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How To Play Drums - Your Very First Drum Lesson

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everyone its Jared here and today I'm

going to teach you how to get started on

the drums so maybe you just got your

drum set maybe you want to get a drum

set and you're gonna kind of check out

how to learn but this is the video

that's gonna show you how to do that

this is for absolute beginners now I

want you to stick around to the end of

this video as well so you could get a

free gift for me alright so let's get

started on the kit now you have all

these different pieces it could be a

little bit confused when you first get

started so we're just gonna focus on

three different pieces we're gonna focus

on the high hats we're gonna focus on

the snare drum and then we're going to

focus on the bass drum okay so out of

these three pieces we're gonna build our

first drum beat so first let's start on

the hi-hat now when you listen to a song

generally you'll tap your feet right so

just think of any song think of your

favorite song and start tapping your

foot to it now what's the time you're

tapping on clear notes

okay here's tapping alone with a song so

let's do a slower song me okay now for

every one of these snaps we want to hit

those high hats two times okay and we

want the notes to be evenly spaced and

to make it easy we can count one and two

and three and four and one and two and

three and four and count with me two and

three and four and one and two and three

and four now this on a piece of sheet

music would look like that okay so you

see a little X's and above each of those

X's you'll see one and then an and two

and three and four and now all we have

to do is hit the hi-hat with your lead

hand your main hand if you're

right-handed play with your right hand

if your left hand and play with your

left hand we're gonna hit the hi-hat on

all of those X's okay here we go I'm

gonna put on a metronome we're gonna

play along with it

so now we've got the hi-hat down just

make sure that each of those hits are

evenly spaced between each other so

you're not going one end-to-end three

and four and make sure all be evenly

spaced and in time with the metronome

okay it's a one and two and three and

four and now what we're gonna do is

we're gonna add the snare drum on the

two and the four

so when you say to you hit the snare

drum and when you say four you hit the

snare drum and that would sound like

this so it's pretty easy we've got to

this point we're playing the hi-hat and

the snare drum so now let's focus on

your foot

okay the foot pedal or the bass drum and

we're not even gonna worry about the

snare drum we're just gonna play the

hi-hat along with the bass drum the bass

drum is me play it on counts one and

counts three you'll see the shape music

right here on the screen and so all you

need to do on those counts is just hit

the bass drum right in time with the

hi-hat so that would sound like this


now once you feel comfortable with that

you put it all together you'll play the

bass drum on counts one and counts three

this snare drum one counts two and a

four and then the hi-hat on the one and

two and three and four end it's as

simple as that so let's put it all

together again at 60 beats per minute so


once you feel comfortable playing it at

a nice slow tempo like we were you can

start to speed it up so we're playing it

at 60 beats per minute let's try it at a

hundred beats per minute and hear how it

sounds so there are so many things we

can learn the drums

it's literally endless this is just

something to get you started you could

eventually get into all the different

techniques you can get into all the

theory like really understanding the

note value tree and stuff like that but

I really just wanted to give you

something to get you hooked because I

know if I teach you a beat that's played

in thousands or millions of songs you

could at least turn on the radio you

could put in your favorite album and you

can most likely play along with it so I

really hope you enjoyed this lesson I

really hope it's enough to get you

started so now I really to give you the

free gift I talked about at the

beginning basically what I did is I

hired a bunch of professional musicians

to come in and record a song now I'm

gonna remove the drum part that I put in

the song

you can become the drummer


it's so much fun to play along to real

music that's why we play drums so we can

become musicians we can interact with

other people and I really want to get

you to that point where you can play

music as soon as possible

that's we do here at drum you so go

ahead click the link right below this

video to download your free gift and

maybe one day I'll see a video of you

playing this song up on YouTube thank

you so much for watching like I said

it's Jared from drum you if you ever

need anything else has come to drum near

comm we absolutely love playing drums

and we love hanging it with drummers so

thanks for watching and I'll see you

again very soon