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Deepest Sleep

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hello everybody my name is markiplier

and welcome to the deepest sleep the

final part in the series that I've been

enjoying for the past hours so I've been

playing them all in order so I can get

the best experience going into each one

now I did not manage to get all the

notes in the last one and I do not know

if that is gonna bite me in the butt I

really hope it doesn't because I love

the idea that I saved Cody even though I

was stuck in a lucid dream who in their

mind I woke up in the middle of the

night I couldn't move or say anything

and there was someone in my room oh hi

cold night outside I'll miss the weather

yeah is someone there oh my god I can't

move that's a bad thing

oh it's quiet my bed I can't move he

seems to be looking at me I look at [ __ ]

you who in the ah ah come on

goddammit I did what did I click on oh

sorry about that

got a little bit distracted by something

hi okay I really hope that didn't mess

up with the recording but I think we're

still gonna be okay because all I'm

doing is a little high I didn't do that

I did not click on that oh this game is

starting off with a bang isn't it huh

okay take my suit hi you gonna do this

again huh gonna be that thing huh we

were you oh good I can see that this guy

went all out with this one it's gonna be

another situation from the gray eagle

I'm gonna be scared by something hello

people start on the left all right real

with no handle hello Burt I'm sure the

snow gets to you somehow so you followed

this stupid traveler even though you

knew what's going to happen you are at

the bottom depth now there's nothing

beneath you it is important that you

avoid the bottom feeders they sense

motion so don't make any sudden movement

near them also don't go to the dark

church the darkness will suffocate you

there find a ladder should take you back

to the surface

sincerely yourself so I'm Burt I was a

clown on a poster what does that even


okay a real with no ham I I was not

ready going into this you just started

going all [ __ ] on me game and

suddenly things are happening with

reckless abandon I can't read this is

that a person what is that

I can't tell okay then moldy and musty I

got a ham are gonna smash any patties in

the face got a screwdriver

I remember that stuff it looks that

painting what is that sound the sound

dynamic just changed on in Quetta me

that was a book in there

aha the bottom features they live at the

bottom layer of the realm of dreams

feeding upon everything that ends up

there even the shadow people fear them

they are blind but can sense vibrations

in movement by staying perfectly still

you should be a little bitter that's

what I'm him cuz he was writing and not

saying perfectly still so how do I know

when I need to stay perfectly still

hi okay hi okay are you a bottom-feeder

shut up phone now is not the time yes

but that on silent who's already okay a

gentleman okay it's a statue god damn it

okay thank you you idiot

fine I don't want to break the gem

alright I got the gem it's not quite the

shiny gem from the first part okay oh

hello okay so the real goes all the way

over to here but it kind of looks like

that might be a dark church's type thing

and I was told specifically not to go in

there thought I was gonna be smart about

everything in my life I would not I

break them up Oh God jeez I did not know

that was that add that that worked okay

this game is messing with me let's go in

the dark duck yeah that's a cool angle

just go ahead oh hi okay I have two gems

does that mean I need two ah fits

perfectly in the eye hole ah that's good

he is very good excellent most excellent

let's go deeper okay what is this that's

new small hole a gym what the hell is

that okay do I need to put the jam in

the other small hole okay I got it I got

I got it

oh it's not fun okay what did I do ACK

that's in my eyes the bees not the bees

okay I get it I get it I get it I get it

I need to hurry up probably maybe I

don't know oh come on oh I see yeah

there's another one there it is yeah

there we go

ah thank you for whatever the hell that


okay oh do I have to do it all the way

back yes I do

I could do without the roaring in my

ears be nice okay okay all right I got


okay thank you can I have those back now

well okay never mind I don't see any

screws saw two trams maybe if I get out

of this dream it would be worth having

okay check it in your drinking [ __ ]

