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How to Win Money on Horses Betting the Daily Double

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hello this weekend handicapper from

weekend handicapper calm this video I'd

like to talk about how to make money

betting The Daily Double

The Daily Double one of my favorite bets

I feel bad for it's kind of forgotten

it's like a little somebody's a little

neglected kid nobody probably pays

attention to anymore but in this

tutorial I'm going to show you how you

can make some money betting The Daily


The Daily Double to me is a forgotten

wager nowhere near the people and amount

of money is bet on the devil like it

used to be but in this presentation I'm

gonna tell you show you why you should

consider bet betting the Daily Double

the pros of betting the Daily Double

of course the cons of betting the Daily


where to bet the Daily Double and some

success tips and strategies for betting

the daily doubles so does anyone bet the

Daily Double anymore it's one of the

oldest exotics that we had that may is

active so exotic wagers for those of you

might be new to horse racing or bets

wagers that are beyond the wind place

and show across the board wagers so the

Daily Double is basically you have to

pick two races in a row the winner of

two horse races in a row and they the

doubles been around for a long long time

along with the is active so why aren't

people more people betting the double

these days

well one there's a lot more wagering

options there's so many more than what

used to be so more people are favoring

the more high-risk high-reward wagers

such as

perfect his trifecta pours two

fives and pick sixes and the reason

they're doing that is the potential to

make more money more money is always a

lure in gambling course that's usually

why we do it while we gamble is to make

money so these other more attractive

bets are attractive for the simple fact

that they're more potentially more

lucrative but potential profits exist

with the Daily Double

I'm getting ready explain why you can

consistently make money by betting the

Daily Double

if you can kind of keep your ego in

check and kind of curve your your

craving for action and you will make

potential or you will profit from the

daily level if you decide to focus on

that wager so some of the pros of

betting daily doubles and the reason

it's called daily doubles because it

used to be only once offered once or

twice a day

way back when now it's hopefully you're

playing in tracks that offer it pretty

much every race gives you more

opportunity to choose from races that

you have a good feel on and profit from

so some of the pros are betting daily

doubles well first it has a half success

rate figuring out the probable winner of

horse races in my opinion is a lot

easier than figure figuring out who's

going to come in second third or fourth

so you're going to get to a point if you

hadn't already that you get really good

at picking winners doesn't mean you're

going to make money but you will get

pretty good at timing and figuring out

who's going to win a horse race

therefore it has a high success rate

meaning you're going to cash tickets

you're going to you're going to win

remember always say there's a big

difference between winning horse races

and winning money at horse racing so you

have a success rate pretty fair

simple you pick your spots - to be

successful with the devil and it's a

wonderful option for conservative

betters if you're somebody that's scared

and a little uneasy about betting in the

first place and you don't like you're

not the go for broke swing for the fence

it's kind of better then I think you're

going to really enjoy a Daily Double

because you'll win pretty often and you

will psychologically it's a pretty good

feeling when you can cash on a

consistent basis one thing that I love

about doubles and the reason that I'm a

big fan of betting daily doubles is you

know how much the payouts will be that

is huge that is so important when you're

betting on horses I always try to favor

tend to look for bets and wagers that I

know how much I'm getting in return it's

just like if you go sell a car if you're

selling the car for somebody in your car

Kelly Blue Book values say it's $3,500

that's the value of your car it's a fair

value and if you go and try to sell it

to somebody and they want to offer you

$2,000 for the car well you know that's

not a good deal that's not the value of

the car same thing with doubles and

exactitude but for this video we're

talking about doubles you get to see how

much that bets gonna return and by

seeing the payout the probable payout of

what that double is returning if you bet

it you know whether or not that's a good

bet if there's value there and so you

can analyze these payouts before even

wager to know whether or not you're

getting a good return good value return

on investment for your wager in dollars

so that's huge that's key I cannot

stress that enough

and you don't get that with trifectas

and super effectives and pick fours we

don't know pick sixes we don't know how

much the money is good before we even

put our wager down we don't know how

much you're going to get back you do

know that with daily doubles and then

consistent profits like I said you're

going to consistently make money betting

the doubles it's not a really hard wager

to hit and you'll routinely do it you'll

routinely succeed at this wager with

everything there's cons so the cons are

betting daily doubles there's a small

amount of money in the wagering pools in

horse-racing you have a pool separate

pool for each kind of bet so there's as

active pool double pool trifecta

superfecta pick three pick fours nobody

not many people bet the double anymore

like I said there's other options more

lucrative potentially lucrative options

so now many people are betting the

double these days and in the nature of

paramutual wagering is if not that many

