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How To Play Electric Guitar For Total Beginners

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how's it going guys welcome to an

absolute beginners electric guitar

lesson but if you saw my video that I

uploaded yesterday you'll know what's

coming I'm gonna be demoing everything

that I do in this video with my

non-dominant hand I'm gonna be doing

this left-handed now why on earth would

I do such a thing

well I've uploaded many beginner easy

riffs and many absolute beginner guitar

lessons over the last 10 years here on

YouTube and what I want to offer is a

new perspective especially on electric

guitar because frankly electric guitar

offers so many more options even as an

absolute beginner to play but those

things maybe aren't as easy to cover in

your standard beginners guitar lesson I

wanted to put myself in the shoes of an

absolute beginner and show you what can

be physically playable even to an

absolute beginner I have not been

practicing playing guitar left-handed

this is something that I'm wanting to do

totally afresh to show you guys what you

can expect when you're trying out

electric guitar riffs and trying to play

anything on electric guitar as a total

beginner and putting myself in your

shoes if you would like to grab your

guitar and join me I'd love you to play

along with me with your electric guitar

the one thing we need to know though is

how to get your guitar in tune that

video is just happier you can use any

number of free guitar apps but if you

need my video on it teaching you how to

get your guitar in tune that's the video

that you need let's make a start so

first things first even on electric

guitar the same thing still apply that

we did in the previous video where I

covered how to do this on acoustic

guitar and demoing things left-handed

here's the E major and then the a major

and learning a few easy songs with just

the e a and then the D chord but once

those ena are learnt there's our D chord

just there and let's see how this sounds

as the D as the a and that's the e I've

got to that level by just drilling the

changes between each of those so eat and

then meant to the AE then the a and of

course I'm aware of how to strumming

time and that kind of thing

all those basics need to be learned just

by strumming easy songs and I really

recommend that you check out that first

video and then perhaps my free 10 day

starter course which is kind of designed

for acoustic guitar but we need all

those same principles even if you want

to rock out and play electric guitar

however once you have got e a and D

major under your fingers and there's a

couple of really fun things that we can

do an electric guitar even if you

haven't done any of that

just kind of get the buzz going show you

the possibilities and and keep you

playing guitar because it's such a fun

thing there's so many things open for us

and a couple of those things

power chords and this isn't easy this is

basically the E major chord but just

playable with one finger but to do that

we just play the thickest two strings

straight away that has a little bit of

overdrive on mice and I'm using an

amplifier and I'm on the overdrive

channel but that makes it sound like

this and that is that is a really great

sound that I'm that's the reason a lot

of people want to be able to play a

lecture guitar to kind of get that sound

and then we can play that same thing but

a string down sometimes I would move my

thumb over the top because we've got to

be very careful which strings we pick

I'm only picking string five and four

and that's need be 5 in the a5 easy to

power cords and that's where we start

with my electric guitar starter course

which is an offshoot of my main guitar

syllabus which just shows you all these

kind of extra things where you can get

playing guitar straight away with all

the other cool things that are really

electric guitar specific and kind of

rock guitar specific as well we can do

that same thing on the D as well though

it's a little bit trickier because we've

got to find just the middle two strings

and then with those three chords we can

play a lot of riffs but the riffs tend

to be all about playing chords and

changing chords well recreate in the

rhythm of the riff and then muting so

being able to play a chord and tame the

beast we've got two special with some

electric an electric guitar overdrive on

it that mutant becomes everything that's

a very different approach to if we

typically playing kind of beginner

acoustic guitar songs so that's a very

electric guitar specific thing what else

can we go for well we've hopefully

learned the e D and a major chords by

now the full way of playing those chords

so it's well worth learning a couple of

easy riffs with those chords one of my

favorites would be I can't explain by

the who this one's a little bit trickier

cuz it's there's a bit more to it but

let me give this a go that is a song by

the who which are one of my favourite

bands that you can even play as an

absolute beginner now of course as I've

previously said there are things that I

know because I play guitar and I'm a

musician about rhythm and timing and

know how that song goes already I've

taught it many times and just learning

the physical skill of playing these

chords left-handed I can get a result a

lot quicker than I might expect any big

inner to do so the biggest thing is just

keep playing 15 minutes a day or 10

minutes a day just to get these chords

and your fingers if you want to practice

more than that and longer in that have a

little break because it's still going to

be leaving lines in your fingers and

it's going to be painful for your

fingertips no I will say it's not nearly

as painful to play electric guitar even

as a beginner as it is acoustic guitar

acoustic guitar is gonna leave bigger

lines in your fingers and be much harder

to play frankly it has to be said a lot

of people want to play acoustic guitar

and that's fine

but electric guitar is more forgiving

the overdrive and can mask certain

things it can make chord changes seem

not too bad and especially when we have

a lot of rock riffs that kind of had

this muting idea kind of play those

chords pretty bad alone but the

overdrive makes it okay something to

