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Golf Short Chip Shot Lesson

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right Matt we're gonna do a little

challenge it's a basic little chip it's

not easy you've got to fly it just onto

the fringe of green running downhill

away from you all quite long grass but

lying okay and we'll do who's nearest

there's a little game but I also want

you and I will talk about how you would

go about playing it okay happy with that

let's get stuck in right now I've got my

bug eyes I've got my 60 I got my 58 my

p.m. grind it'll move us and grind

you've got your 58 which is your most

lofted it is yes so how are you seeing

the shot for our viewers I always try

and put it on the green okay as much as

I can yeah it's generally you know how

it's going to bounce okay and it's short

and this stuff especially when there's

lots of grass see where are you gonna

learn this I'm literally gonna try and

pick you on the green so you're going to

try and land it around there but I can

hit my pink castle okay and then

obviously out of that rough you're

expecting more run out more a runny shot

yeah so I might even add a bit a lot as

well so how would you do that

twist the club okay and grip it so if

you twist that Club it might point the

fleeting edge to the right right and

then learn my hand or a little bit

what's that really them lost it

springing the lost plans right target

yeah so match using the three dimensions

of opening and closing a face to zero

like he's not just twisting it which

adds lost and that might points to right

he's then changing the lie to make the

loft point in a different direction

because he's to using two angles there

but you're doing it what's interesting

is you're doing it route really thinking

about it's only I'm quizzing you you

would just sound twisting the face open

you wouldn't you would you would lower

the handle without even articulating it

to anyone normally it's just an actual

isn't it yeah I think lots of viewers

they don't you can do that show me

ball position always on my sternum or

back I never really put it forward so

where pop you so you mean middle your

body middle of my board it just lines up

with the middle of

not lining out with your feet no I don't

line up with B okay that's fine and then

you're going to make kind of like a

waist high swing with your hands both

sides I think it's going to come out

with us head height yeah about that

show me okay so you landed it left but

exactly the distance and you finished

left of target but a very good length so

your landing point was smaller was how

you play so I've got my 60 which is my

most loft dude I'm gonna play face also

fraction twisted to the right yeah add a

fraction more loft and then lower

handles slightly and I'm going to play

exactly like you're going to try and pop

it up I'm more feet together and I've

been like my handles forwards you're a

bit more level aren't Anna and I'm also

going to feel when I swing my feeling is

that I'm going to try and keep my hands

feeling like they're more over the ball

so more just the hinge and then swing

through I'm not gonna feel like I take

my hands away all right

does that make any sense yeah cuz I just

feel a lot I can get the ground a bit

early where if I feel like I keep my

hands close to where I want them at

delivery it's more the little kind of

flick for this for me okay

oh I well you know I'm brilliant at

least throw me bill I used to be Adam G

mark I might land it a bit for

everything me and then stub it stubborn

run got away with that yeah you did it

was rubbish again I caught the ground

slightly first I'm gonna do another

quickly it is work out pretty good there

yeah well it was a safe Duff you're

never gonna really you know I knew if it

if it was kind of death here I might

have chose to play it longer because I

know I can play that shot of the minute

um so it upsets me there that I did

catch the ground first because what I

said I was going to do I didn't achieve

it yeah it wouldn't make me change not

having to go at that again I pulled my

back you were closer the-- Thanks in a

small ways actually I think you were a

twin for the LA commando close so just

have another you know trying to keep my

hands being like gonna go that way as

much baby

yeah that's a nicely

you see I threw that on much further and

a bit of speed and it did have a little

bit of stop it was like yeah so I win if

we have to go I'll stick to one that's a

win for the lucky magic and the army go

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