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How to play Darts Game : Rules of Darts Board Game : Darts

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how to play darts 301 in 501 games

friends today we'll learn the rules of

darts 301 in 501 series a 301 in 501

darts game can be played with two

individual players or teams each team or

player starts with the score at 301

points or 501 for a score the objective

of darts is to be the first team or

player to reach zero from starting at a

total of 301 or 501 each player takes

turns throwing three darts on the board

one turn is considered throwing three

darts in succession the throwing player

subtracts the total scored from his

current total until he reaches zero what

do you need to play darts a darts board

and a set of three darts let's

understand the dart board this red

circle is called an inner bullseye worth

50 points the green circle is called an

outer bullseye worth 25 points this is a

triple ring and it's worth three times

the points of the number on it this is

the double ring and it's worth two times

the points the number on all these black

spaces are the single scoring areas

worth the number that's written on them

in this black ring is an O scoring area

darts 301 and 501 basic rules the player

who throws his dark closest to the

bull's eye goes first if all players

throw the same distance then throw again

the dartboard should be mounted 5 feet 8

inches from the floor and approximately

8 feet away from the throwing toe line

the darts once thrown that bounce off or

fall from the dartboard cannot be thrown

again 301 dart game rules

in the 301 darts game the players cannot

start subtracting their scores until

they hit one of the double sections on

the darts board including the inner

bullseye all players must end the game

with a double out for example if a

player has 40 points left in the end

then the player must hit a double 20 to

win for example let's say if the player

hits a single 20 now in the next turn

this player should hit a double 10 to

win and if this player hits more than

ten points then this player has lost his

turn a winning throw must score down to

zero exactly so now this players turn is

over and this player will resume with

the same score he or she started with

their last throw 501 darts game in a 501

darts game all players or teams start

with 501 points

unlike the 301 game there are no

restrictions and the players can hit any

number each team or player subtracts the

amount they score from the amount they

have left to win the 501 darts game

teams or players will need to double out

to reach 0 like in the 301 game for

example if a player has 36 points left

in the end then a player will need to

hit a double 18 to win and then let's

say if player B has 45 points remaining

he or she must hit a double 20 in a

single 5 or any other similar

combination to win we hope you've

learned the rules of darts and now know

how to play darts properly if you like

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rules have fun

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