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The Chicken Dance - How to play on accordion

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today is the chicken dance into request

made by

typhoon you can alright anyways the

chicken dance

alright I'll play it first now I'll

explain how how to play it I'm sure you

all dance to this

right and they keeps going keeps going

faster having faster and faster and

faster okay so the way to play the song

is as follows the intro goes so sorry

finger the maunder right oh there's a

giant spider on the wall but we'll leave

them alone so the right hand jumps from

G ah to the other G so full octave ah um

okay the left hand also hits the Jeep

okay so fun and then from the G ok so

baby CCB okay the left hand for that

actually the left hand for the song is

just from C to G so for this one we're

going G okay you can do the emphasis so

okay and then it goes s F so again Papa

Papa Papa baby a F okay and on the left

hand for that part we're just going from

G to C so G so actually the last part

goes off GB baby C to the last time

okay that's the first part now the

method in the left hand this is I guess

it's a polka but all we do is guess it's

a contrabass so sing say major C major C


all right so sir

I hope you get the left hand now in the

middle part when people don't see doing

their dance around so we just finished


okay we're walking down every note where

we have notes from G F sharp F G that

part so it's three F sharp F II guess

we're doing the big jump from DC and

then again F sharp D C B okay so again

those two parts and then it goes crazy F

sharp again a part a G F sharp F this is

C B this is C T C so again boom she hums


yes okay the left-hander that goes haha

still on see now TG when we hit the B

that's when you hit the left hand see

okay um now the middle part the power

they don't see though your left hand

doesn't have to be so sorry so staccato

meaning the main song goes the middle

part can be a little bit more chilled

out you know mode you can make it a bit

more legato the left and then you come

back that's what it becomes a little

more active um just again for the middle

part what happens by the way these ones

you can do two notes at a time so

instead of just do these two anyways

okay and the next time that you do I

mean one way to play the song this is a

really popular ways to start the song

really slowly then every time after you

do the middle part you'll see though you

come back mini a little bit faster and

then in the end you can really go really

really fast and just end on the right on

the C major ah that's it I hope that's

clear song it's pretty easy from C to G

from C to G um maybe know if you have

any questions