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The End Lesson - Doors

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hey y'all thought we'd do another lesson

today as long as we got the SG out case

these days so this is the end from this

is the end from from the doors first now

man it's in this I guess they call that

double drop D tuning so both east rings

are down to D and it sounds like this

when you play the D well the core that

is based on is it d5 chords so so it's D

a D the notes of the chord

the main chord D ad ad D so that it's

only DS and A's on that main chord so

it's not made that the cool thing is

it's not major a minor to fifth chords

to us it's just the two no cool and one

thing to know about how you want to do

the main riff that goes

all that kind of stuff you want to play

your your d5 chord as a pointer finger

on the g string at the second and then

the B string at the second with your

middle finger and then your ring finger

also on the B string at the third fret

because what you're going to do is on

that B string

you're hammering that B string on from 2

to 3 2 2 3 2 3 and that's kind of the

that's the the main repeating motif of

the song

in fact if there's one thing to practice

as you get started practice just that

for five minutes

and it is easier to do like Robbie does

without a pic so you can get some of

that I know I cut stuff that he does but

let's let's get into a little bit so you

got that main riff once he does the

opening part that he's just playing

around with with little melodies that

he's inventing through the intro and I

don't think he does those in fact I'm

sure he doesn't do the all those parts

the same every time they played it so we

won't either

so when you get into it you're gonna

start doing this at the start

now when you when you start playing

around with it what you can do is you

can hammer on that high e-string at the

second fret and then suspend it on to

three like you would a normal decoy but

since it's since the high E is tuned out

of D you get that sort of Eastern Indian

feel to it when you do that stuff so you

can do them you can play around with it

and just do

he does these little scales I don't know

what they are but I'm the low e-string

canned hammer on at four and then do the

same thing on the a string and you could

even do another teaspoon and then hammer

on the G at the second fret and then go

into that decoy

but what I think he does mostly is the

hammer just the in the a an open D

string and then hammer on the g string

at the second fret into that look or

that kind of stuff and another thing he

does throughout the intron again we're

just doing the intro jam part for right

now um he'll do

just hammer around that low E string at

the fourth fret to an open a string into

that D riff

and then other times they'll do the same

thing on the a string a string at the

fourth fret to an open D string

and all that kind of nonsense so that's

that that's the intro that's just

messing around with that chord shape and

those fingerings and so when it gets

into the song proper you're into this so

let's walk up the a string zero two

three into a C chord and you can hit

that you keep hitting that I east ring

which is now down to D because that

gives it that drone II feel it keeps

going back to the D no so you're gonna




let's see

this one's a G and it's just the ena

strings v friend you could play all the

strings on them

left that no safety or surprise part

that just a lasse into your


that's the back to signature what will

be so

that's that limitless and free line

right so for that when you want to just

strum through the four highest strings

and on the high E string you're going

three to zero

and on that last one is the B string at

the first fret

back to that same D that we've been



she's mg

right now now we're into the guitar solo

which I think starts on this

we'll just take like a d-shaped move it

all the way up here so you got G at the

7th be at the 8th high e at the 7th man

does this look


now let's run through that starts on

this just like a D chord now the the

solo almost all until you get to this

little bit until you get to that it's

all on the B and E strings and he's just

alternating between picking a fretted B

string note and an open open E string so

that's more of that drone with that D

note on that high E string is tuned on D

it just keeps repeating through it so

you can actually do this whole thing

just about with one finger

all right so let's stop that it goes

seven eight ten

eight back to ten

that's one up so it's a 10 11 12 10 11

12 11 10 so let's string them together

what we got

so it's ten twelve fourteen twelve ten

eight feet so you bend the g-string

bend the g-string up not not as no not

two steps up but like one Bend that up

and then you hit the B string at the

sixth fret it goes back into the D chord

out and then it's back into the rest of

a vocal style now this is a

down-and-dirty very quick lesson it

assumes you know a little bit about

guitar playing um so if you've been

playing for six months I'm going to try

it and you may do well at it but this is

really more for people who have a little

bit a little guitar playing under their

belt in terms of the solo just know that

it's the B and the e strings and take

ten minutes even if you didn't know what

I just showed you are the fret numbers

or anything like that if you take ten

minutes and you know you're only doing

another you're only fretting notes on

the B string you ought to be able to get

that solo down in just a few minutes

it's pretty pretty simple as long as

you're just fretting the B string and

then hitting the high E string in

between in between notes you should get

it so I move pretty quick on this one

but it's really meant for people who

have a pretty good grasp of the guitar

and just need a little shove in the

right direction so good luck if you have

any trouble let me know