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The Escapists 2 - Learning The Basics

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so what is going on guys welcome to the

escapist to here today on my channel now

this is a game which I've really wanted

to play on my channel I never actually

played the first game so I'm really

excited to be playing the second one and

if you want to see some more of this on

my channel be sure to let me know in the

comments down below and leave a like on

the video so for today we're going to be

started off by taking on like maybe the

first mission or so like I said I've

never played this before so I'm going to

get used to the controls and everything

we're going to get into this we're going

to start a brand new game and other we

customize a character or not so I bet

you want to hear about how the

incredible Robinson escaped huh yeah if

you want just put yourself in my shoes

for a minute and I'll talk you through


oh so this is like a flashback right now

okay which one are we are we this guy

here so I got up one morning and thought

to myself enough is enough I wanted out

it was time to leave this place I go to

my bed and run over to my desk I opened

my desk with II grabbed everything from

inside of it alright so let's just open

this to get a good old salt and some

soap okay so I'm guessing I place these

in here I craft so a sock earnest salt

makes a sock makes out that that's a

weapon okay Road call I'm guessing I

need to go here face forward you

causing trouble as a shortcut to the

infirmary sell shakedown victims are as

follows Bob and Chuck casting fear aside

I had done my modern values a whole life

an inmate called Chuck was of interest

to me I had a hunch green I had a hunch

the green arrow by the stairs was trying

to tell me something okay so we got to

go down here I rob stairs and now we

want to go down this way I'm guessing we

need to find this Chuck yes this is


they were just clicking oh oh I take

about with Chuck and conscious I looted

the key from him all right so grab that

I then swiftly made for the evidence

room opposite using the key and then we

want to open this and we have to do this

quickly before I guess the guards come

that is a pickaxe okay just give me a

moment while I chop up my suntan lotion

I'm burning here anyway I know the exact

place to use my tools once more the

green arrow was there to guide me okay

so we have our pickaxe now we're

currently in free time we can see that

at the top here we want to go into here

to have my actions I picked up a

bedsheet by holding a while standing

next to it okay and then I equip it then

hung it on the on the on the doors using

the space bar I got it

if it moves the fries out of sight out

of mind well on that note with the pick

out a quick I chipped away at the wall

there we go come on fell on a little guy

keep going lunchtime oh one second one

second Oh tada I need to I need to put

this away there we go I don't want to be

walking around with a hiccups so we need

to grab a tray with E there we go and

sat at my desk okay so I just

automatically grab to the food energy

levels replenished and freedom was my

goal I managed to keep down the food I

consumed I took a deep breath and

continue to follow the green arrow which

was most helpful it's good that you have

a green hour isn't it when you're in

when you're in prison okay and then we

need to get a pickaxe out again go for a

go to good old whack that's going to put

us down to 25% and the boom Oh catch me

the Sun lotion would you please chump

things would go some good with the wall

no chipped away I moved it through to

the next room and we're going to open

the maintenance desk and we'll get both

of these oh no no no no no hold on hold


holding the I picked up the desk and

placed it down beneath the vent I'm out

what am i doing

holding eat our okay holding eat nope

nope there we go

once I highlighted my adrenaline shot

and consumed it with space I pushed

against the desk lying onto it acquits

my cutters and press space to cut the

vent above me so I'm guessing that icon

on the floor was indicating event so

first off let's drink this then I need

to push against the desk aha there we go

and then use the cutters is that right I

think I'm doing it right right now so

let's like climb into the vent by using

E and made my way to the right okay so

now we're in the vent the good old vent

over here and then guessing we go we got

wiggled hold on down there we go then

bang the lights are all flashing I was

was notice me panic set above mic

contact I promise there was a sugar

waiting for me as I picked it up hold on

I need to use my shovel there we go

come on dig your way out dig your way

out buddy

I'm wait if that person is just waiting

outside the door right now okay and then

I need to keep pressing it I literally

need to dig my way out block by block

what are you I need to do it block by

block making the most of my shovel I

continue to dig ahead in a rush for

precise manner why am i digging here

again should I be digging here oh I just

dig under the door okay now I get what I

was doing okay and I got the cutters and

then I need to select the cutters and go

for it again and then we're free

basically oh no look at that can you see

the person just hidden behind the police

car over though it looks like a

detective I was out I was finally out

but the stories aside this is the life

huh and this is what it was all about

well it's fascinating stuff Robinson it

really is Thanks I'm surprised too

haven't been caught yet though just wait

for it I doubt they'll ever catch me no

no there Bruce Robinson

well then what took you so long and

there we go we escaped that's the first

level done so um I'm going to leave

today's video here it's going to be a

bit shorter than than the next levels

and stuff like that but if you do want

to see something like this on my channel

let me know in the comments down at be

alone we got one knock out items crafted

favorites favors completed and tiles

destroyed so and that was the tutorial

I'm guessing so it kind of taught us how

to play the game we're going to leave

the episode here though and hopefully

they'd enjoy so thank you very much for

watching my name is zero exclusions and

hopefully I'll catch you guys next time