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How To Play The Duck Song On Guitar / Watch & Learn Tutorial

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hey guys today I've got another internet

meme tutorial now today I'll be showing

you how to play the duck song on guitar

now this video will be a little strange

because to play the song you need a capo

and I don't have one so I am currently

using a clamp and a Lego brick so if you

do have a capo you'd put it on the third

fret but if you don't have one then if

you have a clamp with a rubber mouth

like this you can put a Lego brick they

bridges across all strings and clamp it

down on but basically the only notes you

need to know to play this song is a D a

G and an A that's it so if you can play

those three notes you can play this song

so start off by playing a D and for part

of it you'll put your pinky um a fret up

here leaving a one space gap between it

so you let go and the strum pattern for

that is down down up then you'll play a

G which the strum is down down then an A

which is also down down so the a pretty

easy so I hope that helped you with

learning how to play a guitar and I also

hope you enjoy it I'll be bringing more

soon bye