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FORTNITE - Default Dance Music (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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all right guys this is a must all music

and in today's lesson I want to teach

you how to play the fortnight song that

plays when you do the default dance also

known as the turk dance okay so give you

a quick preview of what this motor

sounds like so well this is what you're

gonna learn feels like this let's get

right into it so let's go breaking up

this lesson to three putts is easier to

learn okay the first part goes like this

for the right hand Ryan starts on the F

here middle C's here for reference we go

up an octave to this C we'll go to the F

that's when we start on so goes F a flat

B flat B flat a flat so there are only

five rows for this first part for the

right hand one more time so the five

notes are F a flat B flat B flat a flat

like that okay so this kind of goes like

that that's the first part where like

the first photos or the fast notes like

this like that that's the right hand for

the first pot again left ten okay first

of all we're just gonna do one bass note

at a time at the end um you can kind of

like improvise on the bass note if you

want okay so yeah let me see so what you

do you can actually improvise in a lot

of ways based on this F minor chord on

the left to F a flat C so that's the F

minor chord remember this chord because

even in my cover that it did for this

song is not in this video there's

another video I actually improvise the

left hand based on F minor chord is

water so just remember the F minor chord

here and you'll be good to go okay so f

minor chord F a flat C okay so for now

we do an F minor first at the end I'll

show you what you can do to kind of like

make out your own arrangement okay so

here we go so this is what you do you

always do the chord first and the right

comes in

like that and that is the first part

just like that almost home for the first

one goes here yeah in all the parts

remember this left 10 is f minor so

because I'm all the other parts are the

same F minor chord okay so the second

part let's move on the second part right

hand is a little bit more notes we have

eighth notes here this time so right

hand once again it goes F a flat B flat

B flat a flat F E flat F and that is

this second part of those eighth notes

full right hand here so one more time

for the eighth notes here they are F a

flat B flat B flat a flat F E flat F and

that is the right hand for this second

part okay once you get that left hand we

have F minor here just F let's see again

okay we've earned mine once again the

two end together for the second part

once again it goes our left hand corner

first the right hand comes in like this

yeah like that

one more times goes like this yeah like

that okay

that's that for the second part so far

the two parts we've learnt will be

played back to back like this check it


like that and then finishing off the

third part right hand it just goes B

flat E flat F E flat F five notes that's

the right hand for this third part okay

and one more times goes B flat E flat F

in front quickly like that so it's like

this that's the right hand laughs down

once again F minor again which is here

faith let's see okay so that mine once

again is the court by itself first right

comes in and that's it one more time and

that's it okay so back to back the three

parts of this class no just people like

that okay and that's it okay so once you

can get this like release to move in

even in terms of rhythm and everything

like yeah and all the notes breaks and

everything then you can start deciding

what you can do to improvise on the left

time to make it more bouncy okay so for

example what I did in the preview I just

did bass notes just do like like that

you can do like that if you want okay so

you just do the bass note as an octave

and just make up like a kind of catchy

rhythm make pattern to it okay well else

you can start I expand it you can do

like bass note plus a chord but F minor

chord I just did it okay shows you in

the in this lesson I can so something

like this we see

and all this cool stuff you can just

make up your own arrangement okay okay

yeah it's really up to you you can

really just play around with it but

that's pretty much the basis of this

that's how I always teach melody and the

chords so you can just play around and

make up your own arrangement of it

anyway that's pretty much it hope you

enjoyed this lesson

yeah so that I'll be doing more and more

of these fortnight um dance songs as

well tutorials covers as well so stay

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