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The Division: How To Play

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hey guys Apsara here recently thick 44

and I were flown out to Ubisoft LA or

Ubisoft I'm never really sure how to say

anyway we went out to LA and we got to

check out Tom Clancy's the division now

I assume you've clicked on this video

because you would like to know more

about the game and I don't want to waste

your time so let's get started the story

the story for this game takes place in

New York City some stupid terrorist

organization has contaminated a bunch of

money with a virus and then put the

money into circulation on Black Friday

somehow during this outbreak you play

the role of some dude or some dudette

whatever you can choose you sex whose

job is to help bring order back to the

city from rioters looters and you know

all sorts of difficult video game bad

guy [ __ ] this one guy as if flames

are on his back he's fun to shoot in

normal RPG fashion the first thing

you're gonna do is create a character

now I don't need to explain this process

to you because unless you've not played

a game in the past 20 years you ought to

know what after you create your

character the game opens and you're

dropped into a section of New York City

your first job is to establish a base in

order to do that you have to kill a

handful of bad guys blocking access to

sand banks as this was most likely be

your first encounter with a group of

enemies you'll notice some similarities

to other games like destiny for example

when you shoot the enemies once your

numbers pop up now these numbers

represent how much damage you're doing

to the enemy I don't know I don't really

pay attention to that I usually look at

the red bar above the head and try to

make a go from cream floral to not three

anyway you kill the bad guys and you get

access to your base at your base you can

do all kinds of stuff like sell weapons

buy weapons and stuff but first you have

to follow the glowing exclamation marks

to activate three different sections of

your base by using a laptop now these

sections are your medical unit your

technical unit and your security unit

and these are important because this is

sort of where the heart of the game

lives you see the story of the game

follows three different paths medical

technical and secured secured all

doing missions on each of these paths

allows your character to unlock

attributes pertaining to that path for

example you do a medical related mission

you might unlock a perk that will allow

you to heal your team during combat do I

really need to explain this to you wait

a minute it's a game player multiplayer

the neat thing about this game is it's

actually both if you want you can play

the division completely by yourself

devoid of any real human interaction

want to be the long hero who saves New

York City from the terrors of

impoverished and desperate people trying

to survive you can do that you want to

take on the mean streets of the Big

Apple with a group of your dumb friends

you can do that too there can be up to 4

players so one or two or three your

friends can join on you and you can run

around this big old map of New York City

hold on

well the maps like New York you know I

was only able to play this game for

about 4 hours at a capture event so you

know here's some footage so you can kind

of see that the map covers a good chunk

of New York City now everything in this

white area that's where you can play by

yourself or your group of friends and

you can run around and that's where the

main story takes place this is where

you're gonna be doing most of the tech

and security with radical missions and

all that stuff now you'll notice this

red section in the middle of the map

that's known as [ __ ] central wait a

minute what's [ __ ] central it's not

really called [ __ ] central the PR

people at the capture event referred to

it as the dark zone but basically this

is the area where PvP is allowed this is

this is the place where you can go and

shoot each other in the face you either

by yourself or you with three of your

friends can have the utter joy of duking

it out with mom banger 69 and his stupid

friends and an all-out war for resources

and the best weapons the game has to


now also in the dark zone or you can

decide to work with the other people you

run across instead of just shooting them

in the face but come on you know

everyone says come shoot on sight like a

bunch of okay I really just want to know

if this game is fun like I said I only

had four hours to play it but yeah it

was fun the first thing that grabbed me

is the environment there's a lot of

detail in every area we visited and the

city feels booked lived in and in chaos

pedestrians even walk up to you and ask

you for

help hey decent son there's also a day

and night cycle as well that changes the

lighting as you play that leads to some

of those shut your mouth and stare at

the pretty screen moments the cover

system was also pretty cool you can

easily jump from one position to cover

over to the next if you're working with

a group of friends this allows you to

strategically place yourself before you

engage the enemy it's a simple feature

but I enjoyed it and there's a lot of

customization options as well

I was always picking up a new hat jacket

pants guns and other accessories to

change the appearance of my character in

my loadout

okay it sounded cool anything honestly

in the time that I played my favorite

feature was the lack of loading screens

multiplayer games usually bore me

because after every match or level I'm

stuck looking at a loading screen this

game had none of that how do you enter

your base you walk into it how do you

start missions you hit X and then walk

into it how do you transition from the

co-op zone over to [ __ ] central I'm

sorry the dark zone well you walk into

it you don't have to sit there and look

at loading screens as you walk into

different areas it all just sort of runs

together it feels cohesive and it's

impressive to a guy like me who only has

about an hour or so at night to play a

game I don't want to sit there and look

at loading screens I just want to play

and this game let's do that oh good I'm

gonna pre-order it right now well stop

listen I still have concerns about the

game I don't know how long the main game

is is it is it a 10-hour game is it a

40-hour game do the missions and the

enemies get repetitive or they're gonna

offer enough variety do the bad guys get

so hard that they just turn into those

typical bullet sponges these types of

games are known

what is there to do after you've

completed the story do you even complete

the story or is it one of those [ __ ]

teaser endings that you can tell was

made to make you purchase the DLC [ __ ]

you destiny there's a lot of I don't

knows with this title right now as with

any game I always say wait for the

reviews or watch more gameplay videos to

make sure that this is the game for you

but my first exposure to the division

was a positive one I can't tell you to

rush out and buy it just yet but I will

say it's one to keep your sexy little

eyes on alright that's all for now do me

a favor and leave a like if you have a

pulse and also feel free to leave

questions in the comments section I'll

try to answer all that a can we'll be

uploading some more division stuff soon

so also keep an eye out for that okay

that's it that's all I got for you good

get out of here go do something

constructive like dialo don't touch