people basically the money in the pool

is everybody all of us putting our money

in and then we bet on our combinations

or on our horses so since not too many

people are betting the double these days

therefore there's not much money in the

wagering pools which means if you're

right you can't take much of other

people's money because there's not much

of other people's money in the wagering

pool because betters are going to other

bets also those low payouts remember you

can see how much money you're going to

win by betting doubles in the profitable

payouts and most you can see these on

the tote board if you've wagered at home

every pretty much to Vance's the pot way

deposit wagering website you can see

them and just preparing you if you don't

know already you won't win

much but you win and you would certainly

won't get rich but if you if you're

somebody that's conservative once they

grind it out

psychologically feel like man I know how

to pick some winners of some horse races

you can have a nice steady profit from

betting on doubles if you are smart and

pick your spots now we're the best

double Daily Double this is important

you always want to try to give yourself

the biggest advantage that you can any

kind of edge you can get you got to take

it because horse racing is such a hard

hard game and it's so difficult to make

some money at horse race so you want to

bet doubles at tracks that have one

dollar minimum increments and the reason

that is because not everybody has a

large bankroll and you know we can

handicappers strive to help people that

are new to horse race and new to

handicapping so I want to do everything

possible to try to help those that might

not have a big bankroll so try to find

tracks that have one dollar minimum

increments that means for a minimum or

one dollar set of two dollars which some

tracks have you can bet the Daily Double

another reason I like the one dollar

minimum increments is because you can

structure your wagers in such a way that

you bet more on the combinations that

you're more confident in good sized

betting pools that's important remember

I was saying one of the cons of betting

the Daily Double is there's not much

money in the wagering pool as it used to

be so try to find tracks that have a

good sized betting pool and those are

usually your larger tracks your big

tracks low take out that means your take

out anytime you bet on horse races if

you win the track takes a cut of the

profits so in doubles you want to look

for 20% or less takeout rate by the

track and you want to try to bet track

tracks that routinely have large fields

to me eight or more horses in a race is

a large field so you want to get good at

pinpointing your betting action towards

tracks that allow you to have one dollar

minimum increments as a decent-sized

betting pool for doubles low take out a

20% or less and have eight or more

horses in their races so where are some

places to bet the Daily Double

using those factors look I love all

tracks I try to support all tracks I

know some tracks smaller tracks are

heard and I try to give businesses I try

to promote any race track I can but the

simple fact is very frustrating when you

don't have much money in a betting pool

and it doesn't take much to sway the

odds or the payouts I can't tell you how

many times I felt good about a horse

about a bet and their one odds they're a

certain number of odds when they're

going in the gate and soon as they leave

the gate there's no value and it's I

would have never bet that horse at those

odds or I hit the double and then they

paid a lot less than I thought because

at the very end somebody came in put a

lot of money down and screwed up the

payoffs and so it's very frustrating at

smaller tracks so you want to kind of

concentrate on major tracks the tracks

such as New York in New York California

Kentucky in Florida of course we have

Belmont aqueduct Saratoga in New York

California Santa Anita Del Mar of course

there's Golden Gate too but I wouldn't

classify that as a big track Kentucky so

you got Churchill Downs of course

Keeneland Florida Gulfstream Park those

tracks tend to have

decent-sized wagering pools and so the

odds won't fluctuate as much as they

will smaller tracks which means you have

a greater likelihood when you bet

something you're going to get that and

return what you thought you were going

to get in return there's other tracks

though so would my Sam Houston retama

and Tampa Bay downs the reasons I put

these on here's not because they're big

tracks with huge wagering pools but

their take outs are pretty pretty

satisfied and if you hadn't already

check out horse players of North America

track ratings Hannah you can go on horse

players association org it's fabulous

need to make a video about this resource

but it's really cool you can sort the

different tracks according to their take

out percentages or field size the number

of dirt starters turf starters it's

really really really excellent resource

I use all time and so would buy a fan

Houston the Tama and Tampa Bay Downs

they have a pretty low as far as doubles

go pretty low take a percentage so if

you want to try to get more of your

money back or keep more your money when

you win those tracks would be pretty

good to focus on

so check out horse Players Association

org those track ratings really excellent

resource so that's where to bet daily

doubles now how do you better here are

some tips that maybe hopefully will help

you out as far as when you go to bet

doubles and that way it's my hope that

you'll be winning more consistently and

winning more money how do you do this no

matter if it's a double bed or any bet

you do be very very selective of the

races you bet you can't just be betting

every single raise hooking up you know

two races after two races after two

races that's that's gay

and you won't be a winner in the long

run if you're playing like that so

please be very selective of the races

