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How to DOWNLOAD and PLAY Crafting Dead (Minecraft Mod)

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hey guys it's tiny here welcome back to

another video on this channel today is

just a quick tutorial video for those of

you that have left some comments on some

of my crafting dead videos you'd like to

know how to one download technic

launcher and then how to download the

crafting dead mod pack as well so first

of all you need to do is open up your

internet browser and simply just type in

technic launcher into the search and

then just click on the first link it is

technical part net a forward slash

download and then just scroll down to

the bottom and you need to pick your OS

so for me my case it is Windows so I'll

just click Windows and it will start to

download so you will need to press keep

so essentially you just open up your

downloads folder and drag it to your

desktop then all you do is just double

click to open up the launcher itself it

will take a little bit longer the first

time you run it and you will need to log

into your Minecraft account to actually

access the launcher itself so once it

does load up click mod packs and then in

the side here just start typing official

crafting dead then hit search this top

one here with the little red guy and CD

as the logo just click that when you do

click on it for the first time down here

where it says play will actually say

install once you install it you just hit

play and Bob's your uncle you have

access to the crafting dead and for the

purpose of this tutorial I've just hit

play we'll go ahead and we'll load it up

and I'll show you how to jump on to the

servers play single-player or add in

your own server as well ok so this is

like the the intro screen just click

play you'll have the option to go to

single-player this will open up just a

random like your normal single-player

worlds you click create new when you do

want to play the crafting dead though

you have to go to more world options and

change it to crafting dead and if you

just want you to play the

normal mod servers so this mod itself

actually runs direct servers just click

play and then mod servers there is three

at at the time so you've got Dead Island

Atlanta and Somerset and then if you

want to add in a server because there is

a group called the crafting dead

so the actual mod and the people who run

the mod is just called crafting dead but

there are some third-party servers

called the crafting dead so that's how

you go ahead and manually add those but

that's it for you guys today hopefully

that was short and straight to the point

for you and enjoy playing the crafting

dead have a going guys see you later