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How to Play Drums Faster

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okay got another question to answer

someone asked me this morning on one my

videos how do you eat your hands faster

so I thought that's a good topic to do

anyone now speed is made up of a few

different components firstly it is very

technique based so you've got to have

got to have a good technique to let's

play fast and particularly to play fast

for a long time or speak fast for a long

time like I've shown do then what you

need is good technique and you can stay

relaxed and the other component is you

need to hear fast as well so I'll

explain all those all those mean but I'm

going to show you a bit of basic

technique I'm also going to point you in

the direction of the video I've got on

my channel which is called singles

doubles paradiddles or cool something

like that come on I want to call it but

that's what the videos about there's a

link down below and that's going to

really go into the detail of the singles

the doubles and paradiddles I've been

using this video but I was going to

recap it briefly now I'm going to also

show you you know remind you how to play

relax because that's the main thing if

you try to play really fast and you're

all cramped up here you know you're

going to blow somehow or pop some in

your neck so it's not a good idea stay

nice and chilled when you play I'm going

to use a metronome I've mentioned this

app a few times let me just show you

it's called metronome looks like that

and the icon is that little thing the

black one the black one so there's not a

lot of rings and yeah it's got the water

icon is just called metronome it's

really useful so building hand speed his

next size I've got for you

it's just singles and then doubles and

paradiddles played over a metronome so

again check out the video in the link

below for more kind of more detailed

explanation of how those things work but

singles are this so just alternating

heads with each end doubles is you play

the same note value so it get that get


don't you play two on each end so

okay power doodles I'm sure like you

guys know what they are I go into those

in a lot more detail in the video down

below but paddles right left right right

left right left left for me being left

and it's left right left left right left

right right better looks like this so

you're going to put all those together

into an exercise where you going to play

singles and then doubles and then

paddles like this 1 2 3 2 1 and you've

got singles there so as you speed this

exercise up what it's going to do is

it's going to show you the weaknesses in

your technique and it's going to show

you you know when you're transitioning

particularly for me transition between

the doubles and the paradiddles can get

get a bit scrappy so that's something

that I'm always trying to work on it'll

also show you where you get intense so

as you go through this exercise you

speed up or what way to do is focus on

not only playing the consistent notes

with the metronome but also where the

tension is so if you're feeling like

you're getting tension here and you grip

you need to loosen off the front of your

grip and just try and stay nice and

relaxed if you feel like you're really

squeezing the sticks you'll get it your

forearm so if you're the kind of guy or

girl when you're gigging you get cramp

here or cramp up here you're probably

gripping too hard and it's just you're

just wasting energy and you're gonna

cramp up at a gig and for some people

really extreme snow if they're really

tight is they'll actually start to get

all like tension of the neck and

shoulders and that's just really bad

music and then you get them bust

something if you keep another and the

camera just died right let's try that


so we are got the metronome set to 50

ppm and he's playing eighth notes sounds

like this two and three and four and so

the exercise over that in sixteenth

notes is going to be this one E and a

two E and three E and a four E and

so let's play long singles doubles

pedals v BPM it's going to go to 1 2 3 4

3 4 doubles titles singles two three

four doubles arrows and so that's nice

and slow I want you to just focus on

stay nice and relaxed listen to the

click really trying to you know sit in

the groove of it make sure this spacings

between all your notes even particularly

on the doubles and the powder little so

make sure that those doubles nice and

even as if they would blend of a single

so okay let's bump it up let's try to 80

BPM when you do this on your own I want

you to go up in smaller increments and

really make sure you want to spend a

good half an hour you know get it nailed

building to practice root if you find it

useful but for the sake of a quick video

I'm just going to jump up to 80 BPM

right so on and so on the under to piano

three out of four doubles singles and

okay so hundred twenty BPM playing

quarter notes so this exercise is in

sixteenth notes so one E and a two E and

A three E and a four E and so if you

count that in between all these pulses

you're going to get one two three four

gone E and a two E and A three E and a

four E and a one E

two the end of three E and a four E and

a one this so we get them again it's

time for that 123 singles

so if that's comfortable for you you can

put the temp up even more but the whole

point of this is to really pay attention

to keep it loose at these three

different types of stickings as you get

faster and faster

so let's bump it up one more we'll go up

to 150 bpm

okay so because I've worked on this and

played a lot of singles doubles and

paradiddles and mix them up I use mean

brews all the time that feels really

nice and relaxed to me I'm making sure

my shoulders aren't coming up here I'm

not gripping too fast I'm trying to play

fast and making sure that you know that

everything feels nice and relaxed and my

arms but if you're playing that and it

feels like to play for example those

pedals it that tempo feels more like

that kind of feeling they need to bring

the tempo down and work on playing with

more of a loose grip and you know less

tension in the hand like an email right

and that's my Benny Gregg book is being

dispatched sick I'm gonna make a video

about that soon all right one last bit

let's try and bunt this up and I'm going

to really try and push it now and see if

we can get - let's try I don't know 100

and 180 BPM so that feels like digging

one two

all right

again that feels I could just start to

feel when I was going from the singles

to the doubles

that's one my little problem areas from

transitioning to that and I can feel a

little bit of tension just building up

on the left hand when I'm playing the

paradiddles at the end so that's the

whole point is exercise to kind of see

where your weak spots are let's just

let's go crazy you try to the BPM for


so again that's probably where my copter

spot start to come in around 180 to the

BPM but I try to show you that it's a

really useful exercise when I saw you

know when you guys had asked how to get

hand speed up I thought what's the

quickest way to do it put those three

readings together focus on the

transitions between them focus on

getting the notes nice and even more

than anything to play fast you gotta be

able to play slow sounds

counterintuitive but it's true you've

got to play relaxed and slow and slowly

build the tempo up and make sure you

stay nice and chilled when you're

playing otherwise you just can't make

the physics work of getting getting

quicker so hope that helps if you've got

your tips or ideas or things you want to

share that work for you then post them

down below but if you've got your

questions about this or anything else

want to know I'm just I'm set up here

now I'm shooting loads of videos and

answering questions into anything else

I'm doing so yeah let me know where you

want to go see you soon