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The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve - Beginner Guitar Lesson (BS-609)

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all this talk of getting old

it's getting me down my

like a cat and

wait until

this time of

and I hope you think you know

to lay down

you're fired

now the drugs don't

you know I see this again

now the drugstore

just make you worse but I know I see

this again

hey how you doin Justin here today we

are checking out the drugs don't work by

the verb beautiful beautiful song great

on acoustic guitar as well and a few

really interesting cord grips as well so

let's get to a close-up and check out

other plant so we're starting off with

AC chord but it's a slight variation to

the usual one and we're going to put

little finger down on the third fret of

the thinnest string still a regular old

C chord it's just a slightly kind of

brighter grip for it it's one that you

can use anytime that you've got a

regular C you can always throw that

little finger down for a little bit of

variation if you want you still just

plain old C so that's the first chord we

do that for two bars then we go to a

minor and there's a little variation

that's often used in this song

of lifting off the first finger so you

can mace us to sometimes hammering the

first finger down lots of different ways

to choose throughout the song then we've

got an E minor chord

and then we've got an F at 9:00 very

interesting chord this one start off

with the third finger third fret of the

fourth string second finger second fret

third string first finger first fret

second string and little finger back

down on the third fret of the thinnest

string thumb should reach over and play

the bass note but if you can't handle

that one you could just play the top

part of the chord I think it's nicer to

have the thumb over sometimes I use my

third finger to play the 5th and 4th

strings but that might take a little bit

of practice that's the way I would

normally play it this F at 9 then to a G

chord we just want to use the two finger

G so third finger is muting the 5th

string as well

openopenopen and then little finger on

the thinnest string and then back to C

we leave little finger down we're going

back to the G and then the C let me play

it for you just nice easy strumming out

so starting with the C 3 4 C 2 3 1

for to the a minor two three four-one

three four - II minor -

4 - f @ 9 - G - C - G back to C 2

okay now I did that was pretty simple

strumming when we start fancying the

strumming up it'll sound a little bit


the first chord sequence is exactly the

same as the intro and it does it twice

around and then go somewhere else so

let's have a play through all this see

of get to see

it's getting me my

hey my like a cat and he miner waiting


this G I'm seeing donkey say

and I see you thinking of me see as you

lay down a mine in your side a mother

now the trucks don't a miner

they just make you f AA g LCC can take

say now the drugs don't a minor they

just make you effort uh TLC CNG to say

so there's one other part of the song we

need to check out now which is the

bridge is starting on an F chord

if have fun Hey - I'm coming

ng just like you

to email

with my a minor I'm better off G

grateful there's quite a few layers of

guitar in this song and the strumming

patterns changing quite a lot throughout

the song so what I'm going to give you

is a kind of a general strumming pattern

a good starting point but then it's up

to you to explore it a little bit and

you know you can as long as you keep the

hand moving consistently you can add in

extra up strums or leave out some down

strums or whatever you like you know you

can really vary it up quite a lot in

fact he kind of should if you want to

get it just like the record then it's a

case of listening to the record a whole

lot and using the starting point that

I'm about to give you now you shouldn't

find it too difficult to get it pretty

close as long as you listen to the

original a lot so the pattern that I'm

going to suggest you start off with is


down up down up down

down up down down up down up down up


so this strumming pattern uses sixteenth

notes which means we're going

one-e-and-a two-e-and-a three-e-and-a

four-e-and-a the hand continues to move

all the time okay down on the beat down

on the ends and up in between

one E and two E and three E and four E

and if you have trouble with the

strumming pattern I recommend that you

write that pattern down one-e-and-a

two-e-and-a three-e-and-a four-e-and-a

and then put the DD and a u4 down and up

in the appropriate places and practice

it really slowly because it's a little

bit strange pattern if you're not used

to it so I'm just going to do it on the

C chord first of all so we've got this

one two e and A three E and four E and

two and A three and four and up down

down up down up down up down up down

down up down up down up down up let me

go through that one more time real slow

one-e-and ah two-e-and ah three

4e & 1

to me and AH threee

for me and

then you can apply that pattern directly

to this

again we're nearly there okay so I'm

having to do some variations when we're

going to the air mode 9 to the G as you

will have to as well but you can see

that that's a solid starting point now

the other thing that I need to explain

is where the G is coming just at the end

of that sequence because it's a little

bit weird throughout the whole song it's

placement it's coming on the and after

three so we got this uh II minor three G

three and four and one

okay it's definitely worth practicing

just the C to the G to get used to that

one three and four and

three four and one

bring back or

remember the down strum there on the and

after three one two three

three and four and one

because adding those little pushes in

that's the thing that kind of makes it

sound really slick I really like the

record but as I said the Australian

patent varies a lot through the song so

it's one of those things to explore

definitely in the intro and stuff

actually in the first verse it should be

a little sparrow than that like a little

less going on so

it's more like what I'd be doing for


okay so just take that pattern leave out

some stuff you don't need to play that

set pattern all the way through you

don't need to play lots either so as

long as you keep that hand moving you

know that's really the trick for this

sort of song - keeping that hand moving

all the time because that's the thing

that's going to keep you in the pocket

and keep you in the groove and then you

can really start to explore the

strumming for it so have fun with this

song I think it's a beautiful one and

I'll see you for plenty more lessons

very soon you take care of yourselves

bye bye

a mutt like a cat in Hema that's pretty

funny Oh 18 2f it's getting rough up

there okay I'm not gonna be able to sing

the words and I can't wait