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Lesson 2 - Mountain Dulcimer Chords

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Brett here and welcome back and on this

lesson we're gonna start covering some

chords I had posted and I will post at

the end of this video a link to chords

and keys and a video I did that explains

how the chords in the keys work I'm not

so much worried about you knowing the

notes in the chord as I am the chords

and the key when you're playing in D ad

when you're playing on mountain dulcimer

unless you're fretting you're playing in

the key of D you can play in other keys

I'm just saying if you're playing it

open you're in the key of D so let's

start with our chords and if you strum

it open this is the easiest that's a D


so let's do an a chord now you're gonna

notice a lot of people make their a

chords in a lot of different ways the

first is or what I use is like this I

put my ring finger on one on the melody

string these two double strings here or

the melody this is the bass I put my

ring here I put my middle finger on the

bass string so you're straddling this

middle string I do that because and some

people do this now I don't know if you

can see this but when you do this you're

actually twisting your elbow and it's

it's it puts strain on your wrist and it

puts strain on your elbow I've seen some

people do it like this that's also

completely okay depending on the style

that you play here's why I don't do that

because then these fingers are trapped

they can do nothing you can't get them

around the front so you're stuck like

that if you use these two you kind of

you do have your thumb but again I don't

do it because it's to me that puts too

much strain and then some people do this

with the middle finger up which again

isolates that finger and it's stuck so I

use these two which allows me these

fingers to do other things if I need to

do them so open an A you're gonna put

your ring finger on the melody string

and your middle finger on the bass


so all I want you to do is strum D

then put those fingers down and here's

what I want you to do I want you to lift

them but just lift them a little and

hover in other words don't do this do

this try to drop them together


so practice that and until you can do

that that's not too difficult so you've

got D a and then you're simply dropping

your thumb down on to on the melody

lifting these up you don't want to tuck

your hand down like this I did that so

you could see what I was hitting you

want to keep your hands hovered over

that a

so it's that's a D and this is also a D

so let's start at the beginning open

one or a you're simply dropping your

thumb to two and lifting these up

but you're leaving them hovered over

your instrument to go to your next chord

we're gonna slide the thumb up to three

and drop our middle finger on the middle

string at one those are the fingers out

of the way but you're gonna leave them

hovered above it that's a G


starting at the beginning open D


drop your thumb down left the other

fingers up D slide your thumb up to

three and drop your middle finger on the

middle string at 1g

and then slide that thumb back down

we're just doing it backwards now slide

the thumb back down to to lift up all

your fingers other than your thumb D

you're still hovered you're just

dropping that middle and your pinky down

I'm sorry your ring finger down you got

your a then open

I hid there so you got

so that's what I want you to practice

this week that you can make that smooth

transition and you might want to say the

chords out loud the a D G B a D

have fun with it and I will see you on

the next lesson