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The Dance - Garth Brooks - Guitar Lesson | Tutorial

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hey everybody I hope you're all doing

good and I hope you're all finding these

lessons helpful today we're going to

learn how to play the dance by Garth








all right there we go our chords for the

song we're G C D B minor E minor


and there's a a minor kind of in there

also but I think that's that's

everything for the intro we're just

doing a little bit of finger picking

here it's pretty simple all we're doing

on the G note is we've got the third

fret first string and the third fret

sixth string that's all we're playing at

first and the picking goes so it's six

four three two one

and then we're just playing first fret

second fret

those two strings


so we're going from four three two to

one fret

third fret second fret first breath here

is one more time all the way through


that's the intro for you the verse

starts out on the G note as well so you

can pick it you can pick it with the the

pick a single string you can finger pick

it you can strum it if you want I'm

gonna kind of finger pick the first

verse and then after that I'll strum

everything else so here's the first

verse for you


and we go into the chorus


and then just another verse and chorus

and that's the end of the song hopefully

that helps you to figure it out a little

bit the finger-picking can be a little

bit complicated but I'm gonna play it

one more time

I'll do intro first verse and chorus

straight through for you and I'll try to

play it slow enough that way you can

hopefully kind of get it and figure it

out by practicing it but here we go one

more time



I think I messed up let me start over




alright that's all for today guys I

appreciate all of you for watching and

learning and listening to make sure to

subscribe if you haven't done that yet

and thank you guys all so so much