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Clarinet lesson for Beginner - C Scale (C D E F G A B)

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hey what's happening today I'm gonna do

something that I hadn't done in a while

um Steven aka rude way and today I'm

gonna do a video to kind of get you

started on how to play well the clarinet

now the clarinet is in the key of b-flat

this is a b-flat clarinet so I must

start with the C scale on this clarinet

so on a C scale the most important thing

about the clarinet is to make sure that

you cover the host properly and so you

want to practice this to get used to

covering the holes on the C scale this

here we're gonna start with not using

this we're just gonna cover this hole

here without pressing that and as we go

up the scale we're gonna press it so

this dot right here with the C

next 1d


see register key is down this is the

register key this long key e




Jia's open note so you just hold it open


press down his top key B is when you're

gonna hold this all idiots down and this


and then you're gonna press this one

so you just raise that one pinky finger

up and that is the C scale and it sounds

like this

so but you like very very beginners this

is what I want you to do I want you to

not go all the way up till the be

Odyssey I just want you to learn how to

cover the holes so you practice the open


to learn how to blow and get a sound and

then when you once you get that you

start on the scene right here

go up

that's the deal if another finger


lip another finger which will give you f

lift another finger which is open G


and press down on the top

so what you did what you did c d e f g a

na don't that sound familiar and so what

you do is you go down a g f e d c so if

you're doing the alphabet and you start

it on C you go c d e f G a and I want

you to just stop there once you get that

and really learn that c d e f g a you're

well on your way to being a clarinetist

so just do that and then once you're

ready to advanced you go to ub with just

everything down this top one and this

one now oh don't worry about this key

cuz this key won't be almost clarinets

it's only on certain clarinets assisted

the e-flat key when i press this key

down it just presses down my a flat

there's an extra key so don't even worry

about that it's probably not even on

your clarinet if it is don't worry with

it so you're gonna play B and then C

again and that's the whole C scale but

until you're ready for that just do c d

e f g a and then go back down a g f e d

c and just practice that and then on the

next video we are going further and that

is the clarinet tutorial Steven aka I

let you but make sure you subscribe and

check out the covers so you know the

true potential of the clarinet and

relations to pop music the clarinet is

is like extremely important and valuable

in Orchestra music but it is just as

beautiful in pop music and we need more

clarinetist plan

pop music highlight you boy you know you

know me boom