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How to play the chimes, by Matthew Jackson

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hello my name is Matthew Jackson I'm the

drummer for Linville Baptist Church and

today I want to talk to you about using

the chimes in a praise band situation of

course many of you might already know

that colouring and texturing is a big

component of playing praise music can

you do that several ways several

techniques in today's lesson I want to

concentrate specifically on the chimes

now notice I did not call these wind

chimes oftentimes they'll refer to as

wind chimes but these are not wind

chimes wind chimes are something you put

on your porch okay

this is these are just called chimes now

one one key thing to remember when

selecting a para tratar setup chime so I

should say go into a music store a lot

of people make the mistake in thinking

that the the number of chimes on a rack

makes a better set of chimes that's not

necessarily true

you got to evaluate your chimes based on

the quality of the metal the chimes have

you can have one rack of chimes that has

inferior metal and you're really going

to get a weak sound okay where you can

have a rack of chimes like this rack

here which is 25 chimes but the the

quality of the metal is much superior

it's going to resonate a little better

and remember that times chimes typically

are not miked because sound men look at

chimes as a waste of resources to put a

mic to dedicate a mic to a set of chimes

so you want a good set of chimes that's

going to have a good quality metal

that's going to carry through the

through the building that you're that

you're playing so oftentimes just

because you have a lot of chimes does it

necessarily need some

very well so that's the biggest thing is

evaluate the quality and mental versus

the quantity of chimes that are on the

rack okay now because a general rule in

a praise band situation usually the

first part of the set you do fast songs

and then the last part of the set you do

the slower type songs typically it's the

slower songs where I use the chimes and

where you hear the chimes used in a lot

of services during a lot of music now

one question I've been asked a lot is

well which way do you go on the chimes

do you go up or do you know that and

that's a very good question and the way

I handle that situation is I listen to

the words of the music because sometimes

the music will dictate which way you

should go so for instance if you're

playing the song that says where the

theme has something to do with us

lifting our praises up to the Lord

for instance then you probably want to

start from the bottom and work up if

you're playing a song where they're

talking about God pouring down his

blessings on us on us and raining on us

or something like that well then you

probably want to start from the top and

typically I use a drum stick when I play

the chimes there's a little less drag on

the track chimes when you do that so

that's what I do

also you could use chimes for your lead

ends when you do a fill or lead into a

groove much the way you you would use a

cymbal roll

leading into a filler room I think the

last piece of advice I'd give you about

the chimes is don't overdo it if you go

heavy on the chimes on one song and

you're playing the next song you

probably want to lay off the chimes

because too much of a good thing can

kind of wear it out so anyway that's our

lesson for today I hope this has been

helpful on how to use the chimes