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Dominoes Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Dominoes | Dominoes

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how to play Domino's the game is played

with a set of rectangular tiles called

Domino's each Domino is rectangle that

is divided with a line down its middle

to separate each ends into two squares

each end is your blank or has a number

of spots called pits or dots what you

need to play Domino's a set of Domino

tiles also known as bones a flat playing

place a paper and a pencil number of

players two to eight players play the

game of dominoes if there are four

players you could choose to play as

partners with the person sitting

opposite you or you can each play your

own hands the most basic game of

dominoes requires two players and a

double six set a double six set comes

with 28 tiles know if you want to play

with more than three players use double

9 12 15 or double 18 sets a double 9 set

comes with 55 tops a double 12 cent

comes with 91 tiles a double 15 set

comes with 136 tiles and a double 18 set

comes with 190 tiles who goes first each

player draws one Domino the player with

the highest double will go first if a

double wasn't drawn the person with the

heaviest tile without with most pips

will go first

once the first tile has been played the

round continues clockwise to the player

on the Left game preparation place all

the dominoes face down each player then

draws seven dominoes for his hand you

can pick from anywhere in the pile but

after a tile has been picked it can't be

put back into the pile

the remaining dominoes are used as the

draw pile and is known as the boneyard

these tiles are left face down on the

table to be drawn later if a player is

unable to play from his hand set your

seven dominoes up in front of you so

that you can see them but try to keep

them hidden from other players let's

start to play the game the first player

begins by laying their chosen face-up

tile in the middle of the table the next

player must match one

of one of these dominoes two part of the

first time each turn consists of a

player laying down one tile if a double

is played this is laid perpendicular to

the line and the pips on both ends are

counted if you lay down a tile with a

blank side it can only be matched with

another tile that also has a blank side

in some games players choose to make the

blanks as wild tiles meaning you can

ascribe any value to it if you can't

play a tile in your hand pick up a tile

from the draw pile if the tile you

picked up from the draw pile that's just

something on the board you can play it

if not add the tile to your hand the

turn then passes to the next person if

no more dominoes are left in the draw

pile the player can pass continue taking

turns until someone uses up all of their

tiles how to win a round whoever is the

first player to lay down all their tiles

is the winner of that round have each

player add up the total number of dots

on the tiles they have it left in front

of them on a piece of paper add those

numbers to the column of the player who

won that round if everybody passes the

winner is the person with the smallest

number of dots on the remaining tiles

friends the game's not finished yet

though you may have won the round that

doesn't mean you've won the game you'll

have several hands to play before the

entire game is finished

how to win a dominoes game the score of

100 to 250 points is usually considered

a game the first person or partnership

to score this amount wins the game 100

points for a two-player game or 250

points for three or more players in a

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