost to find Kem's and

especially in the early game having lots

of Kem's would actually give you a

source of income if you don't intend to

use some of those camps but I presume it

would also include things like stimpacks

as well from medical containers so that

would actually be a really good one to

pick the star we've also me personally I

think I'm either gonna go with the

farmer farmer perk or the gladiator perk

first because extra 40 percent of

finding Kem's would obviously keep me

alive and the extra gladiator ability

means I can do more damage with many

weapons and I imagine I'm not gonna have

much ammo at the start of the game so

doing more damage with marrow weapons I

think would be a very good investment

once you have left the vault and smelt

the fresh air for the first time in 25

years it is time to start Explorer in

West Virginia something which you can do

first is speak to one of the mr. handy

robots they will actually kind of give

you some more information on your first

quest to go and find the overseer who is

very near the town of flatwoods just to

the south there's a kind of first

objective of the main story but of

course if you don't want to do that here

is something else

you can do just to the right of where

you spawn out of the vaults you can find

a dead body which actually has a gun it

is a 32 caliber pipe pistol and a little

bit further to the right you should also

be able to find a truck I don't have any

footage of this I'm afraid which has

some frag grenades and some landmines in

there so if you want to go and get some

guns and weapons straight away go

immediately to the right after you leave

the vault and grab those and also if you

go immediately to the left after leaving

the vault you can find the body of a

responder and the responder does have a

machete on the body and a note saying to

head to flatwoods so therefore you can

get a metal weapon and you can get a gun

answer explosives as soon as you leave

the vaults not much of any of them grant

it that's why I plan to use the machete

because you don't have much ammo and you

don't have much explosives you want to

save those for some of the bigger

enemies in the early starter game so now

you've got some weapons it is time to

start explore in West Virginia it's up

to you what you do now really but me

personally I am probably going to head

to flag woods as part of the main story

quests to start with because I want to

access the overseers stash box which is

at her camp the stash box is something

you want to be very familiar with it is

a box so you can build in your camp

system and this is your safe-deposit box

this is where you can put all of your

resources and other players can not take

it so once you have got some resources

you want to start building a camp

straight away you don't have to decorate

it or anything you just want to build

your stash box so you actually have a

safe place to dump all of your junk this

is very important because you actually

have much less carry weight in fallout

76 than you will in say fallout 4

because your scrap is going to be much

more important to carrying around with

you and not only that but once you

actually have your stash box built you

are able to offload your stuff and then

unload it at any stash box you find a

stash box is kind of like an ATM any

stash box you find is your stash box and

you are able to deposit items in there

as much as you want

I believe you can find other stash boxes

at Red Rock at gas stations and also at

railroad stations so if you find a stash

box W loot in there is now yours and of


if you didn't pick up a camp station

heading to flatwoods is where you would

pick it up now but once you've got your

camp system and you've got your stash

box it is time to do what I'm really

looking forward to doing just strip mine

in all of West Virginia my plan is to go

to every little town get my camp built

as close to the town as possible I don't

think you can build inside certain towns

but I'm going to build my little stash

box as close to the town as possible and

then I'm just going to strip-mine every

resource out of that town I'm going to

kill every enemy in that town to get

every bit of experience I'm going to

loot every container I am going to find

everything there is to find in the town

store it in my stash box and then move

on to the next town and start strip

mining that by moving my camp nearer to

the at Newtown as well it is important

to note that you will actually have to

pay a cat fee in order to move your camp

so therefore if you only found 10 caps

in the previous town and to move it to

the next town it's going to cost 20 caps

that it might be an idea to just find

some more calves before you start strip

mine in the next town but that's going

to be my plan just move my camp to every

little town and every little campsite I

find so I can just strip mine the place

and get as much resources as possible so

I can actually start doing building

videos because I would love to do

building videos but I'm gonna need to

play the game a lot in order to have

enough resources to do so

so that is what I'm going to do once I

start playing fallout 76 something else

I'd quite like to do is explore some of

the key locations such as the Mothman

museum The Greenbrier hotel and also the

mom adult suits food processing plant

that's very near the Greenbrier I want

to check that place out because I still

have that theory that that place is

where all of the Liberator robots are

spawning from so I want to check that

out but really it's up to you what you

do in this game there's probably more

freedom to do whatever you do then in

any other Fallout game so if you enjoyed

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