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Cuatro Playing Tips for Beginners

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hey everybody I'm gonna give you some

tips on what it is that you can do to

enhance your playing style and just to

be clear this is absolutely nothing to

do with ability this has purely to do

with how it is that you are taking care

of yourself in terms of your fingers and

what is it that you can do to make your

instrument sound better than it already

does now the first thing that we're

gonna look at our fingernails our

fingernails are very important if you

take a look at a lot of guitars or a lot

of quality stuff they have fingernails

which are a little bit on the longer

side these are long metal too crazy just

a little bit you're talking about a

couple of millimeters and if you can

take a look at the marking hand so the

hand that I use to mark the frets that

one in itself is the the nails are a lot

shorter so that the nail does not get in

the way between the string and the

actual marketing of the fret

very important because if you have

longer ones trying to mark it then you

won't be able to mark it properly it

would be just as you might as well just

be pressing against one of the metal

frets similarly with the playing hand if

you have long nails then you're going to

be able to get a much more crisp sound

than if you would be playing it just

with the flesh of your fingers yeah it

gives it a little bit more of a muted

sound or a muffled type sound whereas if

you lay your fingers grow it'll be as if

you have a pick on every single finger

so that makes a huge difference it

sounds much more clear and ultimately

your your songs will sound better as

well so that's that's the first

nice ringing some good marking there

with using the flesh of the fingers

because we don't need the nails on this

one that's the first tip that I'm going

to give you about how does it you can

enhance your playing style with the

Quattro which is paying attention to

your two hands