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How to play street dice

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hey Ellis is the crew and I'm gonna show

you guys have put some Street dice today

right so uh first thing I do your pony

your opponent gets heard eyesight

I get eyesight so uh say you do it I

call it lower high but I know we go low

so he's gonna get to dice and I'm like

it's a dice say heroes he gets a four

say I roll I get a five so that would go

to him his hero the lower number all

right so but since I'm only I'm just

gonna and I'm making a video I'm just

gonna get two dice okay so next thing

you gotta do my gosh I bet I make the

bit I put down dollar so he has to put

down dollar all right this is a pot now

I roll you want what you want to do my

role is saving or living on your first

rope and you'll automatically win

alright but if you roll a 2 a 3 or 12

you automatically lose so I would not

you know want to do that alright so uh

next thing I do you roll so I roll the

six so that is my point six is my point

okay so I'm gonna go roll again until I

hit a six or a seven if I hit a seven I

lose because you only want to hear the

salmon on your first roll or 11 but if

you deliver after that

it don't matter it's just right rolling

and now six is my point so I'm gonna hit

that I want to hit that they want me to

hit that seven though so I don't want to

do that I keep on a shuttle hit that and

I like to stick up the dice quick if I

can is if I don't then somebody else my

taking something like that people me

five and I like to talk much crap when I

do it though to say I said that stick so

that's my alright so why keep rolling

now alright so now I put in since I did

that I'm putting in dollar and he puts

in dollars cuz I just made my bet

so I roll again just like last time

I hear safe that's kind of odd because I

don't plan this out so that's my point

it's like last time safe and if I hid

there we go

I just lost so that's his and the - go

to him

alright so especially how you do it so

I'm gonna show you how the opponent does

it so IP % dollar because he won that I

put a dollar because that's how I play

and he rolls a 8 set 8

so yeah that's his point now 8 so now I

want him to rule of seven because then

he would lose see he just wants oh he's

automatically one that again

so right now be me so basically how you

do it all right

the coup I met to put some videos on

about me and my school playing dice and

the streets so hit me a thanks bro