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UNO Emoji Card Game from Mattel

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express yourself with the latest edition

of uno hi I'm Tammi with ttpm and this

is the uno emoji card game from Mattel

it gives a classic game of uno an emoji

inspired twist so 112 cards in the game

feature emoji faces and symbols which

will appeal to emoji lovers everywhere

anyone familiar with emojis will

recognize the faces the thumbs up sign

dancing twins in bunny ears and of

course poop just like traditional uno to

the 10 players ages 7 and up race to be

the first player to get rid of all your

cards to do so match a card in your hand

with a current card shown on top of the

deck this emoji themes variation

features a special card that requires

players to imitate and hold an emoji

expression if you don't hold the

expression for two turns you have to

draw four cards it's more difficult than

it sounds especially when there are a

lot of players but it also adds a funny

twist to the game the first player to

score 500 points wins and as always

don't forget to yell uno when you're

down to one card for where to buy in

current prices finest at ttpm and

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