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How to Use Disney Emoji Blitz | Tutorial + Review

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turns out Disney wanted to make another

billion dollars so they went ahead and

released a Disney emoji iPhone game no

need to beat around the bush Disney just

released a new mobile game in which you

unlock emojis that you can use in chat

and here's how it works

now the first thing you're going to do

after you load up the app and you put in

your age is you're going to pick which

first emoji you want to unlock you get

to pick from Sully Ariel or Simba I'm

gonna go with Ariel because that's Kats

favorite character and I don't have a

particular attachment to either of the

three and it's going to start to run you

through the tutorial now the tutorial is

going to teach you how to play the game

and it's like any other standard match

three games so there's nothing really

important here instead what I'm going to

focus on is how to start using these

emojis right away because if you're not

used to unlocking different emojis or

keyboards on a phone there's more to it

than just loading up the app for the

first time so what you're going to do on

the iPhone is you're going to go back

out to your home screen you're going to

go ahead and go to your settings and

under settings you're going to go to the

general tab once you load into that you

should find a keyboard tab and once you

head into that you're going to see

keyboards and then a number next to it

it's usually one or two one if you just

have the keyboard two if you have emojis

I have three because I used the G board

and then what you're going to do is

you're going to do add new keyboard and

that's going to give you a couple of

options now you'll see there emoji blitz

is the Disney emoji blitz keyboard

you're going to hit that and it's going

to be added to your list now before you

can use it you have to then go into

emoji blitz and you have to make sure

allow full access is check marked on now

by default it's off if you turn it on

it'll give you this warning full access

allows the developer of this keyboard to

transmit anything you type including

things you have previously typed with

this keyboard

this could include sensitive information

such as your credit card number or

street address we're going to allow it

in this case now when I go into my text

messaging and start up a new message

it'll let me use the keyboard now if

you've never used an emoji keyboard

before you're looking for that little

globe down there that's going to switch

between your different keyboards right

now I'm on my normal keyboard if I hit

it again it switches me to my Google


again it switches me over to my Disney

emoji keyboard and it works similar to

regular emojis you've got a favourites

over on the Left you've got your

characters you've got props which are

like hands and other items and symbols

and then you can even throw in numbers

the way it works is similar to house a

lot of these new third party emoji apps

work which is they're not technically

keyboard emojis they're images that are

just sort of built into the keyboard and

make it easier so if I want to throw a

couple of Mickey emojis in here I just

tap on them and you'll notice that it

doesn't go into the text field that goes

into that little sub text field and when

I hit this little pop-up window button

here it'll copy it and what it really

did was just input those three images

and copy them so now when I go here and

paste them boom there you go and then I

can send them as emojis back to the game

again like I said it's your standard

match 3 game there's nothing really

special about it

it works with power-ups if you match for

their power-ups for whichever emoji

you're playing with and then by playing

you in money which you use to unlock new

emojis so it's kind of interesting that

they've taken something that would have

otherwise been sort of like a free

one-time setup app and turned it into a

game is this going to work who knows I

don't know of any other company that's

really done this where they take the

idea of a utility app like emojis and

then you know gheymeh phi it so to speak

so from this more emoji screen you can

see all the mogees that you've got

collected and you can pick between them

what's pretty cool is each emoji has its

own powerup that changes the way the

game is played I think that's pretty

cool and from the emoji shop you don't

get to specifically pick which emoji

you're going to get so you get your free

prize which I'm assuming is on some sort

of countdown timer in this case I got

three gems huh ray yeah so eight hours

later I get another free prize the first

time I try that I got coins maybe you'll

get a free emoji I don't know we'll see

and then you could pick between these

two you've got your gold box in your

silver box so while you can't pick a

specific emoji you want they are sort of

tiered so your silver box here is your

sort of basics you got your Donald your

Mickey your goofy the Fab five Simba

Ariel Sully Randall Mike Bambi

and flounder and then you've got your

gold box here that contains your

Tinkerbell Genie Alice Cheshire Cat

White Rabbit Woody Buzz alien Kermit the

