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THE CREW 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (Xbox One X)

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I wanted to start things off say what's

up hope you guys are having a fantastic

summer so far I am too but anyways the

crew - brand-new game potentially brand

new series I'll see how this video goes

I'm pretty sure I'll do more than one

video for this anyways but if you'd like

a full series just destroy that like

button I don't have a goal but if we get

like thirty or forty thousand likes

definitely expect a lot of videos for

this it apparently is supposed to have a

really good story and I don't know I'm

just really eager to play it so with

that being said guys Bob's gonna give

away two copies of this game one for

Xbox one actually I take that back I

have like several copies for Xbox that I

could give away and have a few for ps4

so it might be like four copies

I'm gonna go ahead and say that now so

if you want a chance wishy to like the

video or leave a comment of when you

found my channel and I'll post the

winners over on Twitter very soon so I

love you guys best audience ever and

let's do this Oh

choose your rising star oh you can have

followers in this game interesting

alright I aim for the stars the sky

isn't the lemon anymore I go beyond I

discover explore race and then sum all

this dude looks why does he look from

the hold on alright we're okay wherever

you want to go you'll find me

just ahead I feel the need but for a lot

more speed S&S corny alright home is

where the heart is

I like that quote then my home moves at

200 km/h making me think again I live

for this I don't know man like doesn't

matter who you pick how many characters

are there never drive alone I'm a nobody

give me a few minutes you know what I

cannot like his quote I'm sure I see how

many characters are actually are okay

then that was what like 20 maybe I'm

gonna pick one alright guys I think I'm

just I'm going this guy he uh his quote

really stuck out to me like he's got

something to praise like Paul Walker in

the first fast in the Furious movie

so I think I'm gonna go with him okay


guys come on get a move on we're going

on soon ah Hiroyuki Carter Hey call me

hero pleasure to meet you I was

beginning to think you and your driver

weren't gonna make it

I'm from live the camera company

sponsoring this race and I'll be heading

up this event what with me look thanks

again I'm really stoked about this

thanks for giving us this shot don't

mention it

we're always on the lookout for new

talent and you and your friend fit the

bill and I don't have to tell you this

but do you do right for yourselves in

this race you'll see a lot of doors

opening up for you

gotcha we won't disappoint you

disappoint me that's not what this is

about it's your chance to impress people

who matter events my company organizes

are a feeder for every racing family out

there you do want to raise yes oh yeah

this is such a big deal for us we've

tried broadcasting the races but no dice

I guess nobody wants to see nobody's

trust me just show the world what you've

got this one

you'll get followers like that run a

good race you'll find your options and

your followers increasing we'll give it

our best here on my friend

I don't want your best I want legendary

badass them anyway I've got to go

something about putting on a race best

of luck

okay thanks

you're good to go buddy break a leg help

break anything you have to drive like I

know you can and will

it's in no time


welcome to the city that never sleeps in

this event you'll see New York taken

over by racers in a way you never could

have imagined it's not just the city

it's a playground for the best pilots

and drivers of today and tomorrow


Oh while I'm in the driver's seat out of


I'm gonna tell you one thing right now

so racing games of Henry hit-or-miss

with the controls normally we're here

today the guards toughest misogynist

live extreme series in this new season

talented newcomers have a shot of taking

on established stars and a chance to

impress all the racing teams out here

and believe me they're watching and just

as importantly they need to generate

excitement that's how fans are where

this guy goes what it's all about right

become a racer still the show and see

your follower numbers sword

I never got a lot of followers already

are you kidding

I don't know how this like live world

works normally but

I'm gonna see if I get the driving down

first oh man what is this

speaking of soaring get a load of that

jump there you have it folks the numbers

are going through the roof

right now sorry for the weird cut and uh

doorbell rang what am I supposed to do

I'm glad you can pause this game I was

kind of worried with the whole life

thing from it

all right so so far the game is pretty

forgiving when it comes to messing up

now live goes to balls what are this yo

I'm tripping right now what is going on


know what

just like the movie Inception

that was crazy man

they I mean that was I've never seen a

game do that before that was really well

done cut through the middle

your game followers by winning of course

but that's not the yellow man do a

spectacular stunt like this and the fans

will come already check it out

I gave a sand with like the drone and

the setting and the way the city looks

it just reminds me a lot of watch dogs

too with the colors and stuff

I don't know almost got a thousand

followers I'll take it

it's like Twitter it's like I may not

post every day but I seriously look at

