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5 Tips For The Self Taught Drummer - Drum Lesson (Drumeo)

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everybody give me Rainford here at

Dromio and and I want to just give you

five tips for being a self-taught

drummer this is something very important

to me because I am a self-taught former

I've never had a lesson I've been

playing for around 16 or 17 years and

now I'm a professional drummer and I'm

working off I'm making a living off

playing music so these 5 tips on money

gives are something some things that I I

stuck to when I was learning how to play

drums and it really helped me okay so

the first tip I want to talk about is

playing with your favorite record your

favorite albums your favorite songs and

just stick on headphones listen to your

favorite band you could have a favorite

band or a favorite album at a time and

get behind the kit and just start

playing along to it you know and any

style of music whatever started music

you're into put it on play along to it

and figure out what the drummer is doing

maybe do your own spin on it and play

out full albums like something I used to

do is put on a full album and just play

it true you know even if I didn't play

it fully right play it true

and I keep if you know the album already

that's half the battle you know play

along to it and it can it can really

make your make your drumming goal to a

different level because and it is

associate your playing like you're

playing to music you're not just playing

by yourself it's a it's a great way of

learning songs quickly as well so let me

move on to a second tip which would be

another very important tip that a lot of

people might not have had the ability to

do this but it's playing with other

musicians and if you have friends who

are musicians or if you know people who

are musicians get together and play you

know it's as simple as that

start a band even as well and the reason

I would say this is because when you

start playing with other musicians

it's or start even flaming the band and

writing music together other people who

are playing what you can really pick out

your fault

I mean they can really pick out if

you're playing certain parts badly or if

you're if you're not playing to the

music properly having other musicians in

the room can really tell you that you

can really make you focus on those

things and also playing with other

people and looking at other people train

with them and can really make you like

sit back in the groove more maybe more

pockets be able to listen to other

players and you're playing lies not just

listen to yourself you know it's it's

one thing playing you're in your room

your whole life and learning the drums

but the minute you get out and play with

other musicians you can't do it because

you've never done it before

and it's just it's not a good thing to

do if one of those arity things you

should really do is just start playing

with musicians I was playing with

musicians since the age of maybe five or

six I was saying what my brothers or my

sisters you know I was playing music

with whoever I could any musicians I

could find us playing with them because

it really helped me become a musician

and not just a drummer and the third tip

I want to talk about it's something that

a lot of self-taught drummers overlook

they don't even think about doing it and

that is playing to a clique okay go buy

a metronome usually get an app on your

phone something on your on your computer

put on your headphones or even speaker

or whatever and play to click and play

to it groove to us

practice your fills to it practice your

sticking to the click you know because

this is something that should be done at

an early stage because when you get to

the point when you start playing

professionally or if you start playing

in the studio you suffering a band you

need to be able to keep good time you

know and you have to be able to play to

a click in so many situations if you

want to be a professional drummer where

you're playing live a lot playing in the

studio a lot it's always to click even

big live shows are mostly to a click and

if you can't do it it limits yourself

like very very quickly so it's something

that you should do from the very very

beginning if you're self-taught drummer

get a click track by a metronome and

just to download for even an hour and

night you know if

if it's just your hands and just your

feet and practice bold equally I'll

practice both feet and hands equally to

the click do it different temples try

different accents on the click all these

things can go a long way in in your

drumming and again being a self-taught

drummer a lot of self-taught drummer's

wouldn't wouldn't even look at this you

know and for myself I remember it's

something I didn't even think about and

luckily it's something that I did find

quite early on and it helped me a lot

because nowadays everything I do is to a

click so yeah that's a great tip and the

fourth tip is something that everybody

can do nowadays thankfully is to record

yourself and I mean audio or video you

know do both everyone has a phone with a

camera everyone has its own microphone

on it and just put the camera up and

start recording you know and I'm Doc

that's great because when you look back

on yourself you can really analyze your

drumming you know you can you can hear

what mistakes you're making you can you

can see see what way you're playing see

if it's not sounding the right way you

know and it's accessible to everybody

everybody can do it and it can also make

you sit back and look at your drumming

from a third-person kind of view I mean

you can look out from the way other

people would look at you and you can

really focus in on what you're doing

wrong sometimes maybe some bad habits

you know and it's it's a it's a great

tip and a lot of people again they won't

think of doing that they'll just stick

to their systems themselves playing and

maybe in their room or something they

won't even think about recording

themselves and they might not realize

the mistakes they're making so grab your

phone grab a camera there's a lot of

things you can do to record yourself

nowadays so go and do it because it can

help you a lot and the last tip I want

to talk about is again something that I

didn't do until only maybe around five

or six years ago and I should have done

a lot earlier and that was listening to

every style of music and for me

personally I got stuck into one kind of

musical genre and I was I didn't want to

even think about any others any other

genre you know especially when I was a

teenager I was into like rock and metal

music and I didn't

anything else and I didn't realize it

but it was limiting my drumming

completely limiting it and one day I

think when I was around 16 maybe 16 or

17 I heard a John Mayer song and I heard

the groove on the song I think was Steve

Jordan playing and it just completely

changed my idea of change rooms

completely changed my idea of listening

to music as well you know and it was

something that I didn't even think about

I told Hall Doody songs or pop songs and

the easy songs to listen to them but it

really made me realize how important

that style music is and then it made me

open up to every other music you know

every other style music whether it be

judged - region rock pop it kind of made

me hone in more on metal as well I start

to think about my own metal drumming and

everything I just kind of became a

drummer that wanted to play everything

and it made me made me go to a

completely different level

drumming and start to listen to other

drummers and appreciate everybody and

appreciate music and not hate music just

because I can hate it you know a very

very important tip that everyone should

start doing straight away if you're not

doing it star tunes and bonus tip as

well is something quite important as

well is it's just being yourself it's a

piece of advice that you hear a lot of

what a lot of people just won't do it

everybody wants to be some drummer like

if you have a favorite drummer for

example my favorite drummer and when I

was younger was larger work that's all I

wanted to be I wanted to be like you

know I want to be playing Metallica

songs that's who I wanted to be and

quickly it kind of became like it just

wasn't working for me you know and I

kind of start to realize I want I want

to be more myself I want to be a drummer

who makes Who am like is innovative you

know and makes and makes up my own

grooves my own rhythms and kind of put

my own mark on music and my own mark on

the drumming community around the world

it should be something that you look up

straight away you know try and be

yourself try and try and do your own

pain you know because nowadays there's

music is accessible everywhere drummers

are accessible everywhere you know and

there's too many people trying to be the

same person be yourself and that's how

you're going to get hurt a lot quicker

and yeah so I hope you can take all

these tips and and use them especially

if yourself talk to more remember these

tips you know because they can really

help you a lot and if you like this

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yeah go and check it out i'm jimmy

writers and this is Romeo