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Things you CAN and CAN'T do in THE CREW

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hey gamers Eric here and we attack news

just got our copy of the crew weed over

in and here our first impression let's

check out some of the things you can and

can't do in the crew being that the crew

is an outlaw driving game our first

thought was naturally where are the cops

let's take out a random car on the

freeway and see what the boys are up to

all units 9-1-1 call sighs a reckless

driver in the vicinity be on the lookout

what we found is it's way too easy to

get locked up it seems to us that once a

cop is in front of you and the speed is

below 10 miles an hour you automatically

are assumed arrested but come on we're

fresh off a grand theft auto 5 rampage

it's gonna take a lot more than that to

lock us up when we took out that random

car on the highway it was also hard to

ignore that the target car took zero

damage from the impact at over a hundred

miles an hour this made me think let's

check out the damage in the gate I

pulled up to a random residential

driveway and started teeing off on some

guys truck to see what would happen

look at this the truck doesn't even take

a scratch

we here at Shack News don't condone

violence or criminal activity but it's

our job to push these games to the limit

we used our Camaro as a battering ram

for a good while and saw no visible

damage outside of a few scratches and

some chip glass are the cars in this

game that indestructible let's throw the

damn thing in the ocean and find out

while we're in this destructive mood

let's cruise down the sidewalk and see

how the pedestrians react the crew once

again takes the high road on this one

employing a Crazy Taxi style force field

to protect the innocent although if you

watch closely enough I'm pretty sure we

sent one guy flying into a deli on the

civil end of the spectrum we wanted to

see how much of the major cities we

could access for sight scene being that

we saw beautiful city scapes in the beta

we wanted more the cities are detailed

beautifully but unfortunately the

options limit how much you can look up

at the buildings in a city full of

skyscrapers like New York anybody who's

been to New York knows that in order to

be a true tourist you have to gaze up at

the buildings and stop traffic maybe

next time we wanted mischief and we

found it if your inner San Boxer can't

be contained just find some other

Busters in the map that are looking to

screw around you can mess with pretty

much whoever you want in the crew and if

people are messing with you you can even

help the cops arrest them here I battle

the Dodge Viper destruction derby style

and then tried to help the fuzz lock him

up but he got away

he was just spotted in Miami and we are

currently on our way down there to kick

his ass so that's our first and

certainly not last look at the crew for

more high speed action from this game

and everything else video game check out

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