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The Division - Before You Buy

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game ranks presents another episode of

before you buy the show where we give

you some raw straight-up gameplay and

some first impressions of the latest

games releasing this time around we're

talking about the division alright let's

talk about this so many of you guys have

been asking messaging me and tweeting me

Jake are you gonna do it before you buy

on the division and I'm surprised

there's a lot of interest because

there's a lot of hate for this game and

I'm just gonna come around and say it

I'll give you my personal opinion first

just to get it out of the way I like

this game I'm having fun with it and I'm

enjoying it I'm glad I bought it no no

one paid me to say that stop it

but I can also completely understand why

this type of game might not be someone's

forte and I'm gonna outline by the end

of this video two different types of

people and what kind of mind you have

whether you should check it out or not

so let's start with what's good it is a

fun simple shooter it's kind of like a

turn off your brain play with your

friends type of game the third-person

shooting gameplay works good the cover

systems are good the shooting feels

responsive and I'm just really hooked on

the RPG elements finding loot getting

better guns upgrading your guns finding

new equipment and armor you get into

that gameplay loop and you get hooked on

it and I definitely am guilty of that

the leveling up systems work great

there's Base building that works into

levelling up and giving you more

abilities and also improving your base

and getting you better items and the

abilities and perk tree systems and all

that stuff does a great job of actually

feeling rewarding and giving you a sense

of progression it really kind of feels

like you're doing this grind for a

reason you're trying to unlock the stuff

you're trying to get the things now a

lot of people are comparing this game to

destiny and there are other people who

will say oh if you compare this game to

destiny you don't know what you're

talking about I disagree I think this

can be easily compared to destiny and I

think that's ultimately going to decide

what type of person you are if you're

gonna check this game out or not what it

does better than destiny in terms of

structure what I really like is that it

actually rewards active exploration you

can wander around this awesomely

detailed and frankly probably one of the

more realistic new yorks I've ever seen

in a video game and find random interior

or underground locations you can walk

into apartment buildings and break into

apartments you can go and find

underground subway stations and then

going out of your way and exploring

these places where there's not really a

mission or anything to do you can

actually find stuff for your character

weapon parts clothing parts anything and

I really just got a kick out of doing

that I actually wanted to explore this

beautiful world that Ubisoft took a lot

of time to render it actually made me go

out of my way

stray from mission paths and go

rummaging through a building to find a

new hat and in terms of graphics yeah

there's a graphical downgrade but the

game still looks great it's probably one

of the better multiplayer shooters I've

seen on consoles console performance is

fine and although I've seen some PC

issues here and there overall it does

seem to be good and if you've got a

decent enough system it can do 60 frames

per second and look really sexy I just

love the look the detail the music is a

little 80s synth here and there and not

to mention Garris does the voice of your

little onboard computer thing that is

essentially like the ghost from destiny

so that [ __ ] is really good I love all

of that the game did have some server

issues day one but other than that now

the matchmaking seems pretty damn good

and what I do like is being able to walk

up to a mission and before that I can do

matchmaking change the difficulty and

find some players if I want to do a

harder run-through with but now let's

talk about the bed here and there is

definitely some stuff that can't be

overlooked now the regular gameplay as I

acknowledged is very much a grind it's a

grind II type of game also the character

creation in the beginning totally sucks

oh my god

what a letdown it's so limited it's as

limited as the beta and that is kind of

a metaphor for the rest of the game for

some players if you played the beta

you've basically seen everything this

game has to offer there's not a lot of

other surprises the grind and real

repetition after a while hits you

because it's very apparent now this

wouldn't be that much of a problem if

the gameplay wasn't so simple but

there's not really a lot to do other

than shoot there's no vehicles there's

not really much in the way of tactics

it's certainly not a tactical shooter

there's no Crouch button there's no jump

button there's limited stealth

everything really just boils down to

shoot the [ __ ] out of everything and

there is a story and while it's not as

super a half-assed as some other games I

know it is really just there and it

exists to move things forward and it's

completely passable but really

forgettable but really you're the

mission structure and the repetitive

nature is just what's gonna do people in

higher level play does get exciting I

like more of a challenge when you ramp

up the challenge it's good and when you

get more enemy types things get a little

more exciting but ultimately what I can

say is if you're playing alone it's

gonna be very boring not to mention the

fact that you have to always be online

there's a lot less fun to be had despite

that though I have to go back and praise

the dark zone for being a kick-ass style

PvP PvE arena it is just a really good

set up a really good idea and it's

implemented well and I like the types of

games where it just puts you another


and it's up to you to either team up and

be friends or kill each other or betray

each other later on whatever you do I

love that stuff I love going in the dark

zone getting better gear and loot I

digress and other things with

matchmaking some things need to be fixed

okay very early on in the beginning of

the game there's a computer terminal you

have to access and it's pretty much

impossible when there's a lot of other

players standing around that's kind of

shitty and all the players have full

collision and you can't get past them

and you know people can block doorways

and stuff and that gets kind of annoying

after a while the matchmaking can be

pretty screwy sometimes an unclear I

think it needs a little more clarity and

some tweaks because sometimes if you do

matchmaking before you make a run on a

mission you'll find a match and players

to play with but it'll put you on the

complete opposite end of the map and

maybe even on the opposite side of where

players are and that's really weird why

does it do that so there's a lot of good

here and there's a lot of bad here I

think this game is at its best when

you're running around and exploring and

doing challenging missions with your

friends running around and running and

gunning and shooting your [ __ ] out of


playing with players is the absolute way

I can recommend this game if you are a

fan of destiny and yes there are destiny

fans out there or if you're into other

recent shooter type games that you've

been playing with you friends maybe like

Rainbow six siege or something like that

then the division is a pretty good game

to jump into I'm very impressed that

Ubisoft somewhat pulled this off I think

there's a lot more to go there's a lot

more to be added and a lot more things

that can make the game a little more

exciting and engaging but overall I just

really like running around and exploring

this cool New York and shooting stuff so

those are the two types of players I was

talking about in the beginning if you're

playing alone don't number 1 the game

balancing is a little iffy so it's gonna

be much more challenging playing by

yourself but number 2 it gets kind of

boring if you're just playing alone like

to the point where you probably won't

even finish all the story missions it's

just because it is so repetitive but if

you are the type where you're gonna go

in and you're gonna play with friends

and if you're the type of person that

runs raids and destiny all the time then

congratulations the division is for you

it is a solid and fun third-person

shooter even though it's a little simple

there's just a lot of fun to be had and

a lot to explore and the map while it

doesn't look huge it is pretty goddamn

big there is a lot of game here in the

division but you just have to be the

type of player that wants to play it so

I kind of laid the groundwork for you

guys what works in the game what doesn't

work and my personal opinion that I do

really like it of course though you guys

know the drill I want you guys to fight

me because I know a lot of you guys are

gonna disagree you can fight me in the

comments or you could tweet me on

Twitter or follow me on Facebook let's

talk about the division but

if you are enjoying it let me know what

your favorite bits about it are let's

talk about your gear I don't know

whatever whatever you want to talk about

the division let's talk in the comments

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