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I use a percolator because that's what we use in Italy and somebody told me that it burns the coffee

because the water's boiling. Is that carcinogenic?

Which one of your exes would you like to go back and sleep with?

Probably my

First proper boyfriend from when I was about 16, 17

Because I mean we didn't know anything then. We were really young and I'm just a lot better at sex now


I think he probably would be too, and I wonder if that would have changed anything. Would you keep him as a 16 year old?


Which colleague or professional contact

would you like to apologize to? Do you remember when I had that

secretary job after uni? I just couldn't handle getting all of these

invoices and like contracts my desk cuz I just didn't know what to do with them um

and eventually it just really started to stress me out, so I just used to shred everything.

What? You didn't. That's really bad. What?

I just.. I just.. Did you get found out?

No. Because I I left the job after three months and also I actually

and this is... I also emailed everybody on the mailing list saying: "I'm only here for the money-

I'm going down to book the tickets to Vietnam now", but I meant to send it to my cousin

But I sent it to every professional contact. Yeah, no I do feel bad for that actually

because it was a family friend who got me the job. I think should have apologized way sooner actually.


Who is the most unlikely or unusual person you've masturbated to? -oh god

It's probably yeah a

teacher I don't if I can even remember her name

I think you know..

Mrs. Warnock

Just you know when I was still finding finding my feet masturbation-wise

In what way do you think you might be described as bad in bed by an uncharitable person? The fun never stops.

No I'm joking. My mind tends to wander.

Might start thinking about work..



Has someone called you out for that? Yes many times.

What did you just pause and went and answered an email? Well I cuz if I have a thought?

then I need to attend to it immediately so

I'll be like yeah, so I just need to send this email send this text or take this call

No. That's terrible.

So yeah

How long are you having sex for that you can take time off in the middle?

Yeah, well this does say uncharitable

so yes this going on for awhile. -And it's good to know that I'm I can call you at any time and

And what about you does your partner not understand?

Nothing! You understand me completely.

But I

No something that's come up recently I do feel that yeah when I'm flirting I am known to be quite a flirty person

And obviously I've got a little male friends, and I think sometimes you ah you get really possessive

Really possessive

Sorry I mean.. but but you know and I think it's important for my sense of

autonomy, my sense of potency to, you know feel desired by

More people than just you

Yeah, I think that's.. I do find it uhh I don't really have

lots of female friends, maybe that's it and I just like I

guess just find it weird to know where the line is

I'd like if you flirted more. I mean not with... -You can flirt with me -No -Yeah should I flirt with you?

But would make me feel like you are actually desirable.

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