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How to FIND YOUR FRIENDS that are playing The Division

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easy guys don't hear from cringe dad

gaming it's about a few people on

Twitter asking me how you can find your

friends within the division so this is

gonna be different on different consoles

I mean I'm on the ps4 but this is how I

can show you how to do it so I'll be a

similar way obviously with you know the

Xbox one or the PC version so press the

button that brings up unit map and

obviously wants you in your map section

on the bottom of the screen they know

this is a few different tabs and if you

press r1 and go long to matchmake in and

then press square to find friends you'll

find that it will kind of search for

friends that are obviously playing

online and playing the division at this

time so hopefully that's helped you guys

we have to figure out how to find your

friends if this is something you're

struggling to find there and please make

sure you like the video and please also

subscribe to the channel haven't already

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dad for the division updates thanks for