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The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Basic Fiddle Lesson

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all right welcome to fiddlehead fiddle

lessons I just want to give a shout out

and a thanks to all of those of you out

there watching who have helped to

support this channel by donating a

little bit of money so that I can hire a

video editor I don't know if you've been

watching the videos for a while I have

liked these illustrations of fingerings

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and because of your donations that's

been made possible so I wanted to say

thanks and encourage you to continue so

I can continue to do these lessons also

part of what those donations go towards

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so today we're going to do the tune

Devil Went Down to Georgia and I'm going

to start with um kind of the opening

riff which is repeated again after I

think the first chorus and then in a

follow-up lesson we're going to do

Johnny's solo okay which may be think of

this like a B part um so I'm just going

to kind of Anna mid-tempo much slower

than Charlie Daniels play this on the


so that's roughly how actually the

second break the one after the first

course happens the first one what we'll

get into this in a minute but it's then

ending on a long D it ends on like this

upward run so what I'm going to do is

actually start with the second break I'm

just going to do it and then we'll talk

about the different endings when we get

there alright so but basically the whole

most of it is the same between the first

and second breaks all right so let's

just look at the first quarter or the

first line of this great fiddle break by

Charlie Daniels

all right so let's break that down some

starting a three to three then going to

open e and E low one okay here's that

again putting that together okay

again followed by low one low two three

let's put all those pieces together

again that's followed by this piece

starting on e3

that's three low for three low to low

one oh okay so once more and before that

we had then we had this I'm just gonna

do the whole thing

alright so now as we do in these lessons

I'm going to loop on this line maybe

three times so you can really hear it

and I encourage you to listen and maybe

even try to play along and loop on your

own as well



hopefully that wasn't too fast maybe

you'll want to pause the video and do

that more on your own if you get this

one piece really solid it'll pave the

way for doing the rest of the tune and

also help you remember the whole tune

all right now I'm going to do the second

line or the second quarter of this tune

okay so the second line starts a low two

to open back to a low to landing on

three and then adding an open e

to do that again and that's followed by

kind of a a line a very scaler line

we're going to open e opening low one

low two three hello to low one back to

opening okay and we're going to add

another open e in an open a after that

so we have here's that again

before that we had


so I just did the whole second line I'll

do it again a little more slowly

all right so that's the second quarter

or second line now I'm going to do the

third part of this tune okay so this is

a pretty intense run um just kind of

going down starting on a three going

three for three on a string and then

diving on open a now if you hadn't done

fourth finger before um you may want to

study that before doing this video but

you can also do it with open E but this

song happens so fast that it's better I

think to use the fourth there it's

quicker verses so anyway but going back

to the way we're going to do it for now

is three for three open and then a low

two three low to open putting that

together we have

okay here's that again next we're going

to do a low to low one low to low 1 2 D

3 so we have what's more so beginning

this third part we have and then the

last 4 notes are a low 1 a D load again

so the whole thing is

okay the the fourth line is really a

continuation of it I sort of arbitrarily

chose to call this the end of the third

line because it it's just one bar of

music don't listen to that it's not

important it just seemed like the

easiest way to organize it in terms of

teaching it so I'll do it again the

third line okay now we'll move on and do

the fourth line

so let me do it more quickly once now

let's break it down starts t 3 4 3 and

then I'm D low to 3 low to 1 and then

and any on D again before that we had

then putting that together again

and then uh we go gee

so I like to think of that that's the

basic arm ending to this break alright

so we're just going to do that and then

I'm going to go back and show you that

crazy like line that ends the first

break so here's the whole fifth the

whole fourth part again you played

faster that g1 happens on an offbeat one

and it's kind of get hard to do really


all right so you have all the parts of

this break before we even go further I

recommend that you pause the video and

practice each part on its own and then

we'll go and we'll put it all together

after you've done that for a little bit

all right I am now just going to play

the entire thing once just and just kind

of doing exactly what we did putting all

those pieces together

okay something like that I think the

ending would be more like that's roughly

the same anyhow alright so you have you

basically had the tune now now I'm just

going to give you that crazy

um ascending line it happens I know I

think it is at the end of the first

break so he goes all right that's like

the double talking all right um so I'm

just gonna break that down for you note

by note right now

all right

we started G 1 2 high 3 then on D we do

open 1 2 3

sorry open one load 2 3

put those together and a open one lo two

three putting all that together

then ie we're going to go open low one

low two three and then we're going to do

the high four which is a see it's a

little bit of a stretch you can still

stay in first position we haven't really

I don't you don't use this too much

infinity all right so yeah

and then there we jump high and just I

think it goes roughly to like somewhere

around ie but I don't think it's that

important what pitch you play it's just

about the effect going down so you can

always just kind of reach up and just go

down that kind of bow style is called

tremolo we've fast quick bows at the tip

of the bow kind of fun

alright what's more this end this last

line is crazy thing let's put it all

together now

and so on and so that concludes I'll let

me just show how we get into it so the

taking it from the fourth line into that

so today we're doing the first break

when we get to

instead of doing a long D it jumps right


we take it from the third line now

that's it hope that was fun stay tuned

I'm gonna do a follow-up lesson on the

solo the the Johnny's big solo where he

beats the devil so come back watch that

went out to see you next time