it several times a day it's like I love

it man

I guess they're kind of giving you an

overall fill for the entire world by

activities of the different type of I

believe race launching of new star

exploding onto the circuit

is this boats really not that fast even

with the boost

oh man here we go again guys

we kick it up a notch for their grand

finale oh wow we're gonna be in the air


nice let's go boys


I thought they just throw you in this

game this is how it is these days just

being a good pilot isn't enough anymore

you've got to shine on and off the

course staying sharp on the social meet

hold on one sec that was uh I think I

messed up when I was doing the

controllers games game settings hold on

here we go

airplane yeah I got it backwards good

gracious I need to change all like the

it's simple memo the more followers you

have the more followers you'll get sign

on with your first racing team and the

second will start looking at you pile up

supporters and the contracts will be

knocking on your door to put it another

way a driver who attracts enough

followers will open up new styles of

racing we call them disciplines y'all

call them an awesome and isn't awesome

what we're all after why does this make

me excited for spider-man all of a

sudden just for the

there we go finish

I guess it kept out of 2,000 followers

at the start


nice from the heart of New York City

this was the live extreme series episode

one thank you for watching and remember

to follow us on all social media

very unique intro to a game alright

deploy what is that


anonymous all right

rookie official my friend we have made

the big time we're still gonna have to

prove ourselves but that's more than

fine you know we've got the right stuff

there's so much to try boats planes all

kinds of cars it's like the world's

biggest buff a menu and we gonna take a

bite out of everything we're talking

street racers off-road pro racing

freestyle you can take a test run with

any of them or if you ask me do them all

pick which one you want to try first

let's go my friend and welcome to the

motor nation I do the dirtbike stuff bad

look kind of fun live Matt we've got

four ways we can get this puppy rolling

it's your pick how do you want to start

oh I see we got freestyle Los Angeles

let's do the uh I wanted to the off-road

really quick hey there I'm Wade Paul

maybe you've heard of me and this is my

show I'm looking for someone interested

in racing off the beaten track and I'll

loan you a ride to see if you've got it

what is it

take the keys my friend and we'll find

out if you win you keep the car and get

a shot at running some real races you

lose I take my ride back and it's so

long but you're not gonna lose all you

three two one

oh man

why does this feel like it's about to

end in a nasty wreck

I guess in this video we make this first

part as long as I can

just cuz uh there's so much to take in

in this game oh my goodness oh my

goodness I would not race an F an f-150

Mike Oh

I shoulda turned right there I don't I

could turn anywhere

this world Westworld with fence

I'll tell you right now a light from the

grand scale of everything I kind of feel

okay so here's my comparison to it all

already I have a butt like the first

game was incredible that one it was

mostly in the city and everything and

this one while it is like New York and

everything but they they just added a

lot more colors and stuff dude it feels

like it reminds me of the transition

from the first watchdogs to the second

one that since that's a human self game

I just I feel like there's some

similarities there Ken reminds me of the

game last year Need for Speed except I

don't quite know the story for this yet

other than you just get approved


area is ginormous can I hit this ramp

oh my goodness

oh I don't know I was gonna bake it or


okay good

not really racing against anybody more

like the ghost or whatever was

the thing about these games I have a

habit of holding down the turbo button I

don't give it time to breathe bill that

much but just speaking of which I am on

I'm actually Pledis on the Xbox one X so

I was like I don't know which system I

play it for the thing about PC but I

just did the first one I got so I just

roll with it all right not bad

you and me we got some things to discuss

about your future come on base camp and

you new Coralie

give an overall rank to okay

get back over there what do we do oh it

takes us



well look who it is

you made your bones now you belong here

so welcome to this little slice of

off-road paradise you'll find everyone

here mothers mountain climbers and

winners and I'm betting their last ones

with no Monty that fools Tucker Morgan

though everyone calls me Chuck

he thinks he's number one around here

but we're gonna show that tree hugger

just how wrong he is he likes to ride

out and explore lots of folks around

here duel which is their mistake they

ought to be focusing on racing instead

but their loss is our gain yours and

mine and like I said you can go to the

shop and pick up the car that's waiting

for you there call it an investment in

your future the rest of them they're

those you have to earn

or how there was able to get all these

like named red things in the game like

Red Bull and Ford I mean that some

licensing on that's got to be insane all

right getting a really a really raid

vehicle free vehicle right here so you

can just pick whatever that's actually

kind of cool okay now what it said first

person what I'm guessing this is what

they were talking about

alright essence free I do not have

