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Lesson 1 - Mountain Dulcimer Introduction

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hi Brett Ridgeway here and this is the

first official lesson in the Learning

for Life series so what we're gonna do

in this lesson is just cover some basics

just to get you started and we'll start

with how to hold the instrument you

don't want to hold the instrument like

this parallel to you what you want to do

is you want to pull this back end into

your hip and you want the first fret

over your left knee

the reason you don't want it like this

or even like this because if you're

fretting and pushing down here this is

lifting up that into the instrument

whereas if you have this over your knee

this into your hip it's a good angle for

fretting and it gives you stability for

your instrument so let's talk about your

scales your skill just goes straight up

with the exception of the six the sixth

fret but if you pick it open you have

will Sado just to start doe ray me so

long skip the six six and a half rate

doe d e f-sharp G a B C sharp D I'm not

so concerned about that as open one two

three four five six and a half seven

some people put numbers on their

instrument I would not recommend that

we're only talking seven notes seven

actually we're talking less than that

because you don't have the open numbered

but you know you have too long a short

at your third to long and three short on

most instruments this is tuned D ad and

that's what these lessons will be in is

d ad so open one two three four five six

and a half and seven so too long a short

too long three short and then your

instrument duplicates itself to long

short to long three short

okay so let's do a scale you're gonna

play open one two three four five six

and a half and seven the way I would

recommend you play that is I always and

you want to be consistent but I always

you don't have to but I always put my

ring finger on one I always fret one

with my ring finger so you're playing an

open ring finger and this is a bit of a

stretch so this falls naturally so I use

my pointer finger on to slide up two

three slide up to four you're not

lifting your finger slide up to five six

and a half and then seven going back

down I'm using my pointer finger on

seven and this fits so I'm using my

middle finger ring finger ring ring ring

ring if for some reason I was playing

and my first note was on this two I

would use my ring here and because this

fits use my middle finger then my



that's actually very good exercise right


let's do that briefly open one two with

your pointer three four with your

pointer back down to three with your

middle two with your ring

two more things you're tuned EAD you

could do the same thing on the bass

string or for that exercise


and then finally with your right hand

for what we're doing now I would not

free float in other words I wouldn't I

wouldn't do that I would anchor and you

could anchor by putting your pinky and

your ring or your ring either one like

this or like this on the side of the of

the neck here of the fretboard some

people put it here but I put it on the

side and what I want to do is instead of

just going out out out out I want you to

go out back out back out back out back

out back out back out back out back out

back out back out back out back

so I hope that gets off to a start and

please subscribe and we will see you on

the next lesson