Frog Fozzie Bear Cinderella Elsa see

there's way more in the gold box and

there is in silver box they really want

you saving up for that Dory Nemo Judy

Hopps so on and so forth you buy them

with coins of course if you don't have

enough coins you can trade in your gems

for coins and of course if you don't

have enough gems you can go ahead and

spend cold hard cash I mean I'm not

going to fault them for it it is 2016

that's how these games sort of work they

do have to pay for it somehow one thing

that I'd really like to point out that

I'm not a big fan of but I'm not really

going to hold it against Disney because

a lot of apps do this is that they're

really really confusing with the

conversions you know for instance a

silver box is 15,000 coins of gold boxes

30 okay simple enough however there is

no 15 and 30 when it comes to trading in

gems for those coins you have a 6,000

increment 40,000 eighty-seven thousand

and one hundred ninety five thousand and

then it gets even more confusing because

if you want to go ahead and buy those

gems you buy them in increments of 81 to

74 86 it's all messy so that you're left

with all these leftovers so that you

feel more compelled I guess to spend

more to even it out and get something

now I did a little rough math just to

get an idea of how much you'd have to

spend to get a certain amount and if you

were to buy the $49.99 20800 gem pack

that would roughly translate to over

400,000 coins which would get you about

fourteen gold boxes so I mean $50 for

what will amount to fourteen sets of

emojis I don't know I mean that the

value of that's going to be up to you

guys on top of that you have more lives

so I guess you can only play in limited

increments so you can't just grind it

all out or if you do want to grind it

all out you have to again pay some gems

and as you can see the cost of these are

like thirty fifty thirty three hundred

six hundred so it's enough that like you

know you're three free gems that you get

isn't really going to cut it and keep

you going so what do I think of Disney


it's funny because on the surface it

looks like such a weaker game when you

compared to something like Disney Magic

Kingdom's yet at the same time it's much

more of a game than Disney Magic

Kingdom's is um you know sure it's just

a match-three game and there are a

million of those out there but I think

it's really interesting that they've

created a match-three game in which the

prizes you unlock have use outside of

the game itself usually it's just a high

score usually it's just unlocks for the

games that continue to let you play the

game yet this is their emojis there's

something you use every day in your

texts and your chats and things like

that I think it's really clever the way

they did it I'm not a major fan of the

way they do the coin and gem system I

think it's a little intentionally

confusing not to say that they're not

the only company out there that does it

but it's just a shame to see them just

following that trend

I'm not against in-app purchases in

general it's a free game you got to pay

for it somehow I just wish it was a

little more transparent so it'd be

easier to know how much you're buying

and know what you're going to get out of

that and make it a little less nebulous

so you're not buying more than you

actually need

I think the emojis themselves are really

cool and obviously this is going to be a

really easy game to continue to update

right just by adding more emojis you

know by having that element where you

don't get to specifically pick the emoji

you want but you sort of pick from the

bucket of emojis you want is a nice

balance between making it too easy so

that you know some players will just get

like the three or four they want and

then stop playing or just making it too

hard where you're never going to know

and it's always random it's like a nice

middle ground there so I kind of like

that it works really well it's a simple

game I'm not a major fan of like the

timed match three games but you know

that's sort of how they work so there's

no you know can't blame them for that

overall I think is a good idea I think

it's pretty fun I think it's going to be

a lot more replayable than something

like Disney Magic Kingdom's and it's

going to have much more use outside of

something like Disney Magic Kingdom so

I'm really happy to see it there I think

when I have a lot of fun with it I hope

they continue to add more emojis and I

can't wait to see where it goes if you

want to check it out yourself

again it's called Disney emoji blitz it

is on the App Store on iOS it's on the

Android store it's free-to-play you've

got nothing to lose but a little bit of

time I hope you enjoy it hope you

enjoyed this video if you want to see

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hope you have a great week whatever

you're doing make the most of it because

it makes it that much better and I hope

to see you next time bye everybody so

this week a new app came out for both

iOS and Android called Disney Magic

Kingdom's it is a free-to-play game that

sort of sells itself as a way for you to

build your very own Disneyland and I

played it for a couple of days and I

just wanted to talk a little bit about

it maybe do like a miniature review