303 to Jimmy's it will pull the rope

down a bit okay so that's where it needs

to be okay this game what the hell why

man sewer what the hell happened okay

so there's how you want to play this huh

I am so still to see you chillin don't

mind me hi Burt

was it o-o he hanged okay that is good

sidereal plexus Corp sewer gate lock

system door bars real news what news

noose is part of your lock system so

someone has to be on the news to be able

to do the thing okay so if he goes off

the noose the bars will go up right I

think so uh you gots to go man you gots

to go

sorry Wow okay fine Danno

oh I see so I gotta put him okay ah okay

I think I get it okay okay so I gotta

get him up without a wall the Rope is

down how doesn't make any sense how

would I be able to get back here bones

won't move so I got to find a way to be

able to get him here but without the

wine okay okay I think I get it so maybe

if I put the stool there ah there we go

got it got it got it I got it okay all

right okay I got it

I thought I need to put the stool bot

like under the guy to be able to do that

apparently that was wrong slide under

there grab that nope okay so that stays

there so now you will still be there

apparently okay here we go guys

fun oh hi what are you okay that's this

hole in the wall no not what I wanted I

wanted to address the giant hole in the

wall but apparently he's not being very

talkative hi giant butthole okay


Muramasa okay that is a giant pothole

and to be perfectly honest I would say

reminds me of that thing from penny

Umbra donk what do I do about that okay

don't mind me I'm just gonna owe you

back off there sunny Jim I'm just gonna

reach for my ham are Wow

okay okay I get it I get it oh god oh

god oh god oh god oh god ah come on okay

he's gonna be a bit more gosh yes

maybe if I sing him a lullaby maybe if I

sing him a pretty little lullaby okay

let it go all the way down and now we do


come on come on come on come on come on

god yes okay all right even if I could

close this there we go close the blinds

on that want to be a little

sophisticated here got a little more


that's his lovely H um or a lovely F or

Japanese symbol for F me because I don't

know what it means maybe it's a maze

pattern I'll write it down okay so I'm

under the assumption that is stupid and

I'm an idiot

upper drawers empty hundy rows empty

cabin is empty I couldn't have expected

anything better out of that outcome I'll

just be on my way

music box good rates good good good good

good good good no water no reflection

I'll be ugly enough it would break

anyway okay wait there's something in

the toilet is that how there's gonna be

smashing nope okay bye damn it what am I

supposed to do

ah there we go okay those golden key in

the sink how was I supposed to know that

okay so there we go that was simple Oh

blood on the walls that's a good sign

okay moving on hello giant thing hello

other giant thing is Cruise Line okay

it's another mystery it's another

mystery that I need to solve as soon as

possible hello mushroom a fat boilie

mushroom Kanna

okay I just exploded the mushroom did

not mean to do that but I guess I can

have some oil now which is useful I


okay library again can of Greek Oh

Greece yes absolutely I can get Greece

well this puzzle seems very simple fill

the can with oil got

the puzzles have been a bit more

straightforward in this game wait a

minute there's something there I see


mm okay moving on what else we got what

else we got what else do we get hello

that wind-up key to the music box I'm

guessing stone tablet can't reach it I

gotta find some way to get to that area

but there's still more to go

hello so much Russ it stuck could use

some oil hello okay down we go into the

hatch oh okay

I'm sorry oh I'm sorry oh I've been

devoured ah didn't know that was there

thank you okay yeah okay hello giant

butthole how are you very nothing here

you don't need to worry about nothing

I'm just gonna

go back so you're there gotta be

something else than I need to get but

what do I need that stone tablet to be

able to do the thing there is something

on that wall I can see it right in front

of me

you can't tell me I don't find whatever

I'll just move on okay what else do we

have here we have a pipe we have holes

in the walls we have nothing we have a

place for stone tablets to go which

would be nice

something's blocking it wind-up key for

the music box okay windup key for the

music box okay that's not good oh that

is not what I wanted

why did I do that why did I do that what

it lose a point

who's the benefit who's the possible

benefit now everything's gonna explode

me over there oh good oh good okay I

guess I gotta time it go now okay that

would be very painful okay

my stupid decision was to run straight

into it okay

ah no okay I can't go it alright then

that's good to know

hahaha oh it changed everything

oh good oh good what the hell don't oh


did you lose your bed what the hell is

happening here hi stone tablet good hi


okay good

how many times have I said good and okay

getting a little sick of it don't hear

it okay

there's a damn paper again I know what

that is I already wrote it down here

expert art is --ml skills does that

sound that was in the other room before

but now it's in this room

I don't know oh that's what it was it

was that the whole time oh my god it was

the Pistons of the nightmare machine

over there okay so everything else went

to [ __ ] I'm assuming that over here it

kind of met a similar fate maybe what

did I get I got another stone tablet

what good does that do me a hatch can't

reach that okay all right then so I'm

assuming that's the way out I got to

find a ladder to get out of there

because that blew up

I already greased it up so there's got

to be something else that I could go

seems like a lid of source yeah okay

wait no why can I see that now not

before there we go

gears are spinning fast throw hammering

no throw screwdriver in it okay that one

did it

okay stuck for good forever and for good

so that means that I can do something oh

I can go through the the piston machines

with nightmares of super dis of kill EU

savvy done yes

oh that this seems safe okay okay okay I

better go I better go now go now okay go

now one more oh jeez you just stood

there like a [ __ ]

