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Ukulele School - D Chord Tutorial

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hi welcome in this video we will learn

how to play chords be in order to make D


we need the f-sharp and a please get

your girl in there ready make sure that

it is tuned move any long sleeves or

watches out of the way and let's get


D chord is a little bit more challenging

because it requires three fingers finger

one two and three you will put your

fingers on the green dot the blue dots

and the place where there is no dot if

you don't have the dots don't worry

about it we are just putting her fingers

on the second fret like this one two

three a lot of people make the mistake

of trying to keep their hand here and

it's very difficult to do you're going

to need to angle this part of your hands

upwards in order to make room for this

course don't play yet before you play we

need to test that every string sounds

good so this try and test the first

string sounds good sounds good does not

sound good that means I need to press

harder now I can make the chord

pause the video here if you need a

little bit of time to adjust all the

fingers and make sure that you get a

good sound now let's play D chord four

times I will be using the chunky part of

my thumbs to strum one two three one two

ready go one two again go one last time



please watch this video over and over

again until you have mastered state

course then you'll be ready to move on

to the next video which has the next

card please check the description box

below for links to the video where I

take you how to put the stickers on the

open and a link to the chord charts that

show even notes you're playing in each

chord thank you for watching see you in

the next video