enough for those that is a lot of points

alright I'm gonna go with a freebie I

guess change colors I mean I'll just

keep whatever it has on there there's

not really a lot of options I don't

think I just see the two things nine new

activities is probably a little cash

just driving around this magazine asked

us to take some photos you can see what

they want your photo album it's not

mandatory but the way you roll looks

like easy money how long this game is

freestyle trial I kind of want to do so

hold on street racing yeah let's do it

man let's zoom in you don't actually

have to zoom in but it is kind of cool

all that sick law stuff so we got Los

Angeles in this one cuz you start out in

like New York I think yeah cuz you can

actually go back to that area high speed

drift or RAL oh man off-road HQ I guess

I'll just go back to the street racing

one here we go

so I showed you how many followers

you're gonna get in stuff how many

points from I guess doing whatever is

like the activity there

look what we have here the name's

Latrell I'm sort of like the unofficial

welcoming committee for the street

racing family we tune our rides show

them off and racing if that sounds like

something you want it on you got to show

me something I'll loan you a car but you

got to do the driving if you win one of


just remember the causal owner don't

scratch it


I thought for a minute we're gonna get

the drive to Hellcat that's a car I'm

used to driving I love like I've had a

Dodge Challenger for a while now

all right so what

I'm pretty much other drifting out now

all my kids look at this ramp


most racing games most racing games have

its I think ultimately I think most

companies don't like most of the racing

games that we play this in German even

driving it like normal type games where

it's not really like the main activity

the biggest thing is however cars

control like determined base for the

entire game and so I think that they did

a great job with this site it just it

feels smooth it doesn't feel like overly

stiff or anything each vehicle feels a

little different but it's still kind of

that loose mechanic we're kinda hard to

explain it really I guess you just have

to play it and go for yourself but ok I

get to compare it to like Need for Speed

his payback was the one last year just

like cars controls really really well

and that's what this feels like

of what

and Travis's uh not making any mistakes

in this Viper

ah come on

I'm gonna get past turn to medley those

gray dots in the mini-map no let me get

anything get it oh let's go boys first

place all right you did it now come with

me got something for you I think you're

gonna like


welcome to the street-racing family

that was a fine reason which means you

punched your ticket to the spot the

place where the street racing community

hangs I'm part of the crew here that's

looking to take what we do legit feel

the same way maybe we can help each

other out this guy on the other hand

wants to keep it on the struts

his name's Edgar Marquez but you best

call him Tito he's the champion racer

around huh the king of the quarter-mile

you want to take a shot at him it's

going to take everything you've got and

maybe a few things I can teach you

you got ten I can give you skills see

those cars one of them's yours reward

for winning that trial it'll be a little

tough for her and the rest though you

gotta buy those win enough races get

enough cred and you'll get to play with

all sorts of toys drifting

drag racing you get the idea you got a

run and you got a win now pick your ride

get behind the wheel and let's see what

you got what think I think I just

noticed on the board behind everything

all right so we got the look at the

hypercar that looks kind of cool see I

guess you pick it doesn't matter which

one you select looks like you can go to

like a menu but I saw the board in the

back and it looks almost like there's a

I guess like an overall category for

like your ranking with everybody else

pre-order hold on really you can use a

motorcycle in this other side to see

what all they got got the h1 alpha a

fair lady see Impala sports sedan I said

old school z28 Camaro RS rx-7 all right

oh man they got they got Eleanor this

mug hold on oh I want this car it's like

my dream Gever service I saw it gone in

60 seconds that's what I've always


all right let me let me go back there's

a lot of cars so let me let me let me

let me go back to the mx-5 that's a

that's a steep jump

alright so top speed obviously I feel

like the better of the three I don't

know it's got it between the audio

actually I think I'll go with this one I

was gonna go with the Mustang but I

think that if you look at the handling

on both are about the same top miles per

hour the same power I just I don't know

I feel like this one will be better I'm

good to actually pick the good old green

I don't know well X yeah I'm okay here's

what we're like I'm curious what your

favorite color isn't like an actual car

like I'm all about like I like black on

everything black rims black everything

oh there we go

I guess we're just kind of right in the

law of as far as this map goes we kind

of go all over the place we've got the

tools to do it at the house just no

flame decals okay alright so we we've

got that established the sleepers

street-race the strips okay a street

race is about freestyle trial oh my god

let's go back here so you can go here

alright home sweet home turn on OH tune

up your rides voice your creativity

let's do it

I don't even know what I mean I don't

