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The Cave - Gameplay Walkthrough - Episode 1

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welcome don't let my soul tree a

mysterious voice startle you for

hundreds Nathan's nee-nee-nee tens of

thousands of years people have come to

me in search of what they desire most

few find what they are looking for even

fewer Everly welcome to the cave that's

me the cave yes yes I'm a talking cave

it makes dating hell besides I have a

really interesting story to tell you

this evening so pay attention it's a

story of seven people and a glimpse into

a dark place in each of their hearts but

be careful before you judge there is a

dark place in your heart as well someday

you will find yourself descending my

depths in search of what you desire and

you might not like what you find either

but enough about you this is about them

the fricking eater will welcome everyone

to another series where Andrea plays

with paws you need some Davis I'm like

mr. mrs. Puff's play no we don't

definitely not that but yes welcome to

the cave obviously so it'll be once we

should call it pause in the missus so

yes a lot of people have been suggesting

other games like Dead Space 3 and

continuing the other mario series about

fish house oh you guys are funny but

this came out on January 23rd 2013 that

sounds so weird to say and I thought it

would be very interesting evander myself

would play because it's a local co-op in

the pc i don't know if it's on the xbox

or anything like I don't hate Xbox

releases but just let you guys know that

you know welcome to serious yeah the

hillbillies awesome long oh the

scientist she is on the cusp of a great

discovery for all of humankind and a

hundred million

lives hang in the balance no the


she is hot on the trail of her lost

companions and unequaled ancient

treasure but not necessarily in that


dammit the twins they just want to go

outside and play what could be more

innocent than that I don't know it ought

to be ah the monk he seeks his master so

he can become the master it's a piece in

enlightenment and murder sorry

impatient aren't we sorry hmm night he

is on a quest for a sword of unequaled

power and prestige but will he find it

before anyone else gets hurt

I really like the di't so far not only

on this fine night he searches for his

true love but does desire burn too

brightly in his heart

ah the time traveller she is here too

right or wrong a million years in the


fortunately for her yesterday is a new

day oh my god I already love the [ __ ]

