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How to Start Playing Electric Violin

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hi my name is Radha this video series is

about getting the sounds that you want

on the electric violin but we're going

to start off with five reasons why you

should just start playing a question I

get asked a lot is do I need a new

instrument or can I use one that I

already have any acoustic instrument can

become an electric violin all you need

is a contact piece of pickup we're going

to talk more about piezo pickups and all

kinds of violin pickups in another video

the other option if you do want to buy a

new instrument is to buy a solid body

electric or even a hybrid electric that

includes pickups in the bridge on a

hollow body instrument or pickups in the

bridge on a solid body instrument the

next natural question is how much money

should I spend on a new electric violin

if you're buying a contact pickup for

your acoustic you can expect to spend a

hundred to two hundred dollars if you're

looking at buying a new violin I would

say beginners range would be between 100

and 500 dollars if you spend more money

you often get cooler shapes and even

better electronics integrated into the

instrument you've decided to buy an

electric violin now where do you find

one most music stores don't carry them

but if you ask maybe they'll be able to

order one for you another option that I

found that works best is actually eBay

you can find cheap instruments that

definitely work but if you're looking

for something with a little bit more of

a guarantee I would recommend heading

over to electric violin shop comm they

have a whole wealth of information that

will let you find the best violin for

your needs and your budget so once

you've decided to buy an electric violin

maybe you're worried about how long it

will take you to adjust well playing

electric and acoustic can be different

one of the biggest difference is if

you're buying a solid bioelectric like

this one is that there's no resonant

chamber that it sits on your ear creates

sound this means you're going to have to

get used to hearing pretty low level

volume or no sound at all I actually

think that this is a good thing because

when you're practicing

nobody's long

you and you can get a lot more hours in

without bothering anybody until you plug

that amplifier in then you can turn it

up to 11 the last question I usually get

is what can you do with these

instruments the answer is the sky's the

limit there are electric violins in

every single music genre and you can

find great examples of really awesome

players who have their own unique sounds

all over YouTube what we're really here

to do in this series is go through the

techniques of electric violin playing

and figure out what is the best type of

violin for you and how to get the sounds

that you want me personally I'm a

singer/songwriter as well as a rock

violinist so I go for a lot of those

heavy rock tones and metal tones but

that's not the best for everybody so you

can find fiddle funk jazz anything you

can think of and we're going to be right

here helping you figure out what's the

best tone for you