know if this really changes anything or

if it's like a cutscene or what we'll


hero in the house I love this place we

can kick back you could change your

clothes or swap the look of the vehicles

bumper to bumper or you could do

whatever else it is you do when you're

not driving not really sure there must

be other stuff too this place is huge

I mean just look around I think it's

crazy how the bed has got two suitcases

as the side drawer I guess gonna calm

like side dressers I don't know what

they're like side to side drawers maybe

and then like the beds almost on the

grounds this is a full-fledged garage

this is nice the only thing is I only

have the one vehicle cell narrative

rewards what is this hold on off-road

freestyle Pro Racing interesting catalog

shows you all the different cars you

have I guess yes see they got license to

everything man that's that's uh all they

got McLaren did you see that I saw it

just as I was hitting the exit button

alright I think we're good I don't

really need to do anything

I think it's cool to how you can do this

so let's let's zoom out some so you

start there so I guess if you wanted to

do things around the area then we could

leave Miami let's go back to high speed

drifter I'm really nervous about that

Motor Trend classic street racing let's

do that one

classic cars

who doesn't love more importantly who

doesn't want a reason that's what you're

gonna get to do on a closed course

Randall just for us it's a dream race so

go enjoy and win it's kind of giving the

tires warm you know

reached top three so we didn't have to

get first place

we used some of this or use all of it


oh you can take multiple paths I like

when game to do that I trial of burnout

paradise so much all I did like one one

video for that but I admit I played the

[ __ ] of that game when I was a kid

well it's not a kid well I think that

was burnout 3 I'm thinking about the

other one

Oh time tickets kill that person I'll

get him get up good

one thing I've always - like trike

driving games in general that is good

stuff fly enough ran through a bunch of

barrels over there

parts of almost in top three hold on

I gotta get

used to this the ADI handles it's a

little bit based a lot more slick around

the corners and stuff like in terms

really sharp compared to the last

vehicles I've actually drove on here


like there's just like random people in

the streets like get out of the way what

are you doing look at that turn radius


I don't think I would have been able to

do that kind of turn in a Mustang I just

I'm not really sure that if that would

have actually worked or not

all right this curve right there I got a

straight net up all right so I just need

to get top three that's all I got to do

we're almost done actually so you are

the same I guess you caught like a

little route they have a little bit

and man that's I can't want you to

drifting in this game now just from the

tires screeching and everything I feel

like it's gonna be pretty epic

all right so nice and safe third-place

finish that's all I needed to do

so I can redo that again and get lucky

we got loot for that you should grab it

I'm sure it's gonna come in handy you

can use to upgrade your rods so keep

bringing it in

no that's just like the last be babied

gets your radar going off which means

there's a live reward nearby then you

can track down and collect the closer

you are the faster the beeps see if you

can find it

radar only works when you're on the move

so get rolling if you want to find the

live reward I did not think this would

be a loot based game hold on go to the

main menu all right yeah let me do that

really quick so there's got the new

parts okay that is sick I like it so it

lights up whatever okay that's gonna be


how orphans like oh if it's better than

you do like a feature where you auto

turn it on you know

photo op nearby Lady Liberty okay you

wanna go back this way

I was wondering with like the freer

olmec um I mean I guess you could

technically I wonder if you wanted to

could you drive from like New York to LA

if you really wanted to could you I

don't know if that's in the game or not

like I'd have to I'd have to find out I

guess so I've already done this race

once and I got third place and I watched

like really because I think since it's

the like flute and everything now I

really want to get the top ranked l that

I'm inside it's fine

come on come on is drafting a thing in

this game when you get behind them and

let them take all the wind you know

Artemis first I just got to hold on to

this position take it easy


all right thinking oh it might be good I

don't know guys all right let's get it

nice let's go man

all right cool you do it actually stacks

so you can actually do it multiple times

enter some loot right there exhausts

okay so we got a couple of other ones

now turning the free drive hold on want

to zoom out a little bit so I'm guessing

if you really wanted to because there's

stuff there's a ground jump there's

financial district a speed trap that's


this is hallow ground you're driving

right here is where teal the champion

made his bones if you win here let me

equip that stuff really quickly so we

have two new performance things they'll

light up one twenty eight and it looks

like hold on I'm guessing the white is

common in greens like uncommon and then

I guess he might go all the way up to

like I'm gonna guess like blue or purple

or yellow

all right the strip South Beach here we

go guys

so reco is our Rico I guess is


I'm well above what it recommends just

from the starting vehicle as you get oh

