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How To Play Joni Mitchell The Circle Game (intro only)

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you're seeing this view of the neck

because I'm about to capo of the next

summer in the middle here but first

let's get in tune for the circle game

and we're going to tuned to open G so

let's go from first string down first

string Tunes down to D second string

stays on the note B third string stays

on the note G fourth string stays on D

fifth string tubes down to G and sixth

ring tunes down to D and then we cattle

with the fourth fret if we want to play

it in the same key as journey and we're

going to find that we have a G major

chord on the open strings and whereas

when we come to the verse I'm going to

show you a typical pattern that you can

set up and repeat through the song to

make it much easier to play in the

introduction I'm going to suggest that

we do want to play it like Joni does

because this sound is so identifiable as

the circle game at the beginning here is

the intro and then we'll break it down

what we've got here is this chord shape

initially second strain of the third

fret and the 4th and 5th strings at the

4th fret and we're going to play here 5

3 & 2

and then come up the strings for three

one one and two and and then bring the

shape down two frets to the 1st and 2nd

frets and play exactly the same right

hand pattern except

the last note is the open second string

and that is giving you time to move back

to the original chord shape again that's

why she opens that string up one and two

and three and four and so notice that

that open first string is buying you the

time to move down two frets and the open

second string is buying you time to move

back again

because we're going to play the same

thing in bar two

and almost the same thing in bar three

and after that fourth string note we're

going to play the first string second

string and then the hands come away and

make the open strings into the next

chord which is a G chord bar for we

playing for 5 and 2 for 3 then 5 and 2

again I'm going to hammer the second

string to the 1st fret from open to

first fret

not quickly take the space of half a


first string five and two again and you

may have done this already the courtship

you want is first string second string

first fret and 4th string second fret if

you haven't added fourth string second

fret yet add it now and play it

one and two and three and four and this

bar for the first time introduces what I

call the three three two pattern that

comes up a lot in this song where the

bass is playing a rhythm that's going

one two three one two three one two one

two three one two three one two

it's a Calypso rhythm and you can see it

clearly if this bar

and that feel in the right hand is

really continuing through most of the

song will see that more when we get into

the verse but the final line the final

bar of the intro is the open strings

it's a G chord for 5 of 2 4 3 5 & 1 4 3

5 2 3 2 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 and here's the

whole intro again slowly