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Tom Clancy's The Division - The Single Player Experience - With Gameplay

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so I recently had a ton of fun playing

the division in coop and multiplayer pvp

let's just say it was a chaotic blast

but how is Tom Clancy's division as a

complete single-player experience can

you really play it like this hello there

my fellow agents and overhauled gamers

let's talk about one of my favorite

recent games the division so just a word

of warning you will absolutely need an

online connection to play single-player

in the division I know that sucks to

hear but it is what it is so if you can

get past that let's begin so starting

off in the coop or single-player space

which makes up around 75% of the map

space I have a chance to roam around

freely and take in the world as a lone

survivor no distractions no chitchat no

interruptions it was actually kind of

nice really taking the story completely

a lot of you fallout 4 fans will really

appreciate this by the way I also

tackled the Madison Square Garden story

mission by myself and it was still a ton

of fun now one thing I did really enjoy

about playing single-player solo is that

kills are not really stolen from you

from other players so to speak which I

found really nice you get everything you

get all the headshots killing everyone

in the room that's up to you also the

game does adjust AI count and difficulty

according to the number of squad members

so if you're soloing it the game will

know and adjust accordingly now also

with these story missions I have the

chance to goof around with my weapons

after leveling up slide a bit and I was

surprised how easy it was on Hard

difficulty really does feel like you're

becoming twice the powerful agent

especially if you can end up tapping the

mission by yourself on the hardest

difficulty so after tackling the mission

solo I have the chance to roam around

and check out these side missions you

can really take in the story a bit more

playing it solo and I love the attention

to details with the echos for example I

was hunting down the location of this

missing woman and from the echos you got

the hint that she was a musician and

quite outgoing when I finally found her

you could see a room lit

in musical equipment guitars and more

this type of detail really made the game

feel so alive even with the minimal

story type telling it really does remind

me of blood-borne Dark Souls in that

regard which I just give two thumbs up

about now is where the dark zone it's a

different story the dark zone is

definitely not a solo experience yes you

can try to survive in solo but trust me

it is quite difficult indeed but I still

had a ton of fun going at it though I

managed to team up with the group as you

can see here and we actually worked

quite well together it was a random

spontaneous moment but that's what the

dark zone is all about so the dark zone

could go either way sometimes it could

be a blast or terribly difficult at

times but you will definitely want to

group up in the dark zone no matter what

so the single-player experience here is

actually really solid I was able to keep

rotating between side activities random

encounters story missions collecting

loot managing my base of operations or

as it will be known as boo and if I

dared I tried my hand at the dark zone

so it was a really good rotation it did

keep me pretty busy and I cannot wait

for the full map trust me it's going to

be insane so when that opens up with the

full version I hope we have a ton more

to do so hopefully this game has over 15

story missions which I have heard

recently could actually be the case that

would make the game a very very solid

single-player experience I believe up

but that dark zone again you really do

need to team up but stay tuned for more

time clan to division open-world gaming

goodness and so much more thanks guys

for watching and I will see you in the