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hello ratbags J plays games welcome to

the launch of Ark survival evolved

officially out of early access if you're

brown you to art or you haven't played

it in a while there's a few things you

need to know if you want to play on the

new map of Ragnarok and if you are brand

new and you already want to skip the

island and go straight to the center is

the same thing you're gonna need to

input a special code as you can see

under story arcs it's got the island and

scorched earth then underneath it's got

custom arms when you click on it you can

see you can no longer play single-player

and the same goes for Ragnarok babes

want you to originally complete the

island and then you'll be able to ascend

it by completing the game and then you

should be able to choose the other maps

however you don't have to do that if you

want to jump straight to the center map

or if you want to try Ragnarok if you're

an old-time player you can do that and

I'm going to show you how note this

though on the official servers you will

not have the problem or you do not have

to ascend you do not have to complete

the game you will simply be able to

choose whatever map arc you want to play

on so load up a normal Island game it

doesn't matter if you do it in

single-player or you do it in a non

dedicated session great your character

once the world is loaded up enough go

press Start menu or the options menu and

now you want to press l1 r1 triangle and

square on the PlayStation 4 and if

you're on the Xbox you want to press RB

lb y and X do that exactly the same time

and you should bring up the cheat menu

or the admin command menu this is how

you import and use your cheats and see

if your longtime player you should

notice already from doing it on the

actual center map when they've done this

and that while ago lower case type in

play up command leave a space then you

need to do a capital P and lower case

ascend to

so player command lowercase leave a

space then capital a ascend to once

you've done that press r2 or RT and

click on the admin command box that's

how you input you can see the game

freezes and it gives you the trophy for

Bates or ascension it will simply give

you the credits click end and you will

have to choose what map you want now

note if you do this you will unlock some

trophies and you will unlock some skins

so if you want to do them naturally and

you don't want to cheat you have to

complete the island first click on host

local again and you should see now the

center map is available to play and

Ragnarok is available to play and that's

exactly how you unlock the maps if

you're an all-time player and you've

already done the ascent to cheap they

should be already unlocked you won't

have to do them again unless you've

deleted any safe data in your game if we

load up single-player now you can see

you can choose to download your actual

survival from previous and normally when

you ascend you're meant to be level 100

etc because we cheated

we're only level 1 of course you don't

have to do that you can create a brand

new character as well and you won't have

to do this every single time you load up

the game once you do it once it's

unlocked permanently the only time you

may have to redo it is if you've deleted

any of your saved data on your

Playstation or your Xbox one and there

we go we are on the brand new map

Ragnarok and while you here if you do

want a mega treat type in a send free

you can see it freezes up again and you

get some more additional skins and there

you go guys is all done and dusted

that's exactly how you unlock Ragnarok

the center map and in the future any

more custom arcs like that I'm J plays

games go check out all my other guides

tutorials I've got so much coming for

launch from Let's Plays to tutorials to

muse to info to spotlights

I've got Ark survival evolved covered

make sure you hit the video up with a

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