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Tutorial: More Gun (Team Fortress 2 Engineer's Theme) - Guitar Lesson w/ TAB

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hey this is of the body from the correct

column and time for another viewer

request in this lesson we're going to

learn a computer game theme a very

interesting theme it's called more gun

the engineers theme from Team Fortress 2

and it's a very interesting lesson for

me as well because I don't usually use a

pick if you're following my lessons then

you know that I usually play fingerstyle

so this is gonna be very very

interesting this theme is great it's um

it's a chord progression in country folk

rhythm that utilizes connecting bass

lines between the chords now it begins

as a very cliche very traditional

country blues riff ad and E with

connecting bass lines and even the

baselines are cliched but then after one

round of the blues riff it turns into a

minor instead of a it changes into a

minor and then all hell breaks loose and

then it becomes really interesting

because it's a nice chord progression

with very interesting connecting bass

lines this is a little challenging and

it's very nice and it's very fun it's

very much fun to play this and first let

me demonstrate it and show you how it

goes and then we're going to break it

down lick by lick with tabs and

everything so it goes like this




so this is very very nice um okay what

you need to know is the following rhythm

pattern let's start with a you play the

bass note of the chord and then you play



okay now this is your basic rhythm and

what we're going to concentrate on is

the base movement the baselines so you

begin with this okay it's just on e on

the e base it's open E 2 and 4 and then

you play a ok now you change from the a

base to the e base so


okay that's your first riff Hey

day then again a

okay but this time are the a because you

need this okay this is your next

baseline so it's a

and then to hammer on to four on the D

string and play two again and then a

again okay so

now you can insert a strong between

these notes

okay but it doesn't fit the original is


okay and then you can play this again

okay 2 & 2 to 4 2 again and then 4 on

the a string and then it's D and the D

is with D base a base D base

okay now there's a pretty scrum on the D

and it goes like this

okay and then again

hey pretty sprung and then on the g


it's two to four and then to just the

same as before and then for on d okay

it's the same leg as before only down

ones friend before you played and this

time it's and then it's a and you begin

with the D string


okay it's diedie this time so it's a


because this is an e note so you just


okay and then it's the same line here

again okay on D and a D 2 2 4 2 4 on a

and then e with East East string and a


and the first look again

okay and then don't worry I'm going to

repeat everything just let's just finish

this first chord progression and then

it's the same down one string on the a

string zero to four then D again D a

pretty strum a

okay and then it's again just as before

from the g string to the D string

finishing on a / E

okay so it's fun

this is on ji

this is on D

okay and you play these string a string

D string it as your bass notes

and then it's this one last time

the original lick

then then all hell breaks loose and you

go into a minor so from the top Oh - for


r24 to a let remember this


um the lick on d2a

pretty long and then on g2d a ovary

and you pick these

then from deep same lick from D to a

ending on me this time

original lick

original lick down one spring in 2d

pretty strong

and then this one again

into a on G and D into a over e and


okay now I'm going to a minor

the lick into a liner is 0-3 on the eBay

- on the a base and your Aunt Emma in a


okay but the first time around you also

have this

so it's a minor a minor oversee a minor


okay so 0 3 - 8 -

you might over see


a minor


okay so first time around it's a minor

oversee a minor second time run it's a

minor over E a minor then again over C

so it's


okay now we're going to be seven it's

3-0 on the a string and two and one on

the D string okay now you want to finish

on your first finger and build up the

seven upon it without touching the

vibrating string

don't touch the string so

okay and then into D minor the baseline

into D minor is three on the E string

open a string - on the D string and then

D Mayer

again the baseline of course continues

into d-a-d so and then we go into G

don't worry I'm going to repeat

everything slowly you're going to get it

I won't finish this lesson before you

get so the movement to D is 3 and 0 on

the D string

the movement into Jean excuse me a 3 and

0 2 and 0 on the g string

oMG and then we're back again into a


Fanning to be seven against three zero

to one on a spring and these friends

then into D minor three on the E string

open a string 2-0 on D minor and then

the ad

okay now last time it ended on G and

it's going to end on G twice more but

this time it turn it it finishes on e

okay just this one time this one line

finishes on e so you begin as if you're

going into g30 on D string and then to

one on the g string when you go into G

it's to zero when you're going to eat

this one time it's to one okay and then

you build an equal upon it you finish

with your first finger and you build a

ecord on it without touching the

vibrating string and just put your

fingers above it so

okay and then it's a minor

as AEA

and a minor again


then again we'll see see in to be seven

free zero one

Eddie to d-minor three on the bass Hey

gee please zero to zero on D ng

a miner again

okay I believe you got it by now uh b7


he lied


a minor again three times actually four




and p7

and you're done so um this is great it's

also great a great theme to practice

your country chops on because then you

can play stuff like this

you can practice your country chops on

and try to make your own a little

baseline going so I hope you enjoy this


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a very very nice theme and I'll see you

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