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The Doors - Riders On The Storm Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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hey what's up youtubers leejohn

Blackmoor here it's super easy guitar

this week yes we're doing riders on the

storm by the doors this is a simplified

acoustic version hope you guys enjoy

let's zoom in and have a look so there's

a few chords here you might not be that

familiar with but they're fairly

straightforward chords I'll take you

through them the first chord is a minor

but you see I'm playing it a little bit

differently I'm playing it with my third

and fourth finger and the reason I'm

doing that is because then the next

chord is up here

and you can see by just sliding that to

the fourth fret and putting down my

first finger I've got the next chord and

we slide it again then I put down my

second finger we've got the next chord

okay so as I said in the beginning this

is slightly different to the original

whereas I've kind of simplified it so

you can play and sing it okay and this

is a really nice kind of version I've

actually used this version live and it

always goes down really well so the e

minor a third and fourth finger then the

next chord is an F sharp minor 11 over

over an E okay and all that is is that a

minor shape up in the fourth fret and

then what you do you put your first

finger on the g string in the second

fret and you want all the strings to

ring out okay

so you get this

no sir then for the next one you just

remove your first finger leave the third

and fourth on and then slide it up one

fret and then put the second finger down

on the g string and again you and all

the strings ring out now that's a g6 /

yes G chord but because we're not

playing the roots so g6 / e okay don't

worry too much about the names guys

alright so let's go through that slowly

E minor


slide up to four put the first finger

down on the G you've got your f sharp

eleven three

then take the way the first finger slide

the third or fourth up to the fifth fret

put down the second finger on the G


okay and there's ug6 ovary and then it

just goes second finger off slide those

finger two fingers the third and fourth

back down to the fourth and put your

first finger back into that second fret

on the g string


girl you gotta love your man girl you

got to love your men


okay so that rhythm I'm doing to keep it

as simple as possible so all I'm doing

to get that noise

I'm not hitting the guitar hard okay I'm

just resting the hand down

so my strings tap on my fretboard


you don't have to do it


that's really nice


now sometimes you see me doing up

strokes that's just so I get the right

feel okay but keep it nice and simple

and you'll soon get to grips with a feel

okay so the second half of the verse

goes like this


or if you wanted to be bit more like the



so that's just an a minor

and you slide that two frets okay so all

I'm doing to slide I'm taking the

pressure off and using the strings to

slide my fingers up so my first finger

lands in that third fret make sure your

second and third finger in the fourth

fret okay and you play from the a string

that chord is now called a B minor 11

over a don't worry too much about the

chord names for now so

slide and what you're going to do you're

going to slide again so the whole shape

has gone up one more fret so the first

finger would look like it's in the

fourth fret second finger of the fifth

the third finger all of the fifth but we

don't need that first finger anymore

because we're going to put the pinky

underneath also in the fifth fret on the

B string and we're going to play okay

so that becomes a c6 over a so again

don't hit that bottom E string so



what I did at the beginning I went back

to this

B minor chord so I did okay so you can

alternate it doesn't matter but on the

record it kind of sounds more like so

that last chord is the same as the

previous c6 okay which is like the

eighth shape now it looks like an a

major then you slide that up two frets

so it lands in the seventh okay

and you can call that that's going to be

a D add to overrate

so all together a minor slide two frets

slide it again but put the pinkie down

get rid of the first finger now slide

that whole thing two frets


okay so altogether the the first part of

the verse in the second part of the

verse there's a his brain is swimming

like them to take a long holiday

children play


okay then we've got like the resolve

okay if you give them a ride sweet Emily

will die

so that's just D if you do this man all

right or if you give this man all right

sweet family will die so I'm just

playing D

and then see

and it goes back into the first pass



so the other pattern


if you keeps memorize


that's that kind of crazy keyboard

section and so on I'm not gonna show you

that in this lesson guys it's a bit more

advanced bit more complicated but enjoy

okay I'll tell you what I'll play it for

you super slow and you know please don't

ask me for the tabs or anything because

I'm making this up starts off on the

seventh fret on the top string




so just keep on winding that back and

pick out the note slowly okay be a

really good to train your ear so they

have it guys it's that easy riders on

the storm by the doors hope you've

enjoyed the lesson please give me the

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