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How To Play The Climb By Miley Cyrus On Guitar

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hi guys welcome to Mahalo I'm Julie and

today's guitar lesson is going to be our

favorite little moppet Miley Cyrus and

her smash hit the client

now this song I play this with a capo on

the 2nd fret and the chords are

basically D a

and G for most of the verse the

pre-chorus we have B minor an f-sharp

minor also there is an E minor in there

in the birth sorry about that so what

we're doing for the verse is since it is

played on piano and it's just played

simple quarter notes you can approximate

that on guitar like so

strumming D

and again

gee there's a poison a minor

than a one more time


she lost with no direction a minor now

we have come to the pre-chorus the

pre-chorus B minor and F sharp minor

again B minor bar chord and then F sharp

minor or you could do the full bar if

your fingers are strong enough so this

is what this sounds like but


and that's G got a kid

and then we have our chorus part so I do

know that the beginning chord in the

chorus is D

the Jeep

than a



and a

and then here we're going to go D

hey G hey



Hey so um that is your verse your

pre-chorus and your course at the very

end of the solo you're going to have

you're gonna have the e minor then

you're going to have D yoga ref sharp

and you're going to end on a G and kind

of let that ring out so let's try that

whole solo part one more time

so the solo four bars you're going to go

around three times like this hey G

hey hey

hey one more time


hey that you minor

then V over F sharp and then you just

let your hand ring out on that D and

then you go back to the course the outro

um all it is is again that D

hey G hey

let's keep going

and one more time

and then

you end on a D chord and so somewhere in

that you will have the climb thanks a

lot for watching if you would like to

learn how to play guitar for anymore


check out these videos over here where

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slash how to play guitar for newbies

thanks a lot