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DV Lottery | How to enter and win the DV2022 greencard lottery

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hi everyone i'm brit simon

the green card lottery entry period is

about to start in october

it could be your opportunity to get a

green card to live

and work anywhere in the usa it's an

incredible opportunity

i myself am a previous green card

lottery winner

so if you'd like to learn how to enter

and how to process your case

follow me and i'll explain everything


okay let me explain how you'll enter and

win the dv

2022 process

first a little bit about me uh i run a

blog about the dvd lottery i help people

uh on my blog i get

over 2 million hits

on that blog a year and i've my youtube

channel now has

well over 30 000 subscribers i've helped

thousands of dv winners since 2013

so i can help you i have the expertise

to tell you how to enter

and also how to process your case and

resolve any problems

about me personally i got my green card

in 202

2014 through the dvd lottery actually my


uh was the winner i i was her derivative

as it were

and she is from spain so that's how we

were able to participate

uh i now live in northern california

just outside san francisco and i work as

a software architect for a large public


um this year's lottery actually like

last year could be your best chance to

win in a long time um

there was a new rule introduced uh last

year about

uh having an unexpired passport and we

saw applications drop from around about

12 million

million entries down to under 7 million


so since there's less entries and

there's going to be less entries in dv

2022 there's more chance to win one of

the lucky places

so this really is going to be a great

chance for you to win

the photo requirements are also a little

bit more strict

now you shouldn't use an old photo but

i'll explain that to you

and there are more visas available again

this year there's 55 000 visas available


in the previous years they've been only

issuing up to

up to 50 000 visas so let's say who can

apply anyone born in an eligible chun

country can apply or you ha can also be

chargeable to

an eligible country that's a little bit

complex but for example in my case

i was born in a non-eligible country in

the uk

but i was married to a spanish uh

a spanish-born person and so through her

we were both able to enter so that's

one way you can get around the uh

requirement but this is nothing to do

with citizenship this is to do with

which country you're born in and that's

the absolutely crucial point

you must understand if you do this wrong

you can get disqualified

you have to meet some requirements uh

you have to have at least an education

which is equivalent to the us high


or two years of work experience in a in

a at a professional level

and i clarify that i've got articles and

videos that explain that

so if you're unsure you can ask me about

that there are some

ineligible countries which are

ineligible because they already have

sufficient people emigrating each year

from those countries

um and that and the diversity visa


is about underrepresented countries

so as of now uh the list that i know of

of countries that will be ineligible

will be bangladesh

brazil canada china mainland born

colombia dominican republic el salvador


haiti india jamaica mexico

nigeria pakistan philippines south korea

united kingdom except for the northern

ireland and

its dependent territories and vietnam

you can be any age but you have to meet

the other requirements so for example to

have an education equivalent to us high

school you're probably going to be 18

years old but you might be 17 years old

there's not a legal requirement

that you've reached 18 years old

similarly on the higher end you could be

any age you could be 60 or 70 or

whatever you want if you still

have a desire to emigrate to the usa you

can do that

um and then new actually for last year

but again in this year

you have to have an unexpired passport

this is critical you must not enter

if you do not have uh an unexpired

passport so you still have until the end

of november until sorry the end of the

entry period which is in early november

um so you have time to apply for and

obtain your

uh your passport to be able to enter

the uh the dv22 that's actually a typo

the dvd 2022

entry period is going to be from october

the 1st

to early november 2020 so it's going to

open here

i'm recording this video in

mid-september so it's going to be a

couple of weeks from now

there's no need to rush the timing of

the entry doesn't increase your chances

so you don't have to enter on day one

and it doesn't matter which day you

choose to enter in that whole entry

period there is no preference given

uh to the first entries or the last

entries or any other day

it doesn't matter when you enter you


the valid unexpired passport to enter as

i've already mentioned

and a few personal details it'll be your

name and your address your age etc


the information that you need is is

quite uh you know

quite trivial it's not going to be

complicated the other thing you do need

is a newly taken photo it has to be a

recent photo

that doesn't have to be a professional


it's a passport type of photo it can't

just be any old photo it needs to be

posed in a sort of formal way but i i've

created a video and i can show you how

to create how to take that video

yourself with a with a mobile phone or a

phone camera it's really not difficult

and most phones these days

um have a decent enough camera to be

able to take that photo

uh the photo itself uh that for the

photo there are good

instructions available online so uh and

they even have a

free cropping tool you don't need to pay

for any uh any professional cropping


or anything else like that um and um

and i'll i'll leave the link for the


video below in the description so you'll

be able to

have a look at that and get help if you

need it but you can see from these

examples on this page the sort of photo

that it's going to be

right it's a a passport style photo

okay let me give you some magic tips to

improve your chance of selection

number one is you have to enter you have

to be in it to win it

right you have to enter the lottery a

lot of people um

you know forget or don't do it or they

go through a third party or whatever

and entering the lottery is a simple

easy and free process

so actually getting in the process is


number two my biggest tip is tell the

truth um

if you tell a lie at this beginning

stage of the process

it will almost certainly come back to

haunt you and probably get you

disqualified later on

so in particular you need to list all of

your derivatives if

you don't have the photo of your child

that's off at university or

you know whatever whatever example if

you don't have the photo

of that person don't enter because uh

if you get selected and you didn't enter

correctly you'll be disqualified later

on and it will cost you time and money

to find that out and it's

heartbreaking similarly marital status

there is no advantage to listing your

marital status one way or the other

is no advantage given to single people

or married people

you have to be truthful about whether

you're married or not okay

so um telling the truth is my uh

my frankly my biggest tip that's the

most important thing but also

follow the instructions exactly as you

see them

okay so read the instructions please i

can't tell you how many people

uh have told me oh i didn't know that i

had to include my

my kids i didn't know i had to include

my wife uh

