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How to Play The Devil In I by Slipknot on Guitar (METAL LESSON W/ TABS)

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hi guys this is how to play the devil in

I by Slipknot my recently went to

Stockholm and saw them alive and is

pretty sick so I'm just going to teach

you this song so to start off with it's

in drop a tuning and once you have that

we'll start on the first fret of the

guitar and is literally just putting

your first finger on and literally

releasing four four four notes so it's

one on and four off and it goes like


so essentially once you get this it's

all to do with your right hand how it

strums so it's 1 1 0 0 0 0 so 4 zeros 1

yeah so 1 Len and speed that up

okay and then it kind of speeds up a bit


and that's just one two three so if that

kind of makes sense I'm trying to make

make it clear but uh sorry if it comes

across a bit confusing and so slowly


okay and they're a little runs in

between those so the first little run is

on the sixth fret of your E string so

you play the six on the on the E string

there so so you kind of slide up from

the fifth fret to the sixth and then you

play the fifth fret on the a-string so

and then back to the six and then an

open e and then you literally go from

the first fret to the second fret and

hammer-on and pull-off so well you can

just play one two one zero


but I think it is played where you

hammer on to the first or you play the

first string and then you hammer on to

the second pull back to the first and

then let go so that's kind of how I

think is meant to be played but

alternatively if you want to get the

sort of sound to be clear and have

enough clarity then you can just pick

with your each note with your plectrum

so about this so slowly up to the sixth

to the five to back to the six open and

then to the first fret to one open


so and then the second run at the end of

the the one zeroes they're just the main

sort of picking patterns it then goes

just for the one-to-one like the end of

the last one so

so 1 2 0 1 2 1 0 1 2 1 0 1 2 1 0 so

okay when again you can just pick it or

you can do the sort of hammer-on

pull-off thing add that or attentively

so what you have so far is

then that's right

okay and then essentially the next bit

it kind of goes into the the main sort

of bit where you're kind of doing

octaves up here so if you play zero

three zero okay and you just let that

ring as I've kind of got like quite a

strong heavy tone to it so zero where

you play the you want to kind of hit the

the e to the D string to kind of give

that that sort of power chord sound to

it so zero three zero and it's a quick

three and then just kind of smash down

on that zero so

and then you want to go up to the octave

on this on the twelfth fret where you

get your first finger put it on the a

string and then you get your little

finger or your third finger whatever you

like to do and put that on the g string

on the fourteenth fret so you have your

12 on the a and the 14 from the G and

you want to play that from the a string

and just kind of play that down to the g

string as you would and then 1 2 3 4 so

you play for those


you can kind of get the feel of how many

to play so

and you just move down one fret to the

11th so you're doing the 11th on there

on the a string and the 13th on the g

string so and you just go back and play

the zero three zero

and you can kind of calm you that with

your hand if you like

so so that kind of zero that just before

three and the 0 you can depart mute that

to kind of make it sound a bit more

staccato I know I like to say it's the

car tone quite a lot of my guitar

tutorial but kind of how it is so once

you've got that there's a little run up

as well I haven't mastered it myself

I can I can show you so it's literally

on the a string you go from the 8th and

it's literally just fast picking so okay

so it's you just play really fast the

8th to the 10 the 12 down to the 7th oh

you can notice right you just play the 7

once so it's a lot of eights move up to

the 10 you can slide up to the 10 slow

it up to the 12 then just play one seven

okay so

and then once you have that it then just

plays one of the octaves that you were

just doing on the 12th and the 14th fret

you just play that once and let it ring


and then just down to the eleventh again

so it's kind of slowed down so you're

not strumming a load of them you're just

playing once so 12 to 13 once there's a

little break and then it goes down to

the eleventh

okay so that is pretty much how to play

it that is the the main sort of riff to

it I guess throughout the song if you

I'm just about to learn the the clean

parts of the song so if you want to

learn that as well just leave a comment

below and I'll probably get around to

doing that for you so yeah I hope I hope

you find this tutorial interesting and

valuable to you so if you do like it

please check out my other guitar

tutorials and subscribe for more content

it's okay so that's it for now thank you

for watching bye bye