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How to Play Dreidel / Hanukkah Dreidel Game Instructions

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dreidel all dreidels have four sides

there are four sided top with four

Hebrew letters on there and they go in a

specific order

this is none gimel hay and shin it

stands for the phrase nice Gadol hayah

sham which means a great miracle happen

there to remind us of the miracles of

Hanukkah to play dreidel you're going to

need a dreidel or maybe one for everyone

every family plays differently and then

you need some small items to play with

many people play with some version of

chocolate these are Hanukkah gelt B

could also do Hershey kisses or M&Ms or

something like that

pennies are also a real popular thing to

play with and one of my favorite finds

are these flat marbles you can get them

in like the floral arranging section of

Michaels or actually I got mine at

Dollar Tree

they look really beautiful as decoration

as well take your small items and divide

them evenly among everyone at the table

and then everyone is going to take one

and put it into the center to create the

pot and now it's time to take turns

spinning if you get a nun you are going

to do nothing it'll just move along to

the next person

gimel is the best you get everything

that's in the center so scoop that put

it in your personal stash and then

everyone will take one item and put it

back into the center to replenish that

stash hey you get half this is my

favorite as a mom because it's really

great to teach my kids visually what

half looks like and shin you put one in

you keep going around and around until

someone runs out and then they're out of

the game the last one standing is the

winner if you are less concerned

with winning and we're concerned with

just playing you can actually replenish

that center pot from an outside source

and that'll keep your game going longer

if you have any questions or if your

family plays a little differently I

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