really be aware of another great riff I

don't think that we would do this with

muting really but this would be wild

thing by the trucks


so I'm gonna leave all that in because I

don't want you guys to think I'm just

editing this and now you know it's just

showing the good times I play let me let

me figure this one out this one is

tougher so hey hey I'll music so you can

hear me clearly dee dee


and that is the pure joy of electric

guitar playing a short recognizable riff

that other people will recognize that

sounds like something to you it cannot

be understated how cool that is now a

lot of other classic riffs are kind of a

lot harder but there are easier ways to

do them one example of this is smoke on

the water which can be a little tough

the proper way to do it and the easier

way that I teach it are always used to

teach you even to people that had never

even held a guitar before and once

you've learned this you can jam it along

to the original recording as well it's

just by plucking the middle two strings

like this and then go from the open two

third fret to fifth rings something like

that that at least sounds something like

recognizable even though only played it

once before and we kind of explored this

idea on my side project which is called

another guitar show where we sort of did

a lot more on on this topic and other

things that beginners can do check it

out if you're interested in learning a

bit more about this and then of course

the the riff that I demoed in my

acoustic guitar video that I just

uploaded yesterday this would be

satisfaction by the Rolling Stones which

does sound a lot more like it on their

own electric guitar or hopefully it will


okay so we had other strings ringing out

there this is really important did you

just kind of really like Leah like the

strings ringing out was us playing what

I would do if I was playing electric

guitar is I'd have my little finger yeah

I was playing it with my you know the

proper way around the way that I learned

is have my little finger than the

outside my back and a dampening those

thinnest strings so they would always


it's not perfect but that's the kind of

thing that I'd be doing which is all

what I call kind of taming the Beast of

electric guitar if you let go the

strings which so anyway gets some noise

and we're gonna learn to dampen those

strings right down and I will say you

know from having a go at this

left-handed it is a real education

because you suddenly see why and a lot

of the videos I've done where we're

learning riffs on one string

specifically electric guitar riffs are

suddenly quite doable even some of the

trickier ones maybe something like

and twentieth century boys that's only

something like recognizable and even

things like seven nation army on one

string and a doable as a beginner and as

soon as we go over like between strings

it's really really difficult by the

difficult to becomes ten times at heart

as hard when you're not used to doing it

it becomes easier if you play guitar a

little bit every day but it's it's a

really important thing to know that go

easy on yourself and learn these riffs

learn things that are recognizable

especially if you learn in electric

guitar it will make a lot of difference

and it can always revisit certain riffs

that are perhaps your favorite and try

and learn them more accurate to the

record later but don't put that pressure

on yourself in the first week try and

use proper technique a couple of things

to note on technique we're having the

thumb lower than most beginners would a

lot of beginners like to kind of hold

things like this we're going to be

staying right on the tips of our fingers

that's the other thing that I'm doing

keeping that thumb lower keeping the

elbow in at all times just tends to

really help us be on the right kind of


I'm not tensing up too much and I'm not

little here's a here's a thing that I

noticed when I first started playing so

it kind of pressed down on a string this

is me pressing down now how I normally

would and then if pressed down harder

the actual note bends up so much further

it's kind of crazy just by pressing down

too hard so that's normal

I'm just gonna press down harder

straight away really noticeable and that

would throw your guitar entirely out of

tune so a lot of my students and a lot

of pupils would have what I call it sort

of nicknamed gorilla grip they'd be

holding the guitar way too pressing down

too hard and holding the thing for dear

life and not only does that mean that

you can't play as fast it can actually

knock you out of tune so easy and just

even easy things sound very bad because

even if we play this ecord

that's normal and then if I press down


I kind of knock it out of tune in and

I'm not bending the net back or anything

I'm just pressing that string down too

hard something to really be aware of and

if this is the sort of thing that you're

after those things that we can just get

the most bang for your buck for

something where you can just start

playing easy guitar riff straight away

and make the most learn these little

tricks that we have to do at our

electric guitar specific highly

recommend that you check out my electric

guitar starter course half of it is for

free on YouTube and the rest is

available on the website at Handy guitar

wk and also on Android on the under

guitar app it's only available Android

at the moment I'm sorry but the iOS one

is coming I promise you and that will

get you started with some free backing

tracks game you're jammin along to it

but don't discount although we've had a

lot of fun in this lesson I hope and

there's some some cool things that I've

shown you don't discount just strumming

some easy three chord songs because we

need those skills of learning how to

play on the beat and just being able to

play guitar along to the song for a

couple of minutes just to get the

foundations of music and guitar under

your fingers make this feel a lot more

comfortable and then you'll be able to

learn a lot more riffs in your progress

will be rapid from there if you follow

those principles I promise you check out

that electric guitar start a course and

the other things that I offer here on

YouTube I hope to see in another video

of mine take care of yourselves bye for