you bet there's so many races out there

if you search and if you're patient

enough you're going to find two races

that you have a pretty strong opinion on

and hopefully those races don't include

the favorite in fact if you pick a race

where you can beat the favorite in the

first leg it's going to pay a lot more

than if the favorite wins the first leg

now that might seem like Captain Obvious

but is so true if you can be patient and

wait and better race where you don't

even include the favorite in the first

leg you're going to be a lot better off

it's going to pay a lot more so try to

take a stand against the favorites

especially in the first leg of your

double and that applies to pick three's

big force pick fives too but but if

you're taking baby steps just learning

how to bet on horses start by trying to

beat the favorite in the first leg of

your double avoid first time starters

and lightly raced horses now I love all

kinds of horse races but these these

kind of races are a crapshoot you don't

know you don't have much to go on so

avoid there's plenty other races with

more experienced horses that have a

track record of what they're capable of

so first time starts you never know

what's going to happen with that there's

so many unknown factors lightly

racehorses could mess the same thing up

to a point some lightly race horses can

stay right where they're at after they

race the first or second time others

will take a enormous jump and they'll

improve drastically and you never know

you can guess if the price is right

maybe kind of factor that in but if you

want to up your odds of hitting more

doubles and winning more money I would

stay away from lightly race horses now I

love turf or

I absolutely love them they're so fun to

bet you make a lot of money from them

but be careful because turf races are

prone a lot of traffic trouble bad trips

you know you might have the best

tourists but it got blocking couldn't

get up in time and lost by nose crazy

stuff happens in turf races there are a

lot of fun to watch in bet but they can

drive you insane and put you in cardiac

arrest if you have too much money on on

them so unless you have a lot of

contenders and you want to spread out a

lot of horses I would say hold off try

to steer away from turf races so try to

stick to like dirt routes so if you

focus if you kind of find some of those

races the bet on or include then chaos

usually is less likely to ensue and if

you stay away from first-time starters

likely race horses you know what you're

going to get and you got more factors to

go on so that's some good tips to get


study the probable pools like I said

earlier you know exactly what you're

going to get you bet a double and you

can look and I guarantee you check mark

my words here a lot of times when the

two most likely winners of a race who

become the favored favorites in the wind

pools they might be overlays in the

double so what I'm saying is if a horse

was 2 to 1 in the first race 9 to 5 in

the second race you would think that

would be the lowest double pay off

sometimes it's not sometimes in the

double the two most likely winners

aren't the lowest payouts so that's why

it's really important to study the

probable pools and never bet never bet a

double combination that's undervalued

back to the card analogy

giving you fair value for your wager do

not bet it look for the wagers that

you're getting the better end of the

deal and you're getting a lot of value

for those combinations and only bet when

there's value that applies doubles that

applies to win bets exactas pretty much

any bet but the beauty of doubles

betting doubles win bets

Zakas you can know whether or not there

is value simply because you see the

probable payouts try to be two favorites

if your patient remember there's so many

races out there so many tracks in this

day and age you can get on the computer

bid all around the world you don't have

to stick to your one track if you have

access to your computer at at a OTV but

no matter where yet try to beat two

favourites wait until you think you

could beat two favorites or heavy

favorites either say if that favourites

three to one then that's a whole

different story because you'll probably

get a decent payout if you can try to

wait and try to find races that you can

be to favourites then that's best case

scenario another factor I want you all

to remember is different increments like

I said a couple slides ago betting those

dollar increments or whatever your base

wager your minimum wager is that you're

comfortable Betty what I like to do is

have multiple tickets and in future

videos I'll show you how to do this

basically if if you if your horse that

you is your number one pick let's say

the number five horse that's your number

one pick in one race your number one

pick in your second race the last leg of

the double is the number 4 horse will

put more money on that combination then

you do the other combinations so bet in

more increments in the combinations that

you're more confident in

so that is a really cool helpful tip

that I've been using for years and you

get compensated more based on your

confidence of your combinations so again

out in future videos I'll show you

exactly what I'm talking about so you

can if you hit the double you hit it

multiple times and make even more money

if you're right about those two races so

if you hadn't already hit that subscribe

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appreciate if you subscribe so you can

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calm and that way you can hopefully

improve your handicapping skill and

enjoy this beautiful game of

thoroughbred horse racing so until next

time happy handicapping small raised

wagering and improve that double game

don't forget about the daily doubles

still a good bet and a lot of

circumstances if you use it right use

these strategies I guarantee you'll

start consistently winning more daily

double bets

take care