here we go

wish me luck Gus I feel like if you guys

want more of this game um I'll just see

how the video does but I can definitely

upload a lot of it I mean there's not a

lot of games done right now and I would

love to make this a full series so all

right where's this fool going

the city is nice with castle right here

that's it shota what you got

a little bit nervous that the

I think I may try drifting if ITIF I do

another video for this like I would like

to try the drifting and some of you like

is boat and airplane stuff Oh take it


what's oh my goodness I was going around

the building actually going through it

that absolute madman I love it

no this this little map Ralph right here

is pretty cool you see a lot of


Oh God my kids see we're going through

turning though I really want that Viper

now all right so that it's the halfway

point okay we just gotta do everything

we just did again right so we kind of

got a feel for it at least I just got to

not make any big mistakes that I should

be all right


baby faces with two quick turns back oh

my goodness go go go

I'm pretty far ahead of the guy in a

second so I say that but that's really

only like a few seconds difference

all right so you know to stay in the

middle this time that's so weird to me

she's gonna not trouble oh no hit the

car oh no oh you gotta be kidding don't

do it to me we'll do it to the game uh

he cut her on the Oh hold on I can't

mess this up come on cut through the


96% yeah and I hit something at the very

end now I'm only gonna get a mic in

second baby oh come on

it's simply doing things get you

followers oh man you have the more you

know I got to do to get a whole new

things we can earn even more followers

ah here we go here we go here we go come


you gotta be [ __ ] you got to be [ __ ]

me we got to do it again guys our guys

I'm gonna go ahead and zoom out so I'll

do one more thing frame the video I want

to try the freestyle this this right

here is gonna be fun monster truck what

that's an option


welcome to our community of freestylers

I'm Sofia and I'll be taking you on here

we're all about having fun


if you want in it's easy get that plane

get ready to do every trick on that list

in the order they're shown and grab a

barf bag while you're at it use the bag

and you lose beat the score of set and

you're in I'll show you what I can

really do later but for now it's your

turn this is about to be sick I was

looking forward to this all right here

we go finish the events yo this ain't

control now try a roll to roll level out

your flight then pick left or right move

the stick in the direction you choose

until you've done a full roll all right

says do a full lateral rotation I guess

it's just

all got to get dizzy time to air drift

just hold your right or left rudder

pedal down for long enough and you'll

get the hang of it

knife flight can be tricky orient your

plane with one wing pointing straight

down and you've got it

night flight that is sick

may see a plane okay hold on a little

bit nervous about this one

try loop just pull the stick back until

you've gone a full 360 degrees oh here

we go guys I'm gonna get it

visor bag game for Super Nintendo pilot

leaves you know


now low-altitude take a wild guess with

that one means

no no best be careful not to brush more

than the treetops or he'll get a crash

course in landing the wrong way

as low as possible

that it's not low enough

let's go to the water

I be easy there

yo this is low altitude


that was awesome great flying okay you

need to meet my partner in crime

Emmitt at the barn and then we can

really get you rolling Oh almost popular

not quite done


I'm Emmett and you must be the new

talent Sofia was talking about he will

see if she's as good a judge of people

as she is a pilot and a driver and never

mind you get the picture now as to what

this place is about

that's tricky to describe you see these

people they work hard and they play hard

and they somehow make ends meet until

you can wrap your head around that you

don't belong here

but heck Sophia vouched for you well

you've got to be good folks

she and I've got something for you down

at the store by the way that's down here

a place where you can pick up a few

other rides when you earn the scratch

but uh get one for free oughta put a

smile on your face just remember to keep

smiling when she whips you good up there

in the meantime I suggest you figure out

what you want to do there's no rules

around here except do your best and have

fun I expect you to follow one all right

what we got so we got the rookie level

required we got that unlocked obviously

yo I just don't know why but I want to

see how the monster trucks handle in

this game wait did I say test drive uh

I'm I may do that when I first come back

like I'll do a part two for this guys I

think I have this one wait do I know I

day so don't I have the season pass so I

don't know maybe maybe it's not unlocked

yet since I'm playing it kind of early I

would we got edge yeah I'm gonna have to

go with this one there's nothing else I

can choose

guess what there's an easy way for us to

add followers all you've got to do is

cool stuff like flying under bridges

drifting or taking big jumps the more

stuff you chain the more followers we

get all right guys I guess on that note

I will stop here I think I think I'll do

another video for this it just there's a

lot more I want to check out and I don't

know if you guys want a full series just

do what you do and I guess I will catch

you on the flip side guys take it easy