commentary in this I think we go with

the night though to be honest look at

was that night say one of us should

choose the night because he's the

funniest um you might have to click wait

we need to do one thing here first crow

wire I played like five seconds this

just like get the the control like the

controls all all sorted out and

everything and yeah come over here keep

out yura shoddy barricade there we go

baby there you go now you're able to hit

right on your d-pad

no no oh there you go uh who do you

ought to be um the hillbilly you know

you want to be the he'll be alright

there we go so now if you press up on

your d-pad that should work no what the

heck is going on

okay will be the time trial with that as

well press up I know this is working

oh no those means you killaby let me let

me bring something there we go

there you go see player one now press up

there you go now run over oh my god the

jump physics yeah it's not as awkward as

the other as Mario though no oh my god

this I love this art style it's so

beautiful thank you it didn't mushrooms


can we help each other get up stop Oh

think we have to go over here how come

you get a crowbar and I don't get a

crowbar you want the crowbar I'll drop

the crowbar hey there you take that


okay hi then um I assume oh I got it

move aside hillbilly how do you interact

with it

hey ex ex yeah but it's just me right

now I'm just through dinner

oh that hillbillies awesome oh yes

alright assume if you're like maybe the

adventurer you can use your hook up

there maybe whoa what careful hit that

bridge brakes there might be no way back

up and by if I mean when that bridge

breaks oh no three people

Who am I kidding weird okay so you also

got to control a third person

oh she floats she is awesome


okay that is cool that is cool why is

obvious it like we were looking through

the controls and the ability is why some

now oh what's mine you're able to oh

good like I think yours was able to hold

your breath underwater how he swims go

under press y know what is

going on oh maybe you can't do I don't

know I don't knows we can't go over

there it says employees there okay

wait what's wait what's my special oh

now you could go diving oh it's my

special to swim underwater yeah really

yeah lame superpower he's a hillbilly

what do you expect there's a guy crying

let's go check them out his special

isn't like moonshine Molotov cocktails

oh maybe I didn't mean to do that get

out of here I don't know what I'm doing

with this postcard that I have oh oh I

hope you not here to visit decayed

because we wait wait cool he's dead

the gruesome and horrific accident has

occurred and there's no way we can open

no way I shut it don't they even

describe to you what is transpired for

the nightmares or forever or your every

thought oh you insist when I came in we

had no trinkets this self in the gift


is that it

you're crying because you have no

trinkets itself I got my postcard no

we're gonna call humanity really I'll

never be the same

some things you can't

what am I gonna need her suppose you

chose wrong there is a way I could

reopen allowing you fine adventurers to

partake in the unique experience that

only the cave has to offer I just need

three small trinkets to sell just three

let me say that number again three okay

so take giant novelty sized key hold

stop please bad shoes of me I'm sure

you'll find some treasures worthy of the

caves gift shop so well you got some

juice my ducky jerk you're controlling

I'm just trying it stop it okay so let's

go in do we want the crowbar anymore

nope oh wait employees only we got to go

to the employees only let's go let's go

let's go - come on hillbilly

I'm a-coming

what our third cheek that we chose

though seems like King it there we go X

God the controls are really weird I keep

wanting a press beat open stuff is a

funny little man isn't he I should

probably fire him I think he's dipping

into the - okay whoa do you see that

we're telephone post telephone Oh God

how'd you do that I know you just climb

up okay say what are you oh no she she

automatically follows us that's good

that's good so he's supposed to have

three characters Oh somehow I think that

I think you are I don't know broken well

thank you directing with the well um

obviously oh we need a sword it looks

like tea or call from the bottom or

something something oh right there is

everything good that look oh that's for

other things

Oh where's that guy why wait why was I

stuck okay here we go full again no okay

so that's that really just a broken

lever that's late Oh empty feet oh we

need to find a fuse there's a hot dogger

she didn't do grog machine where was

this lever so what I don't know okay we

obviously need a fuse was there no fuse

in there

okay you go up one second come over here

sir nothing here okay this is Dom we got

to go up see we need to find a fuse this

hey really what what are you bringing

her here I'm just checking something

well my dudes holding the lever oh yes

who's so smart what okay that's so weird

okay now I get it what is that opening

um tariff well it's officially let's go

down stop giving up a lot of you dick

fart is there something over here that

opened up no me oh maybe it was just

upstairs I think you're just like it

sounded like something open to the left

over here

really ah there's no dying in the cave

really not this soon for them to learn

uh whoa don't do that excuse me

okay Oh a bell oh [ __ ] be dead

I don't know what beach did we unleash I

don't know what I'm I'm you what is


how'd it off do my little my pericle

mood hold well there's nothing oh

there's a fuse disabuse let me take that

oh no because of what it would do to my

insurance rates where'd you go I don't

know oh I'm over here bags so don't

touch that fuse levers oh oh okay I have

an idea

can't hit that again no do you want

anyone to die okay what is the sign mean

oh sorry

infinite that's an infinity symbol whoa

what did you just do

behind the future what whoa sorry I

shouldn't have pressed anything figure

2701 okay what do we do like can we use

a crowbar on the well did we try that oh

there we go

okay so let's hahahaha

Wow so that crowbar is [ __ ] handy

look it look at the hillbilly okay so

now we got this there we go

whoa okay what was the point of that oh

boy can we go down there no but there's

oh there's a bucket there you go we're

to get water from I don't think we can

when we use the pocket for that I'm sure

it's for water oh you know what

what back at the beginning no no cuz

there was a always the handle broken the

hell is broken yeah that's what I mean

but like I think we there's that thing

of water right at the top where we fell

down won't see me go up then all the way

up I was just like right over here

really just one handing it with the [ __ ]

you go hillbilly he's pretty fast look

at the Tuffle box there you go

mmm-hmm you use it while you're in the

water nope hmm see that sucks now our

our friggin handles broken I'm sure

there wasn't water to be gotten from the

other one though what if we throw the no

that doesn't go on there no that just

brings the stupid God dang dragon over

here now can this go no that's what the

hell okay so now we got the fuse box was

catching the drips of water oh yeah

dodging was happening I didn't see the

water there

neither Wow okay so now we're able to

get some freaking hot dogs you got the

crowbar right yeah hey okay don't worry

nice you just stay there so then we got

this oh yeah

hahaha I think the hot dogs probably

good one but okay well I'm gonna grab

the Wiener for one no no there we go so

I'm gonna bring him over here unless you

gotta quickly come with me we're gonna

have to bring the hillbilly anyways yeah

see I don't think we're supposed to have

three people you are how because you had

to have two people to open up oh no no

what dog really okay we still have we

still have our wiener you still have the

wiener okay so I wonder oh there you go

what if we shoot the hillbilly for this

we can bring him back after no we need

the hillbilly no we don't you guys

defuse how are we supposed to turn off

the machine

I didn't use the Fewster we took the

fuse though oh we need to take the peas

back now

oh oh I get it yeah I just wanted to see

if maybe we had to throw like the coke

there maybe the [ __ ] dragon was

thirsty you never know what did it do

for you I just drank and I burped oh

good that's how classy it my girl won't

take it or wouldn't swap it for the her

wire yeah well I'm pretty sure that the

crowbars we need it's like half life

right it's just you need it all the time

okay so I will ring the door and then

you go ah suck it right by the tail you


I can't be good

no we might want to get going it sounds

like it's falling down whoa

and then we want to bring our guitar

dude here I don't know if I don't know

wait maybe we're not let's just continue

using two people Pookie bear you I am

hillbilly one-eyed teddy bear he's using

some worm those are just k painting whoa

dude do we jump good job Joe okay come

down it's safe relatively

think you just over here yeah no okay so

obviously nothing here oh boy we gotta

use explosives here this is not gonna be


oh my god

oh we got dynamite Oh Kevin yeah I got


oh my god this is gonna be bad I think

watch we're gonna have to oh you can

jump up okay okay okay

drop it run okay just okay we're good

thud oh we're gonna die who the hell's

those hillbilly comes after a while the

sperry an award tells let the spare an

award this is a thespian ship award did

you grow it yeah dis a Festina thoughts

of desperate whoa okay okay wait your

time travelers are able to walk but

regardless you get wait hit that door

control was that Pete oh you know what

we're not a scientist so I elevator call

button oh whoa okay

where are we going I might not be like

wow we might not face you the bottom oh

[ __ ] that was you oh wait no this is

souvenirs oh we got to go bring it to

the guy