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HOW TO Play Drums like a PRO

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hey guys this is Tim from the drumming

Chronicles and today I wanted to show

you 10 tips to play drums like a pro

this isn't a definitive list these are

just 10 things that I've learned over my

career that I tend to always do and I

think if you guys do them you'll sound

way more like a pro and people will hire

you more so that's kind of the the it's

kind of the goal of this video so let's

kick it off the first thing I want to

show you guys is when you're playing a

sixteenth note fill it's really hard to

quickly switch to the symbol at the end

of it and let me show you what I'm

talking about so if we're playing it's

hard to cross over like that and hit

your cymbal even on this side too so so

that could get kind of clumsy especially

when you're playing fast so what I

normally do you're gonna double up the

last two sixteenth notes on your right

hand and it allows you to hit the cymbal

with your left

so same fill

right so at the end of it instead of

going right left right left right we're

gonna go right left right right left so

that that right right at the end of it

gives you a little time to get over to

the to the crash cymbal so it's

basically it's adding a paradiddle at

the end of your fill so it's one of

those things that you know might might

be obvious to a lot of you guys but

don't a lot of people don't really talk

about it so it's it's one of those

things that help you move around the kit

you know paradiddles are great for that

and that's just a real simple way to use

them in a real world application right

you can use them all over the place

so that's good ending your fills on a

paradiddle that's that's a tip the other

big one is in any beat that you play you

need to have a strong quarter note pulse

this is for the band this is for


and let me show you an example of a beat

without a quarter note pulse and you'll

see how it sounds compared to a beat

with a quarter note pulse so here we go

here's without right it's it's pretty

dry then here's with with the quarter

note pulse so it's more happening and

your band is gonna is gonna connect with

way more than unless you're playing like

an oasis song so and this replies all

over the place on the ride cymbal nice

quarter note

right I was actually watching Acura

Jimbo Clinic and and he brought that up

and and I started using it and all my

playing since then I never heard anybody

talk about you know the quarter note

pulse in a in a drum beat before I think

I inherently kind of was doing it

slightly but when I watched the clinic

and he said you know every beat you got

to have a quarter note pulse because it

just it just sounds way hipper like

here's without right here's with right

it's just it's just cooler it just

grooves harder and the rest of the band

can kind of connect on that quarter note

okay so yeah and the other thing is is

playing heal up right on the kick it's

just gonna give you a better sound and

it's gonna you're gonna drive the band

more unless you're playing jazz and you

can play heel down but but typically

just play heel up and focus on kicking

with the ball of your foot on the pedal

also I would say 90% of the time if you

want to sound better on the drums

you got to bury that beater and in the

in the in the kick drum head ok another

another quick tip this is this is kind

of advanced stuff but it's it's not

really that difficult it's just real

simple to stick twirl it tends to look

cool and you just you really you just

spin it back you're spinning it back in

your and you're kind of catching with

your hand so ok fuckstick twirls we

don't need to do those how to play drums

like a pro is you know you're gonna want

to do rim shots most of the time just

sounds better another tip if you're

having trouble getting volume out of

your snare drum while you're playing you

really need to kick the band with a

strong backbeat flip your stick over

play with the butt end it's a little

clumsy ER but sounds way fat or so just

get more power I've been doing that

lately cuz just need to hear that

backbeat and that's a real easy way to

to get a fat sound with less effort the

other way to play drums like a pro is

always hit always hit the cymbals with a

kick drum so instead of going right you

just always want to hit a kick with that

symbol so right I just patents it up you

know especially in rock drumming and pop

you don't want to have a cymbal just

sitting out there by itself so cool so

the other thing is always want to keep

the hi-hat going through everything this

is a harkening from the Jazz style that

you're always playing the high hat on

two and four so if you're if you're

jazzing it up right so you're always

keeping that high echoing same applies

with rock drumming and pop drumming so

if you're if you're playing a fill and

you know always keep that hi-hat going

with your left foot so let's just try it

out so right so you're always keeping

something going to let people know that

the quarter notes still happening the

beats still happening and you can do

that with with everything you know you

should always kind of be keeping

something happening with your left foot

so like on the choruses of songs keep it

going there

can I switch it up play on the upbeats

you can do a lot of cool stuff trying to

think of some other thing okay so always

keep that hi-hat going what else so you

know one quick thing I did a video about

this earlier is you know guys Phil's

don't pay the bills so if you really

want to play drums like a pro trying to

make a living at this you know leave the

Phil's at home leave it in the basement

leave it for the cover of videos and all

that stuff when you're on a gig you

really want to chill with all that stuff

you know nobody cares how much you've

been practicing your man I don't even

know your Marco Minnemann lick or

whatever it is you know nobody cares so

I would just say you know fight that

urge how to play fills it gets easier as

you start just not giving a that

helps me I just I just don't care I

don't care about the fill I just all I

care about is that the band sounds

awesome and that we get hired again so

really when I'm looking at fills I kind

of say to myself you know is this gonna

help us make more money or is this gonna

be distracting or is just is this just

me kind of feeding my own ego

so maybe like a crash cymbal that's okay

that's not a fill though and let's hear

it with the fill here another one you

know I don't know it's just too much

there's just too much stuff so I would

avoid that I would really watch the

fills unless unless you really need it

and on that note I want to talk to you

guys about what a fill really is

supposed to do it's not just supposed to

make you look cool or satisfy your ego

it's it's actually supposed to clue the

band in to what's happening at the next

section that's what that's a really good

fill is supposed to do so for instance

if it was a rock song and say you guys

are playing like a strong quarter note

kind of thing like the bass is like do

do do do do do do


doo-doo-doo-doo-doo right so your cluing

them in that it's a faster section that

was you know I played 16 notes and in in

the bass actually switched to eighth

notes but you know so you might want to

play the exact same deviation that the

bass is going to or the rest of the band

is going to or you could double it up

you know something to clue them in that

they're going faster at the next section

you know so I guess a clearer example

might be okay here's the quarter notes

again right so that's like a clear

example of a drum fill introducing the

next section

hopefully it's it's easy I'm explaining

it well enough I know that's not the

best example

what else how to play drums like a pro I

don't slam your cymbals you know keep it

nice and easy a nice swipe there you go

right so just swipe those symbols guys

you don't want to break them and it

doesn't sound better when you knock crap

out of them they just load up and they

don't ring enough so just kind of ease

up ease up on the symbols you don't want

to hit them with too much brass what

else we'll see how it turns out we'll

try to try to give you some more stuff

later this is all that came to mind at

the moment okay hit the drums hard and

subscribe and like and let me know if

you guys want anything specific to see

anything that maybe you know I might

have an insight into the world of you

know playing drums for a living

gigging working with bands you know band

member issues stuff like that the money

whatever whatever you guys want to talk

about let me know and then I can make a

video for that so anyways thanks for

watching you guys are great and hit the

drums hard alright