you know and and it's very very clear

from the instructions or i didn't know i


supposed to put down my country of birth

i've i've done it based on my


you know these are very simple mistakes

you can avoid them by following the


so you know please do that now in terms


other tips to improve your chances of

selection here's the big secret

there are no other ways of improving

your chance of selection

there is nobody that can that can

give you some sort of special info or

you know pay someone to to get you a

chance or whatever that's all nonsense

and so if somebody's telling you that

they're probably conning you

the draw is totally random they don't

give any preference for

any reason it's as if these are all

entries in a bucket and someone is just

drawing out an entry at random

that's the simple truth

so why do so many fail in the process

well i've

created a video that explains the most

common uh

ways to fail but

but just to be clear some people are

selected in the process

as a winner and then they're

disqualified immediately even before the

the announcement of the winners then

some people are selected as winners they

go through the whole process they even

pay for fees for medicals and for the

visa interview itself

and then they're disqualified during the

process because they uh

they haven't followed instructions they

don't meet the requirements or they told

a lie

so you know so don't do those things

and let me just make absolutely clear

using an agent using someone to enter

for you

makes you more likely to be disqualified

because that person

doesn't understand your details right so

it's very very important that you have


that you have full control over your

entry you can open yourself up to


by using an agent you will

more often than not those agents will

make a mistake it really makes sense to

enter for yourself it's very simple

so don't pay anyone to do the entry for


common errors that people go through

one of the largest ones is picking the

wrong country of chargeability

so uh basically for 99.9

of you it'll be the country you're born

in okay

if you're if you're born in spain if

you're born in germany wherever you're

born if you're born in

south africa it doesn't matter where

you're born

compared to what citizenship you carry


the point is where were you born you're

only born in one country right

everyone's only born one time

so pick the correct country of charge

ability based on

your place of birth the only time you

should not be picking the place of birth

as chargeability

is when that country is ineligible

and you're able to claim chargeability

through a spouse etc

to another to another country there's

very specific rules about that

but don't use those rules don't try and

use that opportunity unless you fully

understand it so i'll explain those

things to you

and i have created videos and articles

that explain that

not including an eligible spouse or a


you know is important right this this

will get you disqualified

very very 100 of the time you can get

disqualified on this basis

so if you're married you have to include

your spouse if you have

children uh either biological children

step children adopted children all of


have to be listed on the entry uh if

they're under 21 and if they're


so um and step children you know is is

the child

children of your spouse even if those p

if those children don't live with you or

they're not planning to go to the usa

it you must list them on the entry okay


absolutely critical you will get

disqualified 100 certain if you do that


um this year you're going to have to

enter the correct

passport info people that that enter

incorrect or a fake passport info are

going to get

disqualified um the photo has to meet

the specifications which are provided

there link for that

if you can't meet the education

requirement or work experience you're

probably going to

get disqualified lying in the process

will get you disqualified

and just failing to follow the

instructions will get you disqualified


um you know this is a simple but and

straightforward process but you have to

follow a few simple

instructions uh

there is a travel ban in place which

affects a number of countries i've

listed them here

this is the travel ban 3.0

introduced by president trump some time


this travel ban has been tested through

the courts

up to the supreme court and so at the

moment we can't do anything about this


however the

presidential election is coming up and

if president trump were to lose that


and if president biden therefore is

going to be making decisions in the new


he could quite probably remove this

travel ban

and uh and we'll see a much different

situation so

nationals of these countries that i've

listed here libya iran somalia

syria yemen eritrea kyrgyzstan myanmar

sudan and tanzania all of nationals

people born in those countries should

certainly enter there's no reason not to


but if you do enter and if you are


um then you need to come talk to me and


um you know whether the ban has been

removed okay

um if you are affected still by those

bands there there is

a few ways around that you can have dual

citizenship for example

and the the ban itself might be removed

as i mentioned because of the

presidential election

okay the timeline for the entry period

as i mentioned is during october

essentially it starts october 1st it'll

last all the way through october and

it'll it'll end

early november the results are going to

be announced

in may of 2021 next year okay so this is

not a fast process

you'll enter in october and it'll be

almost six months before

you find out whether you're a winner or

not um

then interviews for dv 2022

won't start until october 2021

that's a full year from now

and uh and some people will still be

being interviewed

up until a year after that so uh

so people need to realize that this is

going to be a relatively slow process

it's not going to be that quick

okay okay next steps well number one

subscribe to my channel that's the most

important thing you can do right now

um by subscribing to my channel you'll

get lots of information on how to

uh how to process your case how to enter

obviously but you'll also get updates


affect you during the period which might

come out as we go through the entry

period here so

make sure right now you're subscribed to

the channel hit the subscribe button

and the notification okay watch the


and i'm going to put a link below on how

to complete the entry form it's a simple


i think when i uh when i've done this


you know for a few people it takes a few

minutes five

ten minutes per per person it really

isn't a complicated

process um watch my videos and read my


i've got you know hundreds literally

hundreds of articles and over a hundred

videos that explain the whole process to


uh so you know do that and then enter in


that's the best way okay so my blog

website is shown there please check that out

uh and and let's see if this year could


your year

okay i hope all of that is making

everything much clearer for you

on at least how you can avoid the

problems that you

might get into i've also created a video

on how to actually

do the entry how to fill in the form

it's a very simple process

you don't need anyone to help you you

can do it yourself

there's just a few questions about a

dozen questions i can help you with this

okay watch for that video have a look in

the link below

and please do subscribe to my channel to

make sure you get updates about

everything to do with dvd lottery

whether it's for this year or for a

future year okay

cheers now