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How To Play Drums (Beginner Drum Lesson)

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hey everyone its Jared from drum you and

today I'm gonna teach you how to play

the drums now I'm not gonna assume you

have any prior knowledge and we're gonna

start right from the beginning I'm also

not going to go into any complicated

theory or anything like that what we're

gonna do by the end of this video is

getting you playing a simple beat and a

simple fill that is it so whether you

have a drum set or whether you don't

have a drum set you can use this video

to help get you started learning drums

now why do people play this instrument

some people just play it for fun some

people play it because it has many

health benefits some people want a

different hobby some people want to make

money and turn this into a career

whatever that is this instrument is such

a great outlet for all of those things

so to get started just make sure that

when you hold your drumsticks you're

holding them in a nice relaxed grip this

is the most important thing we can go

into more detail on this sort of thing

in future videos but just grab the

sticks hold them in a nice loose grip

next thing we want to do is make sure

that they're set up in a way where you

can easily reach everything you'll see

here up there on the overhead camera how

everything is nice and close I'm not

having to turn or twist and I can just

simply reach everything around me the

Tom's aren't super angled they're kind

of gently sloped towards me so like I

said we're not going to talk about any

theory all I'm gonna ask you to do is

just count to eight now can you count to

eight I'm sure everyone here can count

to eight and not count to eight like one

two three four five six seven eight okay

we're not gonna do that we want eight

evenly spaced counts so if you just tap

on your leg with me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6


and for the purpose of this lesson we're

actually going to go a little bit slower

so one two three four five six seven

eight evenly spaced notes three four

five six seven eight one two three four

five six so now that you have that

hopefully you're playing along with me

this is supposed to be very interactive

so make sure you play along with me

whether you have your drum set or

whether you're just sitting there

tapping on your legs with me

anyone can do this so next just put your

feet on your pedals or just put them on

anywhere in front of you and what we're

gonna do is we're gonna play the hi-hat

hey this is called the hi-hat so just

close it with your foot and I want you

to put your right hand here if you're

right-handed if you're left-handed you

can put your left hand on the hi-hat or

put your left hand on the hi-hat over

here if you set up your kitten's that

way and now we're gonna hit the hi-hat

on all eight counts here we go ready

and so there you go eight evenly spaced

notes on the hi-hat practice that if you

need to go ahead and stop the video just

get this going comfortably make sure

you're playing nice and loose you're not

doing the death grip on the stick nice

and loose now what we're gonna do is

we're gonna hit the snare drum which is

I call the steering wheel of the drum

set we're gonna hit the snare drum on

counts three and seven okay so when you

say three and when you say seven you hit

the snare drum so let's start off with

just the hi-hat and then we're gonna add

in the snare drum after a few rotations

ready and



so there you go now you can also do this

on your legs one two three four five six

seven eight

no excuses okay now we're gonna add in

our bass drum the bass drum is here with

the right foot and all I'm going to do

is stomp that pedal on counts one and

counts five all right so I'm gonna start

with just a few rotations of only the

hi-hat then I'm gonna add in a few

rotations of only the snare drum and

then I'm going to add in the bass drum

and we're gonna play that for a while so

go ahead and play along with me here we

go ready and now you are playing a

simple Rock beat you can go ahead and

put on ac/dc back in black and you can

play along as if champ so you want to be

able to do that until you can just play

that without counting you can just

simply play the groove


next thing we're going to learn is how

to play a fill now a fill is used to

kind of release tension or build

anticipation so listen to any of your

favorite songs and listen for that fill

the big Tom role in wipeout or there's

lots of fills in ac/dc tunes where it's

just simple snare rolls so all we're

gonna do here is we're gonna play all

eight notes but instead of just doing

them with one hand on the hi-hat

we're gonna do them alternating strokes

right left two on the snare two on the

high Tom two on the mid Tom two on the

floor tom so what we can do is we can

just start by cycling this two two two

two back and forth just to get

comfortable with it here we go again

make sure you're playing nice and

relaxed make sure all eight of those

notes are evenly spaced this is what's

most important and what a lot of new

drummers don't get is they'll play one

two three four five six seven eight

which sounds completely different okay

so once you get that we want to play a

beat for three rotations and then we

want to play one rotation of that fill

so that would sound like this


so congratulations you've just learned

your first rock beat and your first fill

you're off to a fantastic start and the

sky is the limit

drumming is so much fun it's such a

great hobby

whether you just want to play alone in

your basement go to local jam nights

play in your local church make this a

career you could really take this

anywhere and there's so many great

opportunities and learning music is just

one of the best skills I've ever chosen

to develop so thank you so much for

watching and I want you to leave a

comment below and tell me did you get

this lesson were you able to get it on

the first try or do you have any

questions go ahead and leave those below

and I'll see you in the next video