okay so where am I now the meathooks

make me think I'm going to the kitchen

and someone fun a cinnamon toast is that

for cinnamon toast Ken a suspicious

looking dried herb still old but still

crunchy alrighty then I got the stone

tablet that's good

smells bad here cuz that's the way back

or anything else I should know about

lost in the darkness like me I wonder

how did end up here haha lo my dozy

friends still here of course you still

are not much more to say about it ah I

got ya I got you that's cool

smells bad from there how about a hammer

no okay some stinky liquid stove must be

broken can I hit anything god I really

want to hit stuff with this hammer but

you're really not letting me I've want

to smash everything fine okay

can I hit him with the hammer towstee

with the hammer okay what I'm on my way

then alright okay

okay so is there anything else that I

should do besides just go back um okay

all right I get it I get it I get it not

supposed to be here I get it how are you

a script alder script Walter is the guy

that made this game he's done a damn

good job what am I supposed to rial I'm

supposed to make the pattern okay I got

it okay so this needs to go I need to

change this up so that goes on the

bottom right then the straight line goes

up top left square goes bottom left and

then where the last one goes the other

place you guys if you guys can't figure

that out you need to go back to

preschool what am I supposed to do about

you can I throw cinnamon toast toast

into you without appease the mighty but

gold God

but hold God person butthole of man but

he's a butthole oh I see there's another

way to go about this ah ah ah a pile of

plates you say so if I were to smash a

Rooney those plates can I smash it gasps

I got it giving ya bout here baby

oh yes haha another place I am NOT going

back down but I did I did it I did it I

got you good tonight put that there and

I'm good

screw you do do we screw G buhdoobie I

might be in a bit of a hurry silicium

okay that's a but that's it just a

little bit more okay okay okay okay

come on come on go can I go oh oh oh

this looks familiar

ah ah that's the other side of the place

oh hi Oh was a mirror than me oh my god

oh my god

now I remember they've got me all this

time I've been okay

alright one of them what no I'm still

playing so I guess that's not the end of

it I'm a monster one of them no I don't

believe it I so high what the hell is

that what excuse me who's looking oh my

god oh my god that was the guy with

suppose me in the first book I was a

monster oh my god oh oh oh oh my god

there he was and travelers just like me

before the moment I saw me started

running my ticket out here my chance to

finally wake up oh my god I just had to

catch him to possess a sleeping body a

body that I could wake Evan oh but did I

really want to have I really become a

monster so easily a monster I feared so

much oh it was so easy almost too easy I

took his body away leaving him in this

chaotic Wow I will wake up now in the

chaos of this place we'll follow me up

to the service

oh I did a bad thing oh my god

oh my god oh my god

oh holy crap they like boom my mind is

in pieces all over the walls

holy crap that was awesome oh my god I

want to do it again I want to do it and

get the other one I want to do the other

one I want to do it oh I want to do it

come on come on yes thank you script

welder he made a great game who's

beautiful I want to do the I want to not

get him

okay I'm continuing the game I'm hoping

then it puts me someplace relatively

close to where I was otherwise I will be

forced to go through the whole game

again but I will do it because I want to

get that whole bye good as it is here

okay so I have the option now her I'm

coming to get you good girl I'm a

monster error I Aurora I just had to

catch him to possess a sleeping body a

body that I could wake up in her mouth

I'm gonna get you hello I'm gonna get

you okay I'm gonna let him go I'm gonna

let him go

I'm gonna let him go and I'm gonna see

what happens come on get out of here get

out of here what if that guy is me

whoever that guy is literally me he's

not just another travel as that is

literally me I hesitated and I let that

man go this vicious cycle cannot

continue I will remain here forever

here in the deepest sleep oh hi oh

that's me oh my god is but they're both

me Oh God oh it's so cool okay so anyway

that is the end of the deepest sleep

script welder that is an amazingly

incredible job oh I love it I love it

when a game has a great story and lots

of really cool stuff going on it's

fantastic wow it's fantastic

but either way wow that's so cool so um

thank you all so much for watching give

the developer all the support in the

world he made these awesome free

if you haven't checked the description

in the description the link to the all

the games that I've been playing over

the past hour have been down there give

him support he is amazing oh my god

script welder this was great can't wait

to see what you make Nick I know that

he's made other games too

I can't even say words right now I'm so

happy this is awesome so anyway thank

you all so much for watching my video

here of the amazing deep sleep series

click the annotations and description

for more series that I've done and thank

you all again for watching